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review 2019-05-21 05:18
Apparently I'm on a role and it's not a good one...
Lincoln's Park - Parker Williams,Tristan James

This is the second book that I've listened to recently that's been narrated by one of my favorite narrators and as much as I enjoy Tristan James's narration even that couldn't save things for me with this one. 


I'm not going to dwell on this one for to long because..well, quite honestly it just was what it was.


Lincoln's Park was going along in ok mode for me for most of the book. It probably would have gotten 3 stars  up until the last hour of the audio book and then it was one of the biggest what the f*ck!!! Moments that I've encountered in a while.


There was a specific scene that well...I think it broke my brain because I'm still trying to understand how the hell anyone thought this was a good or workable idea. It involved one of the MC's having a confrontation with the other MCs father and brother...two minutes into things and my poor husband had to listen to me yelling at my laptop about how could anyone be that f*ing stupid and what the hell did he think he was doing? ? and who in their right mind would believe that this timid little mouse would even try this and on and on.


It threw me for such a loop that I was almost going to dnf but with less than an hour to go in the book I decided to suck it up and see if something would happen to redeem the story...trust me for me it didn't. I remained more than a little disappointed with Noel and to be honest he went from being the sweet, young man that Lincoln rescued and feel in love with to being and remaining the gold digger who turned out to just be a stupid f*ing idiot...what can I say sometimes it just doesn't take much and for me this was on of those times. 


I won't even mention the BDSM...well, ok I will one of my friends said it best in here review 'it felt out of place' while I think my reasons may be a little different than her's were I definitely share her sentiment.


Maybe I was expecting to love this one as much as I did 'Runner' or '500 Miles' or even 'Before You Break' which was co-written with K.C. Wells all of those were solid 4 star reads/listens for me and I would happily revisit any of them but I'm pretty sure I won't be going back to 'Lincoln's Park' anytime soon...if ever.



An audio book of 'Lincoln's Park' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-05-21 04:38
This one was full out tissues and teddies...
String Boys - Amy Lane

and if you don't know what I mean by that...well, it's really simple you need lots of tissues tor all the tears and a teddy to hug because everyone knows teddies make everything better. 


I've been procrastinating about this one for a few days now because it's one of those stories where if a person's not careful they could give away the store and spoil so much of the story and if you haven't read this one yet than just trust me when I say that would be a shame.


'String Boys' is one of the most emotionally, gut wrenching stories that I've encountered in a very long time. It was heartbreaking and beautiful all at the same time. It was filled with love and hatred, anger and fear, beauty and ugliness, strength and weakness and so many diametrically opposed emotions. While it's probably one of the most angst filled books that I've read in a long time it was worth every moment. 


Putting this book down once I'd started it was at the absolute bottom of my to do list. I literally got up at 5 o'clock in the morning to continue reading after having stopped at around 1 a.m. because keeping my eyes open any longer just was not possible so I got the minimum amount of sleep that i could and then I snuck out to the living room to carry on reading so that I wouldn't wake my husband up with my crying because crying was inevitable for me...remember I'm the person who cries over the Bell Canada commercials and let's not talk about Hallmark, ok?


More than anything this story is about love...obviously the love that Seth and Kelly share but also the love of family...the one that we are born into and the family that we create. There were so many awesome characters in this book besides Seth and Kelly I can't even begin to explain them all and how much I came to love them but as with any story there were also those that I came to hate...people whose sole purpose in this world isn't to help other's but to tear them down and subjugate them. People who can only feel good about themselves by making others feel bad and ironically it was one of these people who broke my heart and left me with so many tears that I actually had to stop reading for a few minutes because the tears were just too much to continue reading... am I going to tell you who it is? Well of course not, I want you to read the book and figure it out for yourself and let me know if they broke your heart too.


While I'm not going to talk about all of the wonderful characters in this story I am going to at least talk about Seth and Kelly for a few sentences. Seth was such a sweet young man and purely by accident he discovered that he had a gift...the gift of music when Seth played the violin the angels wept. Kelly was equally as wonderful as Seth and his gift was his heart. There were no limits to his ability to love or to what he would sacrifice for those he loved. Don't get me wrong Seth's heart was every bit as amazing as Kelly's and the sacrifices that both of these young men were willing to make without hesitation or thought was beautiful and heartbreaking.


I'm not really sure that there's much else I can say except that this book touched my heart on a deeper level than anything else that I've read in quite a while. The fact that it was written by Amy Lane is no surprise, she's left me in tears on more than one occasion and that's truly not a bad thing. I don't always want sunshine and rainbows in my stories sometimes I want that hard won, fought for happily ever after. I want to be left crying tears of happiness at the end because finally, finally the MCs in the story got the happiness that they deserved...no scratch that the got the happiness that they fought for and earned.



An ARC of 'String Boys' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2019-05-21 02:54
I think this might actually be my favorite one yet in this series...
Diplomatic Relations - J.L. Langley,Kc Kelly

"Diplomatic Relations" mmmm...I don't think this means what we all think it means...lol!!!


J.L. Langley's 'Sci-Regency' series will always have a special spot in my heart because many years ago when I was reading a lot of fantasy and m/f romance and honestly just getting a bit disillusioned with both genres because things were seeming very same old, same old a book called 'My Fair Captain' caught my eye and my little pea-brain whispered "Come on try it you know you wanna" and really I did so I did and I read it and then I went back to the beginning of the book and read it again from there I discovered a world of stories that have delighted me and yes...sometimes they've also disappointed me but if we didn't encounter the bad...how would we ever really recognize and appreciate the truly awesome.


While the previous books in this series have involved members of Regelence's immediate royal family this one is...well, it's more about the royal relatives. Relatives like Dalton Fairfax who is not only the heir to the marquess of Ravensburg but cousin to the royal princes. After flaunting one societal rule to many, Dalton finds himself with a commission in the IN to be followed by a couple of years in the Regelence Navy.


Now that he's completed his time with the IN, Dalton's returned to Regelence and his ready to start his enlistment with their navy. While his enlistment may have been less than voluntary, Dalton has come to realize that it's one of the best things to happen to his life so far and it's Dalton's plan to make a life in the military his career, but not with the IN...nope there're things going on in the IN that are questionable at best and while he loves the military Dalton loves Regelence, his home planet  and that's where he wants to be. But Dalton's goals take a slight detour when he learns that Blaise Thompson the Viscount Redding is in need of a body guard...one look at Blaise and Dalton's more than willing to guard his body. 


While Blaise is determined to keep his distance from the less than reputable rogue, what he comes to realize is that Dalton is much more than the picture that people would paint of him.


While I've absolutely enjoyed all of the previous books in this series none have delighted me like this one. For Dalton and Blaise the journey to be together is filled with challenges and danger but ultimately it becomes a question of trust and faith. Both men are going to have to trust in what they've built together and have faith that it will weather the storm of societies judgment.


'Diplomatic Relations' not only gave us new MCs but a new narrator...KC Kelly was the narrator this time around and this was probably the perfect time to switch narrators in a series since not only did we have two new MCs but because they weren't direct members of the royal family we were also treated to a host of new secondary characters so while some of the usual suspects were on hand for the most part they were a little further in the background than usual allowing the listener to focus more on the new voices that Mr. Kelly provided as opposed to comparing interpretations of characters from previous stories to his interpretation in this story. Overall I enjoyed this audio book every bit as much as the previous stories.


While these men may be opposites in their own way, there's also a balance between Dalton and Blaise's personalities that allows them to temper the more extreme sides of each other's personality and at times this can create more than a few sparks between these two men.


'Diplomatic Relations' is absolutely Dalton and Blaise's story but at the same time we're not only given more information about them but about Dalton and Blaise's families and the royal family, as well.


There are events at play that have still not fully unfolded and hopefully as we progress in this series I have faith that the author will lead us where she needs us to be to bring things to their inevitable conclusion and while I have little doubt that I'll enjoy the next book the story that I'm waiting for is Tarren and possibly there will be another of the royal family's guards involved...I'm just saying that's what this reader is hoping for after all he may only be one of the royal guard but I think he's the royal guard for Tarren...but that's another story for another book...right?


This is the part where I would usually tell you that an audio book of 'Diplomatic Relations' was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review, however, that wasn't the case here a copy of this audiobook was provided by me because I really, really wanted to listen to this one so I bought me a copy and I regret nothing.


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review 2019-05-21 00:42
Have you ever read a Harlequin romance...
My Regelence Rake - J.L. Langley,Joseph Morton

well me neither, but I remember when I was a kid my mom loved them and so did the mom's of a few of my friends. I had a friend who also loved reading Harlequin romance novels and I remember her reading some of the novels from their regency romance collection and I imagine that those stories bore a strong resemblance to the stories of Ms. Langley's 'Sci-Regency' series and while I still have no interest in Harlequin's regency collection I am unapologetically a fan of this series.


For me each story has consistently gotten better. When I first read 'My Regelence Rake' several years ago I thoroughly enjoyed the game of chase played by Prince Colton and rake extraordinaire...Captain of the Guard, Sebastian Hastings are playing with one another and when it came across my radar that it was on audio well...you guessed it I was all in. Joseph Morton has narrated the first 3 books in this series and so far I've thoroughly enjoyed his narrations and the life he's breathed into these absolutely delightful Sci-fi Romance Adventure stories.


As Captain of the Guard Sebastian is responsible for the safety of the entire royal family and as things move forward in the mystery plot of this series between the planets Regelence, Englor and the IN (Interglactic Navy) the danger to the Regelence's royal family grows but too many questions are remain for anyone to be sure where the next threat will come from and one thing Sebastian knows for sure is that he takes his duties very seriously and none of the royal family will come to harm on his watch but especially not Prince Colton.


Meanwhile Colton's decided that the crush that he's nurtured for so many years is pointless because Sebastian's never going to notice him...but Colton's wrong because Sebastian's biggest problem is just how much he's noticed the young Prince and how much more he wants to notice.


I loved the relationship between these two it was nothing if not challenging for both of them but when you throw in a little interference from the royal parents it was also inevitable. 


The 'Sci-Regency' series is a light and enjoyable read. These are not the deep and complex plots of many sci-fi stories but stories meant to entertain and capture the readers imagination as the author takes you to new and unusual places such as Regelence and Englor.


Admittedly there are probably a number of inconsistencies and errors in these stories but for me these are stories that I read to enjoy, their what I would call a light read...maybe even a summer read or beach read or in this case a light listen. So when all is said and done if I'm looking to simply enjoy the story why would I go looking for mistakes and inconsistencies; it kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

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review 2019-05-20 22:40
This one was short so I'm going to keep the review short as well...
Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You - Lily G. Blunt, Sean Crisden

"Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You" was unfortunately not the perfect story for me in spite of the fact that it was narrated by Sean Crisden, one of my favorite narrators. Overall this story just wasn't working for me. 


Sorry but in a nutshell we've got a naive young college boy hiring a rent boy to teach him about sex so he'll know what to do when...read if his secret crush ever gives him the timeee of day and before I know it, it's the naive young college boy who's getting all pushy and toppy with the rent boy. 


I'm not even saying that this couldn't possibly happen but with only 1 hour and 8 minutes to convince me...well, I just wasn't convinced. Maybe if the story was a bit longer and might I say apparently the only thing that needed to be longer was the story everything else was "the perfect size".


This was my first time listening to a story by this author and while it didn't goes as I'd hoped there are other stories and who knows how they'll turn out. 



An audio book of 'Finding Love: The Perfect Size for You' was graciously provided by thee author via 'Gay Book Promotions' in exchange for an honest review.

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