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text 2017-12-18 01:16
Irwin Consulting Services Review: How to safeguard your home from wildfires

Wildfires are a chaotic phenomenon. It can result in severe damages to properties, homes, and even take innocent lives. It is often close to being unstoppable since it usually takes days or even weeks to put out the fire depending on its scale, sparing almost no one and nothing on its path of frenetic obliteration. This natural devastation is indeed frightening because there are no accurate ways to predict when it will start or the path it will take.


Irwin Consulting Services has been known by a lot of people and professionals as a consulting body dedicated to guaranteeing the public safety. The group would like everyone to be committed to doing proper preparations to ensure a safe home even in the face of dreadful tragedies and follow these steps below:


First, consider having ignition resistant roofs. Fires usually begin in the roof since it is the “weak spot” of a house when it comes to those red flames. Making your roof fire-resistant is the first step to protect your home and your family from immediate wildfires. Roofs that were labeled with “A” rating were the most resistant, so install a class-A roof as much as possible. Keep your roof clean as well to avoid having a lot of dead leaves scattered around it since such can be a fuel to fires.


The second one is improving your windows and drapes. Similar to having rated “A” roofs, upgrade the windows in your house to become fire resistant as well by using heat-resistant materials or products. Even if the fire is not yet reaching your house, its extreme heat can go right through the windows leading to drapes and nearby furniture to catch a fire. For better protection, Irwin Consulting Services also advise putting fire-rated glass on your windows and installing non-combustible shutters.  


The third pivotal thing to remember is, of course, choosing the location with a careful thought. If you’re planning to buy or build your own home, make sure that the area is not prone to usual fires. Your dream home should be in a place that is away from the hazards of oncoming fires. Having careful considerations on the location of your home is crucial in keeping the safety of everyone in your family.


Fourthly, the site layout should also involve a thorough planning. You can use patios, driveways, or even low-growing fire-retardant plants in ensuring at least 30 meters of distance and incombustible material between your home and the wild lands. Include wider driveways and turn-around on the final layout of your site so that firefighters won’t have a hard time bringing their heavy equipment near to your house.


Fifth is to double-check things that could invite fire to your home on a regular basis. Get rid of dead and decaying wood, along with fallen and dead branches. You should also cut branches that were very close or even surpass the roof of your house. Clean your surroundings often especially in areas that were filled with trees.


Lastly, never belittle embers. Flying embers can even bring a disaster to a home and start a fire. Embers often fly into the openings of eaves and vents and begin fire from the inside. During a wildfire, such areas are very vulnerable to embers so ensure that they are properly screened and well-maintained. Keep cleanliness in the gutters as well for more effective protection to your home.


Irwin Consulting Services wanted you to keep in mind that being fully prepared for natural disasters always does the trick in surviving any calamities such as a wildfire. The safety of each member of the family and the pets as well should be the priority of every household.




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review 2017-12-17 21:10
Sweet, romantic, and fun
Do You Want to Start a Scandal - Tessa Dare

What are you doing to me? He'd whispered.

Charlotte had no idea. But whatever it was, he was doing it back.


Spoiler Alert:  I like wallflowers and broody dudes. :) So, of course I liked this one. The way our hero was bamboozled by the heroine gets me every time. I would have liked to feel a bit closer to Piers, for some reason his background felt a bit underdeveloped, rushed or not delved into enough. 

Charlotte was so open, honest, and willing to get her man; I quite delighted in her. I would have liked her relationship with Delia to be focused, shown more to further develop her character. 


"What if I told you I know the risks, and I'm willing to take my chances?"

"It wouldn't change a thing. Those walls, as you call them…They're part of me now, and they are iron strong." He lifted a hand to her face, skimming his thumb over her lower lip. "Even if I wished to, I wouldn't know how to dismantle them."

"I know," she said quietly. "I know." She wreathed her arms around his neck. "That's why you need me. I'm going to burn them to the ground."


These two were spine tingling at times and plain fun to read about. The setting stayed stagnant as they were at a house party which kind of made their developing relationship feel less rounded out but their chemistry helped patch over some of the overall missing elements of the story. 


This was fun, romantic, and heavier fluff at times, a Regency to delightfully pass the time.

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review 2017-12-17 16:03
The Hungry Moon - Ramsey Campbell
The Hungry Moon - Ramsey Campbell

Somewhere in the 360 pages of The Hungry Moon is a good story. I just know there is. Actually finding it is the problem. At his best, Campbell is an English version of Charles L. Grant with a smattering of King and Lovecraft thrown in, for good measure. Other times, he feels like a rambling Alzheimer's patient trying to find his way around in the dark. The atmosphere is creepy and captivating. The character development? Yeesh. Not so much. I like to pride myself with being able to keep a firm grasp of the characters I'm reading and visualizing the settings, situations, etc. In The Hungry Moon, you'll swear that the American teacher is also the bookstore owner, the bitchy mom is another bitchy person, etc. All throughout the story, you'll find yourself rereading something and asking "Now, who was that again?" Why Campbell can painstakingly describe the moors to the point where you feel you're walking across it yourself, but vaguely puts each of his characters in a vague shroud of homegenization, I'll never know. It's really too bad. A story about a village overcome by religious hysteria caused by a Celtic monster sounds intriguing. You'll get so frustrated with the religious nuts, that you'll want to be the one to throw the first punch. Unfortunately, you'll have to wade through the endless drivel and blah to get there. And then after all of that, you think that after the steady crescendo towards the end there would be a big payoff. Nada. The ending is so anticlimactic and unsatisfying, it feels like a cop out. The Hungry Moon has just enough to keep you turning the pages, but not so much that you'll be glad that you did.



2 1/2 Roads That Lead to Nowhere out of 5




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