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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-03-11 18:15
Review: Night Veil by Yasmine Galenorn
Night Veil - Yasmine Galenorn

As a change of pace from the other second chance books I've read so far this year (Fire Me Up & Finding Absolution), I read the first book in this series last year. I gave it three stars and really regretted reading one of the reviews I read while reading the book (note that my review for that book includes the information that nearly ruined it for me!)


I'm not going to continue this series. I like the story, but the characters just keep pissing me off! Cicely made a deal with the vampires in the first book (related to what I learned in a review of that book that ruined it for me). Now that guy is an ally (by the end of the book). He's also a complete creep. I get that he's a vampire, but some things are unforgivable. I don't want to read the other books at least partly because he's now and ally and I just really want Cicely to STAKE him already, damn it! I get that they need allies against Myst, but really.


Leo also becomes a complete jerk in this one. I don't remember how he was in the first one, but he couldn't have been this bad if I didn't hate him after that one.


I had to force myself to finish this one, since I had did-not-finishing books and I told myself I'd read at least the next book in each second chance series this year (meaning I do have to finish it, even if it pisses me off!).  

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review 2016-03-09 22:29
Review: Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister
Fire Me Up - Katie MacAlister

I read the first book in this series, You Slay Me, back in March of 2013. I was unaware that they are part of a larger series (Dragon Septs) and didn't care enough about either Drake or Aisling to read the other three books in the series. The first book didn't have a HEA but I didn't like Drake (I like him even less after reading this one!) so I didn't care about him and Aisling ending up together. I'm assuming they will at some point anyway (they are mates after all) and that's almost enough to make me NOT want to read the other two books in this series.

I was more interested in Jacob, the incubus that doesn't want to have sex but raise horses, then Drake. I don't want Aisling to end up with him over Drake I just REALLY don't like Drake.

I spent about half of this book wondering why I do this to myself (giving this series I second chance, what was I thinking?) but then the action really picked up and I couldn't leave it alone. I will be reading the next book, but I'm really hoping Drake has good reasons and a lot of groveling, otherwise I'm going to lose all respect for Aisling.

A note about the first book: I did like it, but was completely willing to consider it a stand alone novel since it wasn't a cliffhanger and I really disliked Drake.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-03-08 01:56
Review: Finding Absolution by Carol Lynne
Finding Absolution - Carol Lynne

Guy not remembering is such a cop out. Attempted rape is attempted rape, but he brushes it off - Jon does to, to be fair. He's sorry so it's all good, right? I didn't expect Guy to get arrested, but I really expected something other then him not remembering. Alcohol seems to be the go to excuse - really alcohol doesn't change your personality, it just lowers your inhibitions making you do things you wouldn't normally do. This doesn't mean that the things you do while drunk aren't things you wouldn't think about doing, just that you wouldn't do them if you were sober. Out of this whole book, that's what I'm going to remember about it.

I liked both Van and Jon but neither really sticks out as a favorite. I'd forgotten how short these books are compared to a full length novel. It only took me an hour or so to read this one. The last one of these I read was back in January of 2013, so it's been a while since I've read any of them. I had a real issue with Alone in a Crowd (the book before the last one I read) - there was a corn thing that really grossed me out. (I'm not going to explain, because no one needs that image in their head).

I gave the series a second chance by reading Second Chances (funnily enough), but didn't care all that much. After this book their are three more books in the series before it spins off into a different one. I think I'll finish those and maybe give the new series a chance as well.


There are too many people in this series (much like Robyn Carr's Virgin River series) and while it is nice to see some of them, there were so many names in this one that it seemed a little forced at times. I know Cattle Valley is a small town and they did all have reasons for showing up in this book, but there were at least six different names dropped and this book isn't that long!

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2016-03-07 20:15
Review The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones
The Dirt on Ninth Grave - Darynda Jones

It took me a lot longer to read this book then it really should have.  I was (technically) reading this book from Feb 26 to March 7.  It didn't really take me eleven days to read this book - I read a few chapters, didn't get into it and didn't read it anymore until two days ago - the 5th.  I know this has nothing to do with the book, but I also know why I couldn't get into it: I HATE amnesia books!  I can handle it for a few chapters, but Charley doesn't remember for most of the book (spoiler, but I doubt that's a surprise).  

It wouldn't have been as bad if Reyes, Cookie and the rest weren't also there, near her the whole time and not saying anything. I'm not sure what the plan was, but it does work, I'm assuming, since Charley does remember.  

Also, Charley basically has the same personality - with her odd assumptions (I know 8 languages - I must be a genius!) and strange sense of humor.  She's the same person she normally is just without the memories.  That doesn't make any sense.  Personality isn't genetic or isn't only genetic.  There is no way that Charley would be the same person without her memories and past experiences. Maybe it can be explained by her not really being human, but a reaper.  I'm willing to accept that, but it still really annoyed me at times.  It would have been really odd to have Charley not making some of her crazy jokes, but it felt a little off to me. 

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review 2016-02-18 21:52
Review: A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter
A Mad Zombie Party - Gena Showalter

It was very odd to see Ali and Cole's relationship from an outsiders' POV. We get both Frosty and Milla's POV in this one and Ali and Cole aren't a huge part (they've got zombies to slay, after all), it is still really odd to see them from eyes other then each others.


I spent about have of this one unsure as to what was going on. Yeah it's a romance but Frosty with anyone but Kat just seemed wrong. It's hard to dislike Milla, even though I really wanted to. She is the one that betrayed Ali and their group to Anima, which got Kat killed.


The ending seemed a little too perfect. Everything works out and they even get an epoliuge about how perfect their lives are ten years after the start of the first book. It was nice to see Ali and Cole, and Frosty and Milla get happy endings but it was also a little too perfect.

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