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review 2017-07-30 05:16
Secret Coders: Paths & Portals - Gene Luen Yang,Mike Holmes


This is book two in the Secret Coders series. 


Hopper, Eni, and Josh meet Professor Bee, founder of the Bee School, which has been mostly demolished and replaced by Stately Academy (the school all three friends attend). Professor Bee teaches them to code (program a robot turtle to follow specific paths). But Principal Dean and the rugby team are following them and trying to discover a secret.


The Secret Coders series follows the friends as they learn coding and try to solve the mystery of Stately Academy. Gene Luen Yang, along with being a “graphic novel superstar” taught high school computer programming.


The website (www.secret-coders.com) offers videos, activities, information, and coding lessons for interested readers.


This book is fun to read and kids could learn something too. 

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review 2016-07-05 01:35
Definitely for a more middle grade audience but also still adorable
Secret Coders - Gene Luen Yang,Mike Holmes

***This review has also been posted on Xpresso Reads

Things to know about Secret Coders by Gene Luen Yang

1. It's for a much younger audience. I didn't realize this at first but while I was reading it, it become clear that I was not the intended audience of Secret Coders. This didn't mean that I didn't enjoy the graphic novel, it just meant that it took me longer to get involved in the novel.

2. It isn't just about coding and computer science-y stuff. If that isn't your thing, don't worry. It isn't my thing either but I definitely enjoyed Secret Coders. There is a mystery element that makes itself known towards the end of the novel and that is what tied the knot for me. I want more Secret Coders because I needs to know the answers.

3. The illustrations are AMAZING. They aren't in full color but they are so much fun to look attttt.

4. Themes. Okay, so now I feel like I am writing a book report a la 8th grade but THE BOOK HAS SOME REALLY GOOD THEMES relating to identity, family and such. Also there is one really amazing friendship that made me super happy to read about.

Basically, I don't know how much someone over the age of 12 would enjoy the book but I am definitely not 12 any more and enjoyed it so I'd still say it's worth giving a shot or recommending to a younger kid you know! Also, can I haz book 2? I want more time with these kids.

Note that I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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review 2015-11-10 03:53
I'm Learning!
Secret Coders - Gene Luen Yang,Mike Holmes

And I'm still having fun!  What is this?  Magic!?


When Hopper moves to a new school, she's not too impressed by it.  The place is run down, there are weird numbers all around and locks on the doors.  Plus, even with her most charming grin she hasn't made any friends.


When she wears her lucky seven earrings (for her number on her old school's basketball team) however she discovers a secret world.  The creepy birds around the school respond to secret number codes and the sevens on her earrings lead star basketball player Eni to discover one of the secrets.


Eni and Hopper become friends as they solve codes around the school and get into a fair bit of trouble while they're at it.


The story is fun, I liked that the characters aren't typical cardboard kiddie cutouts, it's a diverse (in multiple ways) cast.  I also really enjoyed that the authors included puzzles for the readers to solve.  The first puzzle was pretty easy as well, which is great, encouraging kids by showing them that coding can be fun and easy rather than boring and difficult, which is, I think, how many kids would view computer programming.  


Here's me solving the code, check out the book to crack the code yourself!


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