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review 2020-06-18 16:24
David is being on-loan to MI5
More Harm Than Good - Andrew Grant

David was in the hospital. He was there because he was being hit on the head one too many times. While he was there, he needed to rest and didn't checked out of the hospital by himself. 


A thief came to his room and stole his boots. He likes his boots and wants them back. So he tried to catch the thief. He did met someone else and he knocked him out. The thing is, this guy was working for MI5. 


So... his left one agent partner-less. He was then ordered to stay longer in the hospital to help out this agent. There was some highly radioactive stored near the hospital. The agent got news that there is a danger that someone would steal these radioactive materials that could be used as poison or dirty bomb. 


The running around is a bit strange. So who is the bad guy here? 


There is some actions and some plot twists. It is an OK fun read. 

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review 2019-10-27 22:32
My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness (manga) by Nagata Kabi, translated by Jocelyne Allen
My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness - Kabi Nagata

Content warning for this manga: discussions of cutting, binging, and anorexia, and, if it wasn't obvious from the cover, there's on-page nudity and sex.

This volume begins with the author's first sexual experience, at age 28, in a love hotel with a woman from a lesbian escort agency. Only a few pages in, Nagata interrupts this scene to explain how she got to that point. After high school, nothing seemed to go the way she expected. She dropped out of university after six months, became depressed, developed an eating disorder, and couldn't seem to hold down a part-time job, much less the salaried position that her family expected her to have by that point. She gradually comes to the realization that a lot of her internal pain was the result of wanting love, comfort, and unconditional acceptance from parents (particularly her mother) who seemed unable to really understand her. And yes, the story does eventually get back to the scene in the love hotel, and it is awkward.

I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I did. I figured it'd be depressing and emotionally exhausting. Nagata was so fragile at times that it was painful to read, but she somehow managed to keep the tone relatively light. It also helped that this was clearly a look back at worse times in her life - Present-Day Nagata had done a lot of thinking, had figured out better paths to take, and was actually eating regular meals and feeling more like her own definition of "adult." She wasn't "cured," necessarily, but she was doing better.

I liked Nagata's frank and unflinching look at self-harm, eating disorders, her mental health issues as a whole and the toll they'd taken on her body (scars, a bald spot from hair pulling, etc.), the inadequacy of her own sex education (she realized after the incident at the love hotel that most of her expectations came from m/m erotic doujinshi, of all things), and more. I was a little surprised that she was willing to put so much of herself out there, but she even addressed this. Her explanations made sense, I guess, but still. I can just imagine the awkwardness after her parents read this volume (if they read it?).

The one part of the volume that threw me a bit was Nagata's somewhat Freudian exploration of her desire to be touched and held by women, which she decided was rooted in her constant clinging to her mother. She never quite came out and said it, but she seemed to see her lesbianism as being connected to all of this, as though it was a childish fixation she'd never grown out of.

Overall, I thought this was really good, and I plan to read Nagata's My Solo Exchange Diary as well.


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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review 2019-10-23 09:05

Stress is not always the outcome of bad things, it could also occur because of some good things. For example, if there is an important function at your home and you have been given certain responsibility, chances are that you can take the stress. Now, whatever the reason is, the effect is never going to be good. It leads to hair loss and other such problems.
Here are some more details about it. How stress causes hair loss. It has been proved that stress could be the reason for hair loss, be it the head hair or beard. Here are the exact reasons why it is caused.

1. According to studies, it has been proved that stress causes the lowering of
testosterone. Now, testosterone is one such hormone that is produced in the male
body parts and is very important for hair growth. So, the decrease in it can affect
your hair growth. 


2. We talk about eating good and healthy food for good hair growth. However, this
alone could not do everything. If one wants their hair to grow in a good way, the
vitamin or mineral that our body gets should flow in the entire body and especially
to the hair follicles. Now, stress can constrain blood vessels too. This may stop the
vitamins and minerals from flowing in our entire body. Thus, the effect that should
be there is not seen. 


3. The next point that we are going to discuss is a very obvious one and probably every
one of us knows about it. We are talking about the damage that our skin faces due to
stress. There are a lot of things that could happen and amateur aging is something
very obvious and likely. Now, if we talk about man, then these face problems can
lead to bad beard growth. It causes thinning and weakening of the hair. 


4. For a healthy body, one should eat properly. The beard is the part of our body
and its growth too depends on the kind of food we are eating. Now, when a person is a stress, he doesn't eat properly and loses his appetite. This condition of that person
makes it hard to grow a good beard. 


How to get rid of stress?
Now that you know how stress affects your body and hair, here are a few of the tips that
can help you in getting rid of the stress. This will ultimately make your hair grow. 

  • A sound sleep 
    In this fast world, the biggest and the most important thing that we are missing out is our
    sleep. The very first benefit of good sleep is that you will do all your work on time. Thus,
    following a good routine with the help of a beard care kit for your hair would be easier.
    Also, the body then functions properly and you can produce the required amount of
    Regular Exercise
    Doing exercises like a little workout or jogging regularly helps the mind in getting rid of
    various kinds of stress. What exercises do is that they take off your mind from the things
    that are bothering you. They divert your mind off the daily stress that you might be facing
    because of a lot of things. From family issues to office tension there are various kinds of
    stress that a person suffers from and regular exercises do not let you think about any of
    these by keeping your mind busy. Apart from this, the other benefit that regular exercises
    have is that they promote a healthy amount of blood circulation which makes sure that all
    the necessary ingredients reach the hair follicles.
    Seeking Medical Assistance
    Many times, the situation gets a little out of hand and the stress becomes unbearable. You cannot get it off your mind whatever you may do. In this case, you need to seek the help of a proper therapist because in such situations only an expert can help you out. He or she will give you the proper advice which will help you in tackling the stress in your life. Moreover, talking to someone about your problems helps a lot in relaxing the mind regarding that problem.

  • So, one can understand with these points that if stress is there in your life, there are a lot of things that could hamper. If something like this ever happens, you need to look at the other section of this article and should follow the points.
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review 2019-03-31 02:49
In Harm's Way (Sandhamn #6) - Viveca Sten

Without a doubt, I love the ending of this book.

The mystery is mainly concerning Thomas. Nora's plot is more to do with her job and her relationship status - she is slightly (oh so slightly) torn between her ex-husband who has realized he was an ass and her new boyfriend. That plot is handled quite well and is simply two people who used to love each other trying to figure things out.

The mystery - the killing of a reporter who reminds me of Seierstad - is compelling. There are almost too many people to chose from in terms of her death. What is done well is the relationships in the reporter's family - esp. with her daughte

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review 2018-09-19 14:43
Safe From Harm by Kate SeRine
Safe from Harm - Kate SeRine

One year after the murder of his best friend, yet another person Gabe Dawson loves is in danger. He barely manages to save Elle McCoy's life and almost dies himself. It looks like the father of his friend's murderer, an anti-government fanatic, is behind the attempted assassination and Gabe knows this is just the beginning...

Another great read in this series.

The cast of characters was once again wonderfully portrayed, especially the Dawson family dynamics and the tight bonds that bind the five men together.

And the romance worked much better in this one as well (no formulaic, pace-stalling sex scenes for Gabe and Elle). I loved the UST-filled bickering at the beginning and though, IMHO, the "conflict" went on a page or two too long, the two resolved their mutual issues rather quickly and satisfyingly.
Gabe and Elle worked very well together in my view. They were strong-willed individuals and they brought that grit into their relationship as well. And I was very happy that Elle was the one who truly brought the real Gabe out in the open. Theirs was a very cute and hot romance.

The suspense angle was different from the one in the previous book. First, there was the major difference in the topic (religious anti-government fanatics instead of human traffickers) and the identity of the villain(s) was known from the start, leaving the characters to grapple with just how to make something stick.
I'm rather miffed the final showdown seemed very déjà-vu-ish. I felt like I read those particular scenes with those particular characters (maybe even with rather similar names) somewhere else.

Still, overall it worked and now I really hope to be able to read the eldest Dawson brother, Tom's story someday (the quirky doctor sounds rather good as a heroine, especially after learning just what was going on in the final days of Tom's marriage). And let's not forget Mac, the patriarch, deserves a second chance at a happy ending as well.

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