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review 2017-04-26 21:32
Review For: Serenity by Janet Nissenson
Serenity - Janet Nissenson

'Serenity' by Janet Nissenson is book Five in the "Inevitable" series. This is the story of Matthew Bennett and Sasha Fonseca. I feel this is easily a standalone book if you choose to do so.
Matthew is a self proclaimed 'nerd' 'Geek' who is married to a 41 year old wife who through plastic surgery and his money looks younger than her age. She is in to younger men which finally becomes to much for Matthew. Matthew decided to go forward with a divorce. Matthew happens to meet Sasha at a Wedding about a month before he goes forward with a divorce. Meeting her, shows him really what he has been missing. Sasha is total different from him. Sasha is a yoga teacher and a hippie type personality. Where Matthew is a rich businesses man..up-type personality. But the attraction was immediately. But nothing happened and they didn't see each other until Matthew started fighting to get a divorce. Which with two kids does add to the mix. Sash is a loving caring person who for the first time Matthew feels someones wants to actually care for him and not what he has ...or does.
I have loved the books that I have read so far in this series! This one did not let me down...loved it.
"My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."

Source: www.amazon.com/Serenity-Inevitable-Book-Janet-Nissenson-ebook/dp/B06XCL1WVB/ref=la_B00H8AI4P8_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1493235699&sr=1-3
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review 2017-01-01 03:07
Fun Read!
Treat with Caution - Serenity Woods

Treat With Caution by Serenity Woods is a well-written book.  Ms Woods has delivered a fantastic cast of characters.  Kole and Tasha's story is full of drama, humor and sizzle.  I enjoyed Treat With Caution and look forward to reading more from Serenity Woods in the future.  Treat With Caution is book 1 of the Treats To Tempt You Series but can be read as a standalone.  This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

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review 2016-12-05 00:00
Kiss Me For Christmas
Kiss Me For Christmas - Christine Bell, Serenity Woods, Riley Murphy, Ros Clarke Kiss Me For Christmas is the perfect present to ward off the winter chill. Dynamite in a tiny bundle, these authors are on fire with their sweet stories of holiday second chances at romance. This time with Mr. Right. With the Kiss Me For Christmas Christine Bell, Riley Murphy, Serenity Woods and Ros Clarke delivered the three S words that I love to hear. Short reads that blend sentimental with sexy in a classy and irresistible package.
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text 2016-10-05 15:53
Stranded with a Scotsman by Serenity Woods Free!
Stranded with a Scotsman - Serenity Woods

Cori Spencer doesn’t particularly mind being stuck in a refuge hut three feet above the rising tide in the middle of the night. She’s fallen in love with Lindisfarne, the tiny island off the north-east coast of England that’s isolated from the mainland by the sea twice a day. The problem is that she’s not alone. She’s stranded in a ten-by-four-foot wooden box for four hours with Ewan Macbeth, and that’s not going to end well. She’s either going to kill him or kiss him—and she’s not sure which option is the most likely.

Ewan flew back from the States when his sister told him Cori had become engaged to a man she didn’t love just to please her father. The Earl once threw Ewan out when he found him kissing his daughter, prompting her to end their relationship. Ewan’s never forgotten her, and even though he’s certain there can never be anything between them again, he’s damned if he’s going to let her marry a man who doesn’t appreciate her.

With only a bottle of Lindisfarne mead, a crab sandwich, and Angry Birds to keep them company, the two of them end up playing a game of Truth or Dare that forces Cori to accept the truth about her relationship with her fiancé, and Ewan to push her to the very limit to admit her feelings for him.

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review 2016-09-08 07:01
Zombies in Edwardian England: Ella, the Slayer | Review
Ella, the Slayer: Serenity House, Book 1 - A. W. Exley,Gabrielle de Cuir,Skyboat Media

While I enjoyed some parts quite well, in the end this YA Historical Fantasy was disappointing.


The flu pandemic of 1918 took millions of souls within a few short weeks. Except it wasn't flu, and death gave them back.


Seventeen-year-old Ella copes the best she can by caring for her war-injured father, scrubbing the floors, and slaying the undead that attack the locals. Like rats, these vermin spread pestilence with every bite. Ella's world collides with another when she nearly decapitates a handsome stranger - one who is very much alive.


Buy Now | +Goodreads

Whispersync Deal Alert*: Kindle + Audible = $6.98 (must purchase Kindle first, prices may change)

Disclosure: GMB uses affiliate links, clicking and making a purchase may result in a small commission for me.

Source: I received this book free in return for an honest review, courtesy of Audiobook Jukebox.



Ella, the Slayer by AW Exley, read by Gabrielle de Cuir, published by Skyboat Media (2016) / Length: 8 hrs 21 min



This is Book #1 of 2 (so far), in the "Serenity House" series. Both book are available on audio. Book #3, Alice, the Player, is currently scheduled to be released in November 2016.



I am giving this book a 3.5 star rating because, while I had some issues with the earlier parts of the book, for the most part I was enjoying it until her actions and choices in the end completely ruined it for me. If you don't like characters who do completely illogical things that endanger themselves and others, just to set up conflict in the next book (?), then you probably won't like the ending either.



Ella: I am conflicted about her. I liked who she was as a person - the way she interacted with the other servants, wanted to tell the truth, and took care of her invalid father; but I had problems with the decisions she made (and not just at the end).


Seth: I like him and feel that the book would have benefited from more of his POV and background. I feel that some of his actions towards Ella weren't appropriate for a gentleman of his era.


Ella & Seth: Although I think they are a good match, I also had problems with the way this relationship developed especially considering the time period.



It started well and did a good job of establishing both the characters and the history. It was paced more as a romance than a zombie thriller until towards the end. As I said, I really disliked pretty much everything after the action climax.



  • Henry
  • Ella & Seth working together
  • Ella and her father


I COULD HAVE DONE WITHOUT: A bit gory for me (but not unexpected, and probably not gory enough for true zombie fans) / The younger stepsister being almost nice (that is just too derivative of other recent Cinderella retellings) / Ella's choice to continue a relationship with Seth when she thinks he's probably engaged to someone else.



While it wasn't bad, I didn't love the narration despite liking the sound of her voice. It felt a bit over enunciated and over emoted to me at times. It's possible that I'm just not used to the way they spoke in that place & time. The English accents sounded good to me, an American, and the speed was typical (I listened on my usual 1.25)



Ella, the Slayer (Serenity House #1) by AW Exley, read by Gabrielle de Cuir, published by Skyboat Media (2016) / Length: 8 hrs 21 min Buy Now | +Goodreads

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