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review 2019-01-02 01:51
Paul Temple and the Curzon Case
Paul Temple and the Curzon Case (A Paul Temple Mystery) - Francis Durbridge

This was a very short novelisation of an original Paul Temple radio broadcast adventure. 

The novelisation was well written and the main characters of Paul Temple and his wife, Steve, had all of the charme of the characters I loved from the radio programme. However, the story was rather short but, when compared to other Paul Temple stories, surprisingly original. I doubt, however, that it will be a memorable story.


I'm not sure if I will return to the novelisations or stick to the recordings. As much as I love the idea of the novelisations and the covers of this particular series, the dramatised version of Durbridge's stories works better for me. But again, this should not be a surprise as this is what the stories were written for originally - broadcast. 

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text 2019-01-01 07:28
24 Festive Tasks: Books Read
Reflex - Dick Francis,Simon Prebble
Persons of Interest - Gildart Jackson,Peter Grainger
A Grave Matter - Anna Lee Huber
Lane: A Case for Willow And Lane - Peter Grainger,Henrietta Meire
A Christmas Carol - Simon Prebble,Charles Dickens
The Man with the Sack - Margery Allingham,David Thorpe,Soundings
Trojan Gold: The Fourth Vicky Bliss Mystery - Elizabeth Peters,Barbara Rosenblat
Cherringham - A Cosy Crime Series Compilation: Cherringham 4-6 - Neil Richards,Matthew Costello,Neil Dudgeon
The Hanging Tree - Ben Aaronovitch


One of my New Year's resolutions is to get my shelves updated. I'm going to make an effort to do a better job than I have been doing the past 6-8 months.


So... I did listen to about 4-5 audiobooks in both November and December, and all but one of those titles will fit the book tasks for this year's 24 Tasks of the Festive Season. I'll try to put up brief reviews this coming week - I was out of commission with the flu and then back issues for over two weeks in December - but for now I'm just going to match up my books/reads with the various holidays.



Melbourne Cup Day: Book About Horses - Reflex by Dick Francis


Advent: Fourth Book in a Series - Persons of Interest by Peter Grainger


St Andrew's Day: Book Set In Scotland - A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber


Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Book with a Strong Woman Character

     Lane by Peter Grainger


Christmas: Book About Christmas - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens


Yule and Solstice: Book Set In December - The Man With the Sack by Margery



Dia De Los Muertos: Reread an Old Favorite by a Deceased Author - Trojan Gold by

     Elizabeth Peters


 Russian Mother's Day: Book Where a Key Character is a Mother - Charringham 4-6

    by Neil Richards and Matthew Costello


Guy Fawkes Night: Book Set in the UK: The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch








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text 2018-12-28 01:40
The Last Library Haul of 2018
Seven Dead (British Library Crime Classics) - Martin Edwards,Eleanor Farjeon
The Z Murders - J. Jefferson Farjeon
Blood on the Tracks - Martin Edwards,Various Authors
Paul Temple and the Curzon Case (A Paul Temple Mystery) - Francis Durbridge

There is no way I'll finish these by year end, but with Mt. TBR no longer being a priority I thought I'd treat myself to some lovely mysteries to read in January. :D

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review 2018-12-17 20:14
When Love Flue In by Lillian Francis 3.5 Stars!
When Love Flue In - Lillian Francis

A soot-haired chimney sweep, an exploding flue and an uncooked turkey. It’s an unholy trinity that may make all of Dominic’s Christmas wishes come true.

Recently divorced, Dominic is celebrating alone this Christmas and he’s fine with that, really he is. Until the one Christmas tradition he’s determined to keep—a roaring fire in his hearth—is under threat from a blocked flue. Only Reagan, a handsome, soot-haired chimney sweep, can salvage the season’s celebrations. Dominic is just lucky the man had a cancellation on Christmas Eve.

He doesn’t feel so lucky about his crush on Reagan which has been growing each Christmas for the last five years, along with awareness of his own sexuality. But now there’s nothing to stop Dominic from acting on his desires—except this year has left him bruised, battered and insecure.

Reagan has always been attracted to his client, but, with an impressive house and beautiful wife, Dominic Pearson always seemed out of reach. This Christmas, though, there have been huge changes in both Dominic and the house. Changes that may allow Reagan a chance to impress. But with his head and shoulders up Dominic’s chimney, casting soot all over Dominic’s sumptuous carpet – how can that be seductive in any way?

An exploding flue provides the opportunity for more than just polite conversation and could be the catalyst for a perfect Christmas. But Dominic will need to stop hiding who he really is before a special sweep can light a fire in his heart.




I am a fan of Lillian Francis carefully crafted, emotionally touching romances. This is sweet Christmas Romance where two men who have had crushes on each other get what they want for the holiday.

Tender with well drawn grown up characters, a pleasure of a read.


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text 2018-11-20 18:39
Francis Chan Warns Against Division in the Church


Over 3 years ago, God started to speak to me deeply on the great sin of division, slander, and gossip in the body of Christ. God started to have me in situations where great hurt was being done and I saw first hand the way the enemy used these tactics to destroy and hurt the testimony of Jesus Christ in others lives. One of many devotional articles I wrote during that time was called: God's Church Is Sacred In This Earth. The premise of the devotion was a warning that when we speak against the body of Christ we speak against God's Sacred Church of whom we are all a part.


Recently, God spoke to Francis Chan on that exact same verse (1 Corinthians 3:17) to give us a loving warning to the body of Christ against division.


Here is a recent statement Francis made in regards to people who divide and leave Church fellowship:


"There is this terrifying verse in 1 Timothy where Paul talked about two men who rejected the faith. Paul said that he had handed them over to Satan, by which he meant that he’d put them outside of the church (1:20). Basically, these men were actively opposing the works of God, so rather than pretending everything was fine, Paul removed them from the safety and blessings of the fellowship of believers. He was hoping that the misery of being separated from the church would lead them to repent. Are you catching the weight of this? Paul equated removal from the church with being handed over to Satan! It is crazy to me that we live in a time when people are voluntarily doing this to themselves! No church has placed them outside of the fellowship; instead, they’ve handed themselves over to Satan!"


What a sobering thought that those in our day in North America being critical of so much that is called Christian are doing to themselves what Paul the Apostle had to recommend Timothy to do to others as a last resort to have them repent of their pride and sins.

We are living in a day where we are judging others and not ourselves. We are finding it easy to be critical of everything but our own sins we ourselves struggle with.


Francis again shares on how God wants to send real unity to the body of Christ:


"Real love, unity and blessing were supposed to be found in the church. Many are having a hard time finding that, so they’re setting off on their own. Jesus said that the world would see the supernatural unity and love we share in the church and believe in Him through that. But we’re not experiencing it. We’ve given up on it. We no longer believe it is possible."


Perhaps we can start to change our minds and start looking towards others with seeing their good and not bad, speaking blessings over others and not curses. Remember we are fitted together in a temple of God with all saints of all ages. And Francis gives the example of someone taking a sledgehammer to this temple. What a fearful thing to do, of course we would depart from such an individual for fear of what God Himself would do to him. As the Scripture says, "Warn a divisive person once, and then warn them a second time. After that, have nothing to do with them" (Titus 3:10).


You can watch the full video message by Francis Chan, "Are You Destroying The Church" where he gives this loving warning against division in the Church: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJph3Z6cfxM

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