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review 2016-02-24 03:58
REVIEW: Blackout by Rosalie Stanton

Former secretary gets caught at the elevator, after stealing an important file from the apartment of her former boss, lawyer Hero.

She was infatuated with him until he got her unexpectedly fired 3 weeks ago. Now, she just wants revenge & the money promised for the stolen file. Being stuck in an elevator with Hero was spoiling her plans. But it was also a chance to get answers from him. Including why he had the sex tape she made for her ex-boyfriend. Their honesty soon gave way to their long-held desires. But how does it resolve the bigger problem of why she stole his client's file?**


**For my full SPOILER-y review, click here.


Blackout - Rosalie Stanton 

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text 2014-09-16 16:20
Love in an Elevator
Hearts in Darkness - Laura Kaye
Caught on Camera with the CEO - Natalie Anderson
Stinger - Mia Sheridan
Between Floors - Beate Boeker
Blame it on the Blackout - Heidi Betts
Secrets: Volume 6 - Angela Knight,MaryJanice Davidson,Alice Gaines,Sandy Fraser
Can't Get Enough (Harlequin Blaze, #211) - Sarah Mayberry
Aftershocks - Nancy Warren
Words of Silk - Sandra Brown
Slow Heat - Jill Shalvis

So, what is the silliest Romance Novel Plot  I adore? Stuck in an Elevator.  I actually love all elevator scenes- sexy times, trapped, elevator meets...


Here is a list of some great ones! If you have more, Gimme! 



1. Hearts in Darkness by Laura Kaye


Two strangers...

Makenna James thinks her day can't get any worse, until she finds herself stranded in a pitch-black elevator with a complete stranger. Distracted by a phone call, the pin-striped accountant catches only a glimpse of a dragon tattoo on his hand before the lights go out.

Four hours...

Caden Grayson is amused when a harried redhead dashes into his elevator fumbling her bags and cell phone. His amusement turns to panic when the power fails. Despite his piercings, tats, and vicious scar, he's terrified of the dark and confined spaces. Now, he's trapped in his own worst nightmare.

One pitch-black elevator...

To fight fear, they must reach out and open up. With no preconceived notions based on looks to hold them back, they discover just how much they have in common. In the warming darkness, attraction grows and sparks fly, but will they feel the same when the lights come back on?


2. Caught on Camera with the CEO by Natalie Anderson 


TO: All staff—is this the hottest kiss you've ever seen?


Finally our playboy boss plays around at work! Watch this steamy clip of Alex Carlisle making out in the lift with the brand-new temp…


Heartthrob Alex has recently been spotted prowling the office floor—is brunette bombshell Dani Russo the reason? From this sizzling encounter, we think so!


Now Dani's lost her job, and the office grapevine says our bad-boy boss has moved her into his bachelor pad and found her a job—but is an X-rated action replay on the cards?


Watch this space….


3. Stinger by Mia Sheridan 


Grace Hamilton was the girl with a plan. She knew exactly where her life was going and prided herself on always achieving her goals. It was who she was, and how she lived her life. She never stepped outside the lines, and never considered what she might desire and whom she was actually trying so hard to please. Until him… 

Carson Stinger was a man who didn’t play by any rules except his own. Working in the adult entertainment industry, he didn’t care what others thought, and took each day as it came, no direction, no plan. He knew what women wanted from him and believed it was all he had to offer. Until her… 

When circumstances forced them to spend several hours together, they walked away changed. But for two people who never should have meshed, overcoming the reality of their vastly different lives wasn’t possible. At least not yet… 


4. Between Floors by Beate Boeker 


Sarah can't resist a swim in the luxurious pool of the Grand Excelsior Hotel, though she hates to return to her room in a bathrobe, dripping wet. Just as she braves the elevator, a gorgeous man joins her. Sarah curses her luck and pretends to disappear into thin air, when all at once, the elevator gets stuck . . . 


5. Blame It on the Blackout  by Heidi Betts 



In the pitch blackness, trapped between floors, Peter Reynolds had almost convinced himself that the woman in the suddenly too-cramped-for-comfort elevator car was not off-limits...and that the desperate passion they shared would not change everything.


But then the lights came on, and Peter knew that he'd crossed more than one line. For Lucy Grainger was his secretary...and now, quite possibly, pregnant.

If Peter were any other man, Lucy would make the perfect wife and mother to his children. But he was not the marrying kind for reasons Lucy could never understand. Yet, if that were true, why was he secretly hoping that the stick turned blue?


6. Secrets Volume #6: Love’s Prisoner by Mary Janice Davidson

Trapped in an elevator, Jeannie Lawrence became Love's Prisoner when she experienced unwilling rapture at Michael Windham's Hands. She never expected the devilishly handsome man to show back up in her life- or turn out to be a werewolf! Will she accept her destiny to be his mate?

7. Can't Get Enough by Sarah Mayberry


He's everything she despises--a babe magnet with more notches on his belt than a millipede has legs.


And he thinks his coworker is wound so tightly she irons her underwear at night.

Two people couldn't be further apart.


But when Jack Brook and Claire Marsden get stuck in a sweltering elevator one afternoon, it's a different story. By the time they're rescued, Jack and Claire have swapped confidences and oh, they've had the most spectacular sex of their lives!


Back in the office they're still butting heads over projects, but now there's a heightened awareness added to the mix. With this kind of tension in the air, how can they resist another round of sexy indulgence?


8. Aftershocks by Nancy Warren 


Earthquake aftershocks trap Mayor Patrick O'Shea and his assistant Briana Bliss in an elevator. But emergency services are stretched to the limit with 911 calls. The mayor and Briana wait. And passions flare....


Briana Bliss planned to use her job as Mayor Patrick O'Shea's assistant to get back at him for allegedly destroying her uncle's political chances. But she's unprepared for the way Patrick makes her feel. And in the close confines of the stalled elevator, Patrick and Briana give in to the attraction that's been sizzling between them for months. Now how will Briana ever prove to Patrick that she acted out of love...and not revenge?


9.  Words of Silk by Sandra Brown 


Jake Sargent and Laney McLeod meet while trapped in an elevator in New York City. As Deke helps Laney overcome her claustrophobia, the emotionally starved Laney finds love and caring. But when Laney becomes pregnant with Deke's child, Karen Ziemba has her work cut out for her, alternating emotional and tonal nuance between the confident Deke and the self-sufficient Laney. Ziemba brings passion to the characters and their fight for each other and their place in the world.


10. Slow Heat  by Jill Shalvis 


Baseball player Wade O'Riley's bad-boy image is about to be cleaned up by publicist Samantha McNead.  On night stuck in an elevator changes things. 


Have fun on my Pinterest Board: Stuck in a Elevator Romance.


Vote for the best of the best of Elevator Romances on the Goodreads list: Love in an Elevator. 

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