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review 2016-02-24 03:58
REVIEW: Blackout by Rosalie Stanton

Former secretary gets caught at the elevator, after stealing an important file from the apartment of her former boss, lawyer Hero.

She was infatuated with him until he got her unexpectedly fired 3 weeks ago. Now, she just wants revenge & the money promised for the stolen file. Being stuck in an elevator with Hero was spoiling her plans. But it was also a chance to get answers from him. Including why he had the sex tape she made for her ex-boyfriend. Their honesty soon gave way to their long-held desires. But how does it resolve the bigger problem of why she stole his client's file?**


**For my full SPOILER-y review, click here.


Blackout - Rosalie Stanton 

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review 2016-02-18 00:23
REVIEW: For Love Alone by Lucy Gordon

**Click for my full SPOILER-y review here.


23y.o artist can't remember anything, including the husband she married the day of her car accident. 34y.o electronics manufacturer Hero, on the other hand, wants to give her space & time to remember on her own.

Heroine may not remember much but she does know that she married him for love.  She does her best to change his mind about waiting for their physical intimacy until she gets her memory back. Will she regret her decision to rush things? Will her memory change things between their growing romance?


For Love Alone ( Silhouette Desire, # 416) - Lucy Gordon 

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review 2016-02-03 05:07
REVIEW: P.S. You're Mine by Alexa Riley

24yo plus-sized teacher writes a pen-pal letter to stranger, 37yo Marine soldier Hero.

He uncharacteristically responds back as he's struck by her honesty & sweetnes & hoping she was single too. Thus begins their 1-year-long letter relationship. Each find themselves more intrigued & more in love with each other. However, he stops contacting her & her letters to him are returned. What happened to Hero?**

Lovely romance & steamy. Likable characters, with heroine showing some growth in her confidence & outlook in life. Hero is alpha-demanding & love his obsession with her, loving her curves & cookies and all. I'm not sure though if he was completely celibate during their whole correspondence. I assume so but I'd have liked it clearly expressed. I also didn't like the reveal of Hero's unfinished “P.S.” at the end of every letter.** Wish it wasn't spoiled from the get-go. Aside from that, it's a sigh-worthy romance. With some steamy sex scenes at the end.

**Click here for SPOILERS re: what Hero's unfinished “P.S.” meant & the book's ending.


PS... You're Mine - Alexa Riley 

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review 2015-11-24 20:11
REVIEW: Impulsive Attraction by Diana Hamilton

Sensible 28yo bank manager agrees to the blackmail demands of rakish

35yo sculptor Hero, despite the disapproval of her fiance and mother. Heroine will pose for him in return for him telling her how the night ended that night they met, when she passed out drunk in his cottage.  She's curious why he thinks she's beautiful and desirable, when everyone else thinks she's a plain-looking plus-sized Amazon.  It sets a change in her.  Hero demands more from her but his secretiveness about himself makes her hesitate.

Poignant and funny. Emotionally pulling.  Not a true 5-star but more like a 4.5-star because of some weaknesses in the book.**  Although Hero and heroine's romance was central, heroine's character development paralleled the progress of their relationship. We see her transform from a stick-in-a-mud & stern woman to a more carefree, colorful, and insightful one. The book is told from her POV (point of view), which provided much of the angst. We knew how she felt and what she thought but not much about Hero. Lots of sexual and emotional tension.  However, no sex scene. We get a good resolution at the end with a likely HEA(happy ever after). I liked that it exposed Hero's vulnerabilities re: heroine.


**SPOILERS re: Hero's secret identity & the book's weaknesses are blog review. Click here.


Impulsive Attraction - Diana Hamilton 

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review 2015-11-05 02:27
REVIEW: Dangerous Passion by Lisa Marie Rice

27yo artist doesn't know what to think of 34y.o. Hero who just put himself on the line of fire for her.

Yet she now knows is her mysterious buyer ,who bought up all her paintings for the past year no matter the price. Reclusive international arms dealer Hero takes full responsibility for ruining heroine's simple life in NYC and getting her art-gallery friend killed.  Somebody finally found his weakness—his obsession with her. He tries to bind her to him sexually before he would unveil the full truth of his motives & his plans for her. How long will it work on her?

My 1st Rice book & it was good. I think I would've liked it much more, if I read this book when I bought it 6 years ago. But there's many books nowadays that seem to have emulated her writing style.  Regardless, I still enjoyed it. I liked the stalker Hero obsessed with heroine plot & the fact that this Hero is usually emotionally closed-off and doesn't attach to anybody.  I also liked that heroine was also reclusive like Hero as well as independent and focused. Their emotional connection was believable. Didn't pull me as intensely as I expected. Sex scenes were explicit but not plentiful. I appreciated the focus on their emotional connection and their plan on getting away from their persistent and unknown killer. Good characterization. Exciting action-suspense part.**


**SPOILERS for this book are on my more detailed review. Click here.

Dangerous Passion - Lisa Marie Rice 


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