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review 2014-02-07 13:19
REVIEW: Sweet Persuasion by Maya Banks
Sweet Persuasion - Maya Banks



The man of her dreams would give the orders. For him, she had two words that satisfied them both..."Take me."

For five years, Serena has run Fantasy Incorporated and has devoted her time to fulfilling her clients' fantasies. Never her own. Until now...

Her most secret desire is to give ownership of her body to a man. Someone who will command her, pleasure her, and have complete authority over her. So she seeks out Damon Roche, owner of an exclusive sex club and a man strong enough to make her do anything he wants. Anything.

Together they'll journey into a world she's only dreamed of. She's given the opportunity to immerse herself in a different life while her normal one waits for her to return whenever she wishes. Damon has no desire to let her go, however. Serena is the woman he's long searched for, and it's up to him to convince her to stay when the game is all over with. He wants their fantasy to become their reality and for Serena to remain his pampered, cherished submissive.





Scorching hot. Like I've said before this kind of book is not my cup of tea but surprisingly I found it very enjoyable. But I still don't know how I would handle it, I always ended up blushing. Haha.

Yes! Damon Roche is a damn fine man, downright sexy. Hands down. Gosh, he's like a dream. He's perfect. He treated Serena like a queen (lucky woman) and he doesn't share. *swoon*

And I loved Serena she isn't afraid to explore her sensuality. The connection between them were undeniably explosive. The sex between them left me speechless and blushing from my toes up to the tip of my head. They did a lot of sex here, from anal to spanking and to using butt plugs. *cringe*

Another thing I liked in this book are the girls friendship. They made me laughed a few times especially Julie. The men were not only gorgeous but so undeniably sexy that pretty much made my day. I really can't wait to read the other books from this series especially Julie and Nathan's story. 

“Sweet Persuasion” is filled with hot, steamy sex scenes. But enjoyable nonetheless. If you don't have any problem with books filled with lots of steamy sex scenes, BDSM, bondage, anal sex with a sweet and romantic story line this is a great read. :)

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review 2014-02-07 13:13
REVIEW: Sweet Seduction by Maya Banks
Sweet Seduction - Maya Banks


He was the stuff erotic dreams are made of

Salon owner Julie Stanford wanted Nathan Tucker ever since she gave him his first massage. Getting paid to feel every inch of his body, stripped, oiled, and spread out in front of her. Stuff dreams are made of. But the sexy guy was oblivious to the signals she was sending; until she finished off his final rub-down with something extra. In fact, the best extra he ever had. Unfortunately, he came around too late. Now Julie's moving on.

She was everything he'd dreamed of

The woman was driving him crazy.  She lit fire to his insides then ran like a scalded cat.  And now she's going to someone else to have all her fantasies fulfilled? Over his dead body. He's more than willing to give her what she wants, and as soon as he pins the little minx down, he'd show her his own brand of sweet seduction.

It's all fun and games until someone falls in love.



This is the third book in the series and like the first two book it was also pretty HOT.And a lot funnier than I expected.

Julie Stanford has the hots for Nathan since the moment he walked inside her Salon. She did her best to get his attention. She was thrilled and always wanted to get her hands all over Nathan’s hot body but unfortunately for her he was so determined to avoid her and her advances. And that pissed her off big time because it left her wondering what the hell is wrong with her. 

I loved Julie’s character. I admired her spirit, determination. She knew what she wants or who she wants and willing to do everything to have it. She’s a fighter stubborn as hell but she also knew when to give up and move on.

Nathan Tucker. Oh gosh I don’t know if I want to smack him for being an idiot or kiss him for being sweet and softy. He’s extremely gorgeous, hot and sexy, smart, dependable, I could go on, but in short, he’s a real sweetheart. He’s easy to get along with, funny, he jokes a lot especially when he’s with his friends except when it comes to Julie. Since he met her he did nothing but act like some teenage boy about to experience his first orgasm. 

And when he learned that she’s moving on and planning to be a filling in a stud sandwich all bets are off. Haha (filling in a stud sandwich – another name for threesome. It made me laughed so hard Julie’s sense of humor is out of the world sometimes.) So Nathan did everything to prevent that. He’s willing to do everything for her even to the extent of crossing his own limit. I also loved the way he called Julie heifer. 

And for that the winner is Micah. Haha. Lucky man. He’s always been asked to be the second guy. 

Julie and Nathan’s nature of relationship is slightly different from the first two but I think it’s perfect for them. I don’t see Nathan doing stuffs like what Damon and Micah. But the story still great. The bed scenes are freaking HOT. HOT. HOT. And I loved the way how Maya Banks included the subplot. I still get to see what’s happening in Faith and Serena’s happily ever after. I also enjoyed the little information about Micah and Connor that was provided in this book.

Sweet Seduction is such a great book. And I really, really like it. Kudos to Ms. Banks for keeping me interested and wanting more.

P.S I’m very curious about Cole. 


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review 2014-02-05 07:59
REVIEW: Sweet Surrender by Maya Banks
Sweet Surrender - Maya Banks


Under Faith Malone's deceptively soft exterior lies a woman who knows exactly what she wants: a strong man who'll take without asking - because she's willing to give him everything...

Dallas cop Gray Montgomery is on a mission: find the guy who killed his partner and bring him to justice. So far, he's found a link between the killer and Faith - and if Gray has to get close to her to catch the killer, so be it.

Faith is sweet and feminine, everything Gray wants and desires in a woman, but he suspects she's playing games. No way would she allow a man to call the shots in their relationship. Or would she?

Faith sees in Gray the strong, dominant man she needs, but he seems determined to keep her at a distance. So she takes matters into her own hands to prove to him it's no game she's playing. She's willing to surrender to the right man. Gray would like to be that man. But catching his partner's killer has to be his first priority - until Faith is threatened and Gray realizes he will do anything to protect her





This is the first time I've read a book that includes a threesome (M/M/F), anal sex, bondage, and spankings. This isn't my cup of tea, and I can say that it left me speechless, embarrassed, and most of all blushing. Haha. I’m actually planning to skip that part of the book but my curiosity got the best of me so I've read it. Now I know the saying "Curiosity killed the cat" is true because I nearly died because of it. Haha.

But I totally enjoyed it from the first page up to the last. It had all the elements I enjoy: strong-alpha male hero, intelligent and dependent heroine, likable secondary characters, funny/witty banters and interesting plot.

Grayson Montgomery is such a gorgeous, sweet and lovable hero. While Faith Malone is a strong-willed, dependent, and intelligent heroine. In my book they make a great couple. And fighting their attraction is way too cute, always turning away from each other. And when they've finally acknowledged their feelings their relationship was explosive.

What I like most about this book is not only did I fell in love with Gray and Faith but also with other characters too. Nathan and Micah were so damn hot. And I bet their stories will be hot as this one or maybe hotter. The author didn't tell much aboutConnor and Damon in this book that’s why I can’t wait to read their stores so that I can find more about them. 

Overall this was an enjoyable read for me. The author got me hooked and intrigued that I can’t wait to find more about the characters. That’s why I immediately started with book two.  

Happy reading!

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review 2013-10-17 15:54
Mid Life Love by Whitney Gracia Williams
Mid Life Love - Whitney G.

I really really liked the story and characters. From the first paragraph I knew I would love Claire. I've worked in marketing/advertising for 10+ years and every time she spoke about the brainless twits aka junior ad execs who worked for her I just LOL. But Claire also tap danced on my very last nerve!  There's no doubt Claire's issues/insecurities were understandable after dealing with some major pain in her past? Any 40 year old would be a bit cautious getting into a relationship with someone more than a decade younger. But Claire takes all that to a new level! I was drained by the 50% mark! 


Although I spent a lot of time eye rolling and deeply sighing at Claire because I just wanted her to let go and allow herself to be with Jonathan without reservations, I loved that Ms. Williams made me feel so strongly invested in this couple working through their issues. 

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review 2013-10-16 17:18
Review: Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski
The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski

First let me say that I'm not a crier...it takes a lot for a book to make me shed tears. Somehow The Edge of Never took me there...more than once I might add! :'( 

Right from the start of the book, it's clear the heroine, Camryn, has a troubled past and her BFF, Natalie got on my nerves with her nagging that Camryn find a random hook-up and get over her "issues" (even though we don't know what they are yet). I just hate when pain is trivialized like that. 

Things start to get good when Cam decides one day to pack up and get on a bus going to Idaho because she needs to get away for a while to figure some stuff out - I don't even think she knows exactly what that 'stuff' is yet, but she's not going to figure it out in her hometown, thats for sure! Why Idaho? Because the lady at the ticket counter is eating a baked potato! Usually, that would make me toss Camryn in my TSTL pile and give up on this book, but something about Camryn is likable and I just wanted to give her a hug and say, "go ahead, girl...do what you gotta do!"


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