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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-04-21 20:01
Broken Heart by Tammy Faith (2016 Review)
Broken Heart - Tammy Faith

Broken Heart by Tammy Faith
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Phoebe Stephen's life drastically changes when she awakes from an attack - an attack she can't remember. Giving in to the fear, to the emotional insecurities, she strives to keep it hidden from all who care for her. But such brutal violence takes its toll and can't remain hidden for long, especially when love is at stake.

(WARNING: This review contains MAJOR spoilers.)

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Tammy Faith for giving me the opportunity!

Upon being given the opportunity to read this debut novel, I admittedly had to mull over whether it would ultimately capture my interest. Romance as a genre can be a very extreme hit or miss with me, but I almost always prefer it involving paranormal aspects or erotic content as a focus point. Despite these factors however, I finally decided to give it a go even though the blurb didn't particularly appeal; which had nothing to do with the implied delicate subject matter, I might add, it simply struck me as rather flat, as Contemporary New Adult often does. I was happy I finished it though, as I detest having to leave a book before it concludes.

The story of Phoebe and Crisanto could've been considered a relationship fantasied about by the young and naive - it was mind-numbingly perfect and a little ridiculous. Sure, they battled through some serious issues, broke up and got back together more than once, but their connection was formed in childhood and they essentially needed each other to properly function. Over and over I was reminded how they were meant to be, how their souls were joined; mostly tedious ramblings that repeatedly played on my nerves. Phoebe's life often revolved around Cris and his rise to fame (she moved twice, following him as he succeeded in his sports career), as it appeared "his dream" was the only one that mattered. I foresaw the happy ending, thus the numerous occasions they appeared to be in jeopardy failed to cause uncertainty or concern. A lot of romance material shares this very trait, but I've found it can still be done whilst successfully creating sense of edge-of-your-seat excitement. Unfortunately, this one fell quite short.

It wasn't all bad however, as I found myself impressed with some of the dialogue and narrative that related to life's habit of being unfair and difficult; it was truly quote-worthy at times and I appreciated the good writing (even though as a whole it was rife with spelling errors). The sexual abuse was also handled well, and added a touch of mystery amongst the awfulness of the situation - yet in the end the identity of the rapist made little sense. She was friends with Cris for most of his life and never, even once, met his father? I believe such a glaringly questionable plot-hole should've probably been addressed, but I assume Faith wanted to shock her readers, therefore who better than the parent of the beloved boyfriend?

I can't say I came to care for the characters, nor the story to a large degree. It was a quick read, with the timeline regularly racing ahead and skimming over a lot of time. I became confused at a point when one of the scenes from the past didn't quite add up in the scheme of things, but that could've been my own oversight or just another problem on the list.

In conclusion - Whilst I definitely believe this book held potential, it needs revision and editing. Also, the lovey-dovey definitely became a bit much, as it seemed to me to be rather unhealthy. Not my thing, I can say that for sure!

Notable Quote:

I'm glad we didn't give up when things got ugly, because maybe love isn't supposed to be easy. Maybe it's supposed to be tough, to make you prove to yourself that this person is worth fighting for, to hold on tight when everything seems to want to tear you apart.

© Red Lace 2016

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Source: redlace.reviews/2018/04/21/broken-heart-by-tammy-faith-2016-review
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review 2015-11-12 15:01
Review: Broken Heart
Broken Heart - Tammy Faith

I received this book to give an honest review.



WTH did I just read? I mean that in a good way this book pulled on my heart strings and left me going WTF multiple times. 

Right from the beginning I was pulled into the story Phoebe the M.C. has lost a day and doesn't know what happened to her, she has a feeling but she isn't sure. Because of that day she is not the same, she is no longer speaking, she is withdrawn and she broke up with her soul mate Cris. Everyone knows something is wrong but she won't talk. Let me say this the person that did it I totally didn't even think it was this person. I was like WHAT! That was a crazy twist within the story. 

We saw how Phoebe dealt with the sexual assault and how it affected her life and then of course we see her get the help she needed, as the story goes on we watch as Cris and herself grow into adults and how they move on with their life. 


I loved how Cris and Phoebe were childhood sweethearts and how their relationship blossomed you could tell they were going to be together forever it just had to happen. They both go something very difficult that you know it changes them but how will affected their relationship? I loved the way Cris and Phoebe played the word game with each other and how Cris would speak to Phoebe in Talgon (I hope I spelled that right) it brought a dose of awwww to the story. 

I did enjoy reading the secondary characters like Paul and Mike they don't play a big role but it was nice to see what they were going through in their lives as well. 

The only issue I had was when her best friend Gi leaves I mean just straight up leaves and I could understand why but it made no sense. Like you know she heard about what happened to Phoebe the second time it just irked me. 

Also Cris's little incident he decided to have right after spending time with Phoebe I could have smacked him ten ways to Sunday. Who in their right mind does that? I mean I could understand but to have a good time with his girl and her family only to break her heart. Not cool Cris thank goodness you are a character in a book is all I am saying. 

The story is intense, the plot line very serious, the characters were well developed the author did a great job with bringing a story like this to light and making me want to beat the heck out of the assailant and give Phoebe the biggest hugs ever. 

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