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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-04-21 20:01
Broken Heart by Tammy Faith (2016 Review)
Broken Heart - Tammy Faith

Broken Heart by Tammy Faith
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Phoebe Stephen's life drastically changes when she awakes from an attack - an attack she can't remember. Giving in to the fear, to the emotional insecurities, she strives to keep it hidden from all who care for her. But such brutal violence takes its toll and can't remain hidden for long, especially when love is at stake.

(WARNING: This review contains MAJOR spoilers.)

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to Tammy Faith for giving me the opportunity!

Upon being given the opportunity to read this debut novel, I admittedly had to mull over whether it would ultimately capture my interest. Romance as a genre can be a very extreme hit or miss with me, but I almost always prefer it involving paranormal aspects or erotic content as a focus point. Despite these factors however, I finally decided to give it a go even though the blurb didn't particularly appeal; which had nothing to do with the implied delicate subject matter, I might add, it simply struck me as rather flat, as Contemporary New Adult often does. I was happy I finished it though, as I detest having to leave a book before it concludes.

The story of Phoebe and Crisanto could've been considered a relationship fantasied about by the young and naive - it was mind-numbingly perfect and a little ridiculous. Sure, they battled through some serious issues, broke up and got back together more than once, but their connection was formed in childhood and they essentially needed each other to properly function. Over and over I was reminded how they were meant to be, how their souls were joined; mostly tedious ramblings that repeatedly played on my nerves. Phoebe's life often revolved around Cris and his rise to fame (she moved twice, following him as he succeeded in his sports career), as it appeared "his dream" was the only one that mattered. I foresaw the happy ending, thus the numerous occasions they appeared to be in jeopardy failed to cause uncertainty or concern. A lot of romance material shares this very trait, but I've found it can still be done whilst successfully creating sense of edge-of-your-seat excitement. Unfortunately, this one fell quite short.

It wasn't all bad however, as I found myself impressed with some of the dialogue and narrative that related to life's habit of being unfair and difficult; it was truly quote-worthy at times and I appreciated the good writing (even though as a whole it was rife with spelling errors). The sexual abuse was also handled well, and added a touch of mystery amongst the awfulness of the situation - yet in the end the identity of the rapist made little sense. She was friends with Cris for most of his life and never, even once, met his father? I believe such a glaringly questionable plot-hole should've probably been addressed, but I assume Faith wanted to shock her readers, therefore who better than the parent of the beloved boyfriend?

I can't say I came to care for the characters, nor the story to a large degree. It was a quick read, with the timeline regularly racing ahead and skimming over a lot of time. I became confused at a point when one of the scenes from the past didn't quite add up in the scheme of things, but that could've been my own oversight or just another problem on the list.

In conclusion - Whilst I definitely believe this book held potential, it needs revision and editing. Also, the lovey-dovey definitely became a bit much, as it seemed to me to be rather unhealthy. Not my thing, I can say that for sure!

Notable Quote:

I'm glad we didn't give up when things got ugly, because maybe love isn't supposed to be easy. Maybe it's supposed to be tough, to make you prove to yourself that this person is worth fighting for, to hold on tight when everything seems to want to tear you apart.

© Red Lace 2016

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Source: redlace.reviews/2018/04/21/broken-heart-by-tammy-faith-2016-review
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review 2017-10-14 06:25
good book and characters
How to Mend a Broken Heart: An emotional, uplifting page turner about love, loss and friendship - Anna Mansell

Kat was a nurse and had just been dumper by her boyfriend of five years that she thought she would marry. Kat is also acting as acting Ward Sister. Kat was also dealing with the break up and has to find her way and place in life not that she is single again after so long. Then Kat gets Susan as a patient and she won’t say a word. Susan had been hit by a motorcycle and ended up in the hospital and as Kat’s patient. There was some question if Susan had been attempted suicide, Susan was a broken lonely woman of fifty six who had lived with her parents until recently. When going through Susan’s purse they saw a piece of paper with Rhys’s  number on it  Rhys was the only person they could find with any kind of connection to Susan.Rhys is a plumber an Rhys’s  brother David  had committed suicide over six months ago and Rhys is having problems dealing with the loss and why David decided to kill himself.. Rhys gets a call from the hospital and was told by Kat that they had found his number in a purse of the patient. Rhys  thinks his mother got hurt and rushes there. Susan had given up until she sees Rhys. Rhys sees a lom=nely lost woman when he sees Susan and Rhys felt if he could help Susan maybe he could find some answers as well as closure. All three people are suffering from heartaches, loneliness and loss. As time goes on they learn from each other and start to heal.

I did enjoy this book but it did have a lot of pain and loss so I am not sure if enjoy is the right word. I am very happy I read this and it kept my attention all through the story’ I did choke up at times. Many emotions are portrayed in this book. There was so much covered in this book: Loss, adoption, suicide, love, and forgiveness to name some. I felt this was fairly realistic. I didn’t want to put this down. I liked the plot but didn’t really care for the ending. The pace was a little slow for me at times but not enough that I didn’t want to finish the story. I am glad I read this. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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review 2016-11-20 22:35
If you need a gentle romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile, try this.
The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart: A warm and uplifting rom com - Anna Bell

Thanks to Net Galley and to Bonnier Publishing for offering me a free ARC copy of this novel that I voluntarily have decided to review.

The plot of this novel fits perfectly in the category of chick lit or romantic comedy, and I could almost watch the movie in my mind’s eye as I read it. Abi , Bridget Jones’s spiritual sister, is suddenly dropped by her boyfriend of almost a year, Joseph (“the one”) and she’s desperate. She comes across his bucket list by pure chance and, clutching at straws, thinks that if she were to achieve all the items on the list (more or less) and share the pictures on Facebook, he would realise what a mistake he’d made and go back to her. Abi (and as we learn as we read, Joseph also) is not very adventurous. In fact, she’s worried about everything and scared of almost everything (especially heights). Her friend Sian, a fun character and a great contrast with Abi, doesn’t really like Joseph much, and her attitude to love is so different to Abi’s that she decides to lie to her and everybody else, and tells them that the list is her way to try and get over her break-up. On hearing that, everybody offers to help her. And, indeed, she needs all the help she can get.

The book becomes naturally organised around Abi’s adventures in trying to fulfil her bucket list, which go from pathetic to funny, passing from embarrassing. Apart from the events surrounding the ten items in the list, she’s also getting in trouble at work, at first through her own doing, and later bizarre things start to happen and she suspects that there might be foul play.

The novel is written in the first person from Abi’s point of view, and although she’s not the most insightful or reliable narrator, to begin with, and her weakness and her obsession with Joseph might make the reader cringe, eventually she does discover herself as a separate person and one capable of much more than she gives herself credit for. She is surrounded by a likeable supporting cast (and a few not so likeable when not openly bitchy) and through them, readers can appreciate that she is perhaps not the best at judging how she comes across to others. The author is also adept at giving us enough clues to allow us to make our own minds up rather than accept Abi’s biased conclusions, not an easy thing to do when the events are shown from a single perspective.

The writing is fluid and easy to read and although readers of the genre will probably guess what’s going to happen pretty much from the word go, the fine details are enjoyable, and there is a touch of intrigue to keep us interested beyond the pure romance. And for those who love romance, although we see Joseph mostly from Abi’s starry-eyed perspective and he is hardly a real person, Ben, who is almost too perfect to be true (other than by the tiny detail of having a girlfriend) is somebody easy to like and one to root for. And my bet is that you’ll like Aby by the end of the story and you’ll be wondering about the psychological benefits of bucket lists for yourself. I particularly appreciated the final words by the author who acknowledged there was a personal basis behind the seed of the novel.

In sum, a light and easy to read the novel, satisfying if you’re looking for an amusing and sweet read, with no erotica, and no shocking surprises. Great for those moments when you don’t want to test your brain and want a read that will leave you with a smile.


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review 2016-11-09 20:32
Tim Weaver just gets better and better
Broken Heart: David Raker #7 - Joe Coen,Penguin Books LTD,Tim Weaver,John Chancer

Tim Weaver is a truly original, elegant, articulate author whose style, finesse and shear story telling ability gets better with each new book. Broken Heart is a superb example of how to draw a reader in from the first page and to maintain his interest right to the closing paragraph. It is essentially a crime novel that openly portrays the author's meticulous attention to detail, creating a multi layered plot which is never too complicated or over ambitious. David Raker, missing persons investigator, receives a telephone call from the sister of Linda Korin and the request is simple.....please find Linda!


For those of you who have followed the David Raker investigations in previous books  ("What Remains" book 6 is an equally outstanding story with imagery of old wooden piers and the thrill and sound of Victorian amusement arcades) you will be well aware that his novels contain many facets, multiple characters with endless twists turns and surprises. We learn much of the life of Linda Korin and her marriage to the multi talented movie producer Robert Hosterlitz. Hosterlitz had been a sad and drunken individual who kept one big secret form his beautiful wife and as Raker begins to unfold the tangled layers to discover where the truth lies, his own life will be in mortal danger. Tim Weaver's love of cinema and in particular "noir" adds an authentic old Hollywood feel to the story as it progresses relentlessly in the search to find Linda before it is too late.


My highest recommendation for this book and to an author who grows more confident and exciting with each new publication. I look forward immensely to the next in the series.

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text 2016-04-30 19:45
How Did She Not Die From Alcohol Poisoning ?
Broken Juliet - Leisa Rayven

This was a 4 star listen for me except for the excessive drinking, it dragged it down to -three. The first half + of the story she was drinking, grabbing a drink, wanting a drink, being drunk, sick drunk... ARGUGH ! I understand she was messed up in the head/heart but it consumed the pages to the point I was getting a contact high. I would have liked to hear about it less and more about her time with Tristan or even more wallowing, anything.

Sadly what I got out the the first 5-65% was just "Forget this thinking I'm getting drunk" Boring !!

They had a ton of damage to repair, scar tissue to remove and trust to build. This all happened in the last 1/4 of the book which was fabulous. I loved the choices they made, they were intelligent, respectful and not buried in alcohol. The relationship, and the characters finally became more. The ending was not a shock but I was shocked at how they got there. The maturity level jumped.
Can you tell I'm not fond of the drink till drunk solution to life in my entertainment ? It doesn't work and it to glorified by authors/media/social circles far too many times. I have a personal issue with this common acceptance alcohol abuse. Two times I've been nearly killed by drunk drivers and 4 times so far I've lost friends to alcohol stupidity. Yeh I am riding my high horse, perhaps but this is my opinion.

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