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text 2021-08-23 18:15
Scope of Chemical Engineering in This Era of Evolving Technology

Chemical engineering is listed among the subjects that are fascinating for students of all ages. The subject and the field of chemical engineering are so interesting that the studies in this field create a buzz not only in the academic field or the academicians but also for the people with no science background. It is the power of the subject that has attracted the students. The only limiting factor towards the stream is the awareness among the students. The subject involves a lot of creativity and research aspects that students often consider a major theoretical one. The students must understand the scope of Chemical Engineering and know about the best B Tech chemical engineering colleges. The awareness about the subject and the scope will help the students to choose better courses. On the other hand, the students can also create a huge impact by contributing through their abilities in the field.



With the advancements in technology, chemical engineering is emerging as the most practical stream. The students who pursue the chemical engineering course can work in various sectors in the future. The stream of chemical engineering is a professional course and promotes knowledge and skill development simultaneously. The best B Tech chemical engineering colleges offer highly beneficial programs and are aware of the students regarding the scope of the field. One of these best colleges is Pandit Deendayal Energy University (PDEU). The university was formerly known as Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) and is listed among Gujarat’s top B Tech colleges. Pursuing chemical engineering from the PDEU can help you in exploring all the scopes of the field. The following points will help list a few scopes.


Scope of a B Tech Chemical Engineering

The development in the world is because of the resources available in Nature. The chemical engineers help identify the best resources and also utilise these resources to ail the population. Chemical engineering thus offers a wide scope, which is as follows:


  1. Field of Application- The subject of Chemical engineering is based on practical knowledge. Apart from other streams that incline more towards the theoretical knowledge. Chemical engineering appears as the field of application. The applications are wide and are multidisciplinary. From Petroleum engineering to nuclear technology, chemical engineering can start from one point and benefit many areas.
  2. Specialisation in Nuclear and Science technology- The subject of chemical sciences can bring you forward in nuclear and Science technology. Students can work in the field of nuclear energy. The aspects of Nuclear Sciences can also be learned in the B Tech chemical engineering colleges. This gives the student an Upper hand in the field of radiology and more.
  3. Field of Research- Chemical engineering being a practical-oriented subject, revolves around research. A successful career can be achieved in the field of research.
  4. Relevancy of the field- Subjects like chemical engineering are relevant all the time. These form the basics of other subjects. Since other subjects find their roots in chemical engineering, the field is far more relevant than any other.



The best universities can help you understand the scope of chemical engineering. The field is in dire need of professionals. Therefore, the scopes in the field increase by manifolds, which further increases the golden opportunities for talented chemical engineers.

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text 2021-05-20 08:57
A Quick Guide For Engineering Aspirants

Deciding about a career or your professional education is the toughest decision of life than anything else. Making the right academic decision is essential for a successful career ahead. To the students who wish to bring revolution in the field of technology, pursuing a career in engineering is the better option.



What is An Engineering Degree?

Engineering is an exciting field that brings lucrative career opportunities for the highly-skilled professionals. A bachelor’s degree in engineering can come with a wide range of specializations, but they focus on designing products and processes for the organizations. The core curriculum of the engineering courses covers engineering principles, design theory, and advanced mathematics.  The best engineering colleges offer a variety of specialization options and opportunities.


This may include areas like B Tech civil engineering, computer science and engineering, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, electronics and communication, and more. You may choose the engineering specialization as per your interests and skills.


How To Choose The Right College and Course?

Choosing the right college is a difficult task for every engineering aspirant. With many colleges making fake promises, it is crucial for students to look for potential in the college rather than going through its physical appearance. Here are the quick pointers which will surely help a student to make the right choice about the course and college:


  1. Prioritized your interests: To choose the right engineering college, you must prioritize the engineering programs that offer specializations as per your interests. The engineering field encompasses a wide range of industries, and narrowing your search by specialization ensures that you choose a course as per your interests and skills. Make sure to consider the work environment you will be comfortable with when it comes to choosing the engineering specialization. Like, if you find working in a laboratory interesting, then it’s better to go with bioengineering and if you see yourself working in the oil and gas industry, it’s time to enrol now in petroleum engineering.

  2. Placement Policy: The statement given by most of the colleges as 100% placement is a game plan to attract a maximum number of students. Unfortunately, not even the top universities and colleges across India can claim to offer 100% placement. Before enrolling in a college, it is better to do a thorough study about the industry tie-ups of the college. The top universities in Gujarat like PDPU have collaborations with the industry, and they deliver an industry-oriented curriculum, industrial visits and offer amazing opportunities to the students to prepare them for the engineering field.
  3. Categorize colleges wisely: It is important for an engineering aspirant to categorize the college wisely in terms of streams you select, campus facilities, infrastructure, placements, accreditation, scholarships, and more. Apart from this, you must categorize the college into three groups including top-notch colleges, mediocre, and the ones where you can get admissions easily.

Don’t be brand conscious: It is always important to make a college choice wisely. A college may be known for its excellent electronics or chemical engineering department, but the department for civil engineering is not as good. If you are considering this particular college for B Tech civil engineering just because it is a well-known college or brand, then you might get disappointed. So, choose the college wisely by considering all these aspects.

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url 2021-04-20 18:25
Journalist Mailing List


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url 2021-02-23 10:23
10 Women Leaders in the Tech Industry

Women are bringing huge technological changes in the present world. They are innovating, exploring and experimenting with different technologies. Here, we would be discussing about some top women leaders who have grabbed the right spotlight.
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Source: www.infoclutch.com/blog/10-women-leaders-tech-industry
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text 2021-02-18 10:48
Help and support of Outlook

Outlook frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people like to ask: How do I recover my Outlook account? 

Are you facing technical issues with your Outlook account and need help and support? Connect our Outlook Customer Service Number for help. The outlook is an email application that is used to send/receive emails from one end to another. Outlook primarily is an email client, but apart from this Outlook includes many functions in it like calendar, task manager, note-taking, journal, and web browser.  To know more about Outlook, visit our Outlook Customer Service website. If you are here because you are facing issues then you should connect our Outlook customer service number for help. We are here only to help you, so you should never hesitate to contact us. 

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