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text 2020-10-21 07:50
Understand the Problem of Your Child and Get Help from A Teen Rehab Center

Dealing with all your problems on your own can push you towards anxiety and even depression. Even adults sometimes need to ask for help to get the right solution for certain problems. Now imagine what teenagers go through when they are in a position where they have tough problems to solve. Teenage is a very confusing face. From academics to personal life, teenagers go through a lot. And that’s why they often start taking drugs and consume alcohol. Some of the situations that might trigger such problems include -


1. When parents get a divorce and children have to go through the emotional shift and choose between parents, they feel broken and shattered

2. When they are neglected by their peers and are bullied by them

3. When they are heartbroken by a loved one

4. If they are incapable of living up to the expectation that most parents have set for their children

5. Also when their confidence is low and they want to experience a high and feel relaxed, they tend to depend on the drugs.

If you notice a certain change in the behavior of your child, you must consider getting in touch with rehab for teenagers that can help them with suitable treatments.

There might be plenty of rehab centers that you would have heard about. But you must specifically look for teen rehabs where the staff is focused only and only on understanding the behavior of your child and where they have a similar age group of patients. In an environment where the patients are of your child’s age, they will tend to recover better and quicker.

If you live in Texas or its surrounding areas, then you do not have to struggle much to find the best rehab center in your budget for complete treatment.

Clearfork Academy is a trusted rehab for teenage boys, where your child will recover completely under the supervision of trained and certified drug recovery counselors. The Christ-centric rehab for teenage boys helps them to realize the potential that they have in them and help them to regain their confidence. They make your child realize that they are capable of leading a better life than they are currently having and teach them the values that Christ shared. They believe that recovery is possible only when you combine spiritual transformation with effective medication and therapy.

About Clearfork Academy:

Clearfork Academy is the best and most effective teen rehabilitation center that is capable of giving you positive results in a short span of time.

For more information, visit https://clearforkacademy.com/

Original Source: https://bit.ly/37sa8fu

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text 2020-07-24 10:57
Choose the Best Residential Treatment for Teenagers at Clearfork Academy

The rise of social media, comparison and FOMO has taken a toll on the American psyche, especially with teenagers. They tend to develop a negative self-image and this can lead to the wrong kind of coping; namely alcohol and drugs. It usually begins with being taken for a short escape from the negative feelings, but gradually they don’t even realize that it turns into an addiction quickly. If you see a difference in your teen and suspect they are suffering the effects of addiction, immediately get in touch with the experts at Clearfork Academy. It is a trusted name when looking for a rehab center for teens. It is a rehabilitation center dedicated to helping teenage boys dealing with addiction.

The staff and doctors believe in the immense potential of teenagers. They think that the treatment of drug addiction cannot simply be completed with medication; it needs a complete transformation of spiritual, mental and emotional health. Based on a Christ-centered philosophy, Clearfork Academy has dedicated its entire purpose to the well-being and progress of drug addicted teenagers. If you are in immediate need of registering your child in the residential treatment for teenagers program arranged by Clearfork Academy, contact their customer support team today, to enquire about dates, price and other key information. Habits developed in teens have a long-lasting effect on their life. Now is the right time to work towards improving them. Your teen will have the support of a group of other teenagers lending support. Talking and sharing their problems will make them stronger and decrease the chances of relapse and increase the chances or real, long-term success.

The therapists, doctors, nursing staff, and psychologists all understand the problem your teen is dealing with. They will immediately begin the healing process with effective one-on-one and group sessions. You can opt for a residential program or intensive outpatient program depending on the severity of your teen’s condition. Clearfork Academy is regarded as the premiere rehab for teens that has delivered great results in the past. If you are ready to help your teen fight drug addiction, inquire now about Clearfork Academy’s drug addiction recovery program.

For more information, visit https://clearforkacademy.com/

Original Source: https://bit.ly/2ZzHQKr

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text 2020-07-23 09:07
Your Journey Starts with Choosing the Right Rehab Center

What happens if you find out that your 13-year-old teen has started drinking? And, not just a drink here or there but habitual drinking indicative of an addiction. This may seem like a joke or movie, but this happens far too frequently in the real world.


Today, it is quite common to spot kids downing bottles of whiskey at a party and doing vodka shots. If you think that your teen has developed this habit, you should begin your search for the right residential programs for teenagers with the help of these steps.

· Research: The first thing that you should always do when searching for a rehab center is research. You do not want to comprise the quality of care your teen receives. Do not just call the first name that just pops up on the Internet before doing a thorough background check of the center.

· Location: The next important thing to examine is the location. Removing your teen from an atmosphere and people that trigger the behavior can be one of the best steps on the path to recovery.

· Therapy Options: Perhaps the most important factor that influences your decision is the types and quality of treatment that the center offers. There are many types of treatment options available so you should research and select a center that offers the treatment type that you are looking for.

Clearfork Academy is a great first option based on the above criteria. It is one of the leading rehab centers that offers a wide range of therapy options like residential treatment for teens, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, art & music therapy, and adventure therapy. Clearfork Academy is a Christ-centered rehab center and works with the highest trained medical professionals who offer a home-like environment for teenagers so assist in a rapid and lasting recovery. If you’d like to know more about price, location, timing and treatment programs, give them a call at 866.650.5212.

About Clearfork Academy:

Clearfork Academy is among the leading rehab centers where you can get the best residential treatment teens.

For further information, just visit https://clearforkacademy.com/

Original Source: https://bit.ly/32N2zNN

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text 2020-02-28 13:21
Check Out the Residential Treatment Program for Teenagers at Clearfork Academy

Is your teenage boy behaving more oddly than usual? Do you see changes in his behavior and actions and think it is strange or out of character for him to react the way he is? Is he withdrawing or having less and less communication? Does he get aggressive when you refuse to concede to his demands? If you are seeing these changes in your child’s behavior, it’s probably time to explore if drug or alcohol abuse has entered the picture. It is quite common for teenage boys to begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol due to peer pressure, depression or anxiety. If you find that your teen has started down the path of addiction, reach out to Clearfork Academy in Fort Worth to inquire about their residential treatment for teenagers. Clearfork Academy is a renowned drug rehabilitation center in Fort Worth that helps teenage boys in recovering from their addiction with their effective intensive outpatient and residential treatment programs.

Clearfork Academy has a team of doctors and psychologists who try to understand the underlying cause of why teens have started down the path to addiction. They strongly believe in the ideology that quitting substance abuse requires not just behavioral modifications but also a complete transformation of the heart. With the help of the teachings of Jesus Christ, they strive to transform the outlook of your child and motivate them toward a new legacy. The staff and doctors pay attention to each and every child individually. If you are interested in learning more details about their residential drug addiction programs, you can check the information available on the website or speak to their customer support representatives. Clearfork Academy has established itself as the best rehab center for teens by offering great treatment that yields highly positive outcomes.

People trust the Clearfork team with their child’s treatment since they have managed to help so many families with their treatment programs. Clearfork Academy rehab for teens makes sure that each individual gets proper attention. Clearfork is ideal for improvement in your child’s condition.

For more information, visit https://clearforkacademy.com/

Original Reference: http://bit.ly/39879Xf

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review 2019-08-25 15:03
Generation Zero: We Are the Future (graphic novel, vol. 1) written by Fred Van Lente, art by Francis Portela, Derek Charm, and Diego Bernard
Generation Zero Volume 1: We Are the Future - Fred Van Lente

Keisha Sherman desperately wants to find out the truth about what happened to her boyfriend, Stephen. He supposedly got drunk and died in a car crash, but she knows he wasn't the kind of guy to do that - he didn't drink, do drugs, or smoke. Since her dad, the local Sheriff, won't listen and thinks she's just in denial, Keisha turns to the only people she can think of: Generation Zero. She makes a desperate plea for their help...and they answer.

This was another graphic novel I requested via ILL after finding out about it while doing some research for a grant proposal. It was a 2017 Virginia Library Association Diversity Award Honor Book.

I can't recall the last time I read a Valiant series. Honestly, looking through their list of titles, it's possible I've never read a Valiant series. I certainly haven't read any of the Harbringer comics, which are apparently related to the Generation Zero comics somehow.

Although I could definitely tell that there was some backstory I was unaware of (I didn't realize until after I'd read the whole graphic novel that the description on the back cover included some useful info for complete newbies to this world, like me), I think I was able to follow along pretty well. The members of Generation Zero had originally been taken from their families and trained as weapons. Each of them had of them had special powers of some sort, and each of them dealt with their trauma and having their childhoods stolen from them in different ways.

Cronus (I'm not sure about his powers), who appeared to be the team's leader, wanted to do good. Telic (could see a little into the future), meanwhile, wanted Cronus to embrace the fact that they'd been trained to be weapons. Animalia (could give herself other forms, although I think it wasn't so much shapeshifting as crafting an illusion over herself), one of the group's youngest members, just wanted a life that was nice and good. Cloud (telepath) was the group's gentlest and most positive member, despite constantly being exposed to humanity's collective consciousness. The Zygos twins (super smart?) didn't seem to particularly like humans in general. I didn't really get much of a feel for Gamete, a super fetus who got around by controlling the body of her comatose mother like some sort of creepy puppet.

I wasn't really a fan of the artwork. Facial expressions were a bit stiff, and the artist(s) sometimes had trouble drawing the characters consistently. The female Zygos twin, for example, usually looked almost exactly like her brother, only with longer hair and very slightly more defined lips. In some panels, however, she was inexplicably drawn with more stereotypically feminine features: much more prominent lips and thicker eyelashes. It was weird. I did think the switch to Archie comics-style artwork during the "questioning Adele" portion was really effective, though.

This volume just scratched the surface of whatever was going on in Keisha's hometown, which involved weird faceless Cornermen, technology that shouldn't exist yet, and Momoo energy shakes. The characters were relatively interesting, but I don't know whether I'll be continuing on with this. If I do continue on: Keisha's autistic (?) brother just flat-out disappeared near the end of the volume, so here's hoping the writer doesn't forget about him and actually answers the question of where he went in the next volume.


Variant covers and a few examples of the artwork in progress (line art, and line art with some color applied but no shading).


(Original review posted on A Library Girl's Familiar Diversions.)

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