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review 2019-09-04 23:49
'We Were Eight Years in Power' is an eye-opening set of essays written during Obama's presidency; it's practically required reading on the subject of racism in the United States
We Were Eight Years in Power: An American Tragedy - Ta-Nehisi Coates

This is an extraordinary book.

It’s a sobering, sometimes difficult read, eye-opening, and enlightening. I had to put it down on many occasions, being constantly reminded of how Obama’s presidency has been followed by Trump’s is depressing enough, but the central focus is on challenging the American racism (and how the current toxic presidency has exposed this malignant state). Coates openly wrestles with his own changing views on the first Black Presidency, and demonstrates how deeply engrained systemic and societal racism infects everything in this country, Obama or no Obama.

‘We Had Eight Years in Power’ is practically required reading.

Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/39946134-we-were-eight-years-in-power
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review 2019-09-02 14:52
"The Princeling of Nanjing' , by Ian Hamilton
The Princeling of Nanjing: The Triad Years - Ian Hamilton

Book #8 in the Ava Lee series

It is a sheer pleasure to read Ava Lee’s globe –trotting experiences. Each story is fresh. Although I know what to expect Mr. Hamilton throws enough curveballs to keep me curious and engaged. This latest follows “The King of Shanghai” where Ava embarked on a business partnership, The Three Sisters investment firm.

The “The Princeling of Nanjing” begins with a fashion show to launch the Po line of designer clothes. Before she can cherish her success, Ava is visited by Xu, who has a very serious problem. Xu is in trouble with a corrupt political dynasty and needs Ava’s help in the hope of finding something that can take the pressure off…. Ava and Xu had developed a relationship and a mutual trust in the last book.

It took me a few pages to get back into the groove and recall where I had left off but after a short time I was completely swept up in the story and enjoyed spending time with Ava as she navigates her world. In this episode we are treated to a lovely blueprint of how corruption might work in China. What I missed the most is we have little exhibition of lethal type Chinese martial arts that Ava often uses to put her words across, there are some subtle moves when she takes on two thugs sent to kidnap her but not what we usual see. The story moves along slowly and has many personal moments. Something is definitely brewing between Ava and Xu, seems we may have a growing affection here. Hopefully we will see how far this unexplored sexual attachment goes. It surely added piquancy to this story after all Ava is not into men…. What make this series delightful are the details Mr. Hamilton describes for the most exquisite meals, the customs and manners experienced whether you are in a high end or a hotpot restaurant. ….he compares a dish to a picture, a sport game, a musical performance and gives it personality…. I dare you not to smack your lips and savour along with the characters…. :) Some may find a wee bit too much description of food and too much traveling on unfamiliar roads in this book, I did at times. Ava is one smart, sassy, Toronto-based forensic accountant.

“The Princeling of Nanjing” is a thrill of a read that is hard to put down.

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text 2019-08-27 22:58
Reading Update: One Hundred Years of Solitude
Cien años de soledad y un homenaje/ One Hundred Years of Solitude and a tribute: Discursos de Gabriel García Márquez y Carlos Fuentes - Carlos Fuentes,Gabriel García Márquez

I've wanted to read this book for the longest time now, and I'm finally doing it. I'm so glad – I must have been 9? 10? the first time my sister told me to read it. It was (and still is, to this day) her favorite book, and a universal classic. She loves Gabriel García Márquez, and I still remember vividly how sad she was the day he died. Staring at her books, knowing there wouldn't be others. 


Now I've finally begun this journey – and so far I'm loving it. The beautifully built magical realism and strange –but profound– characters have pulled me into the book in a way I didn't expect. I lived in Colombia for a while and I have Colombian family, so it's also a lot of fun reading about the jungle-town environment and the historical changes throughout the novel. I expected this book to be slow, since at least in my school, it's a mandatory read and some people complain about it, but I was positively surprised to find that I can read several dozens of pages and barely notice it. It's different to what I usually read, and I love it. 


Well, I still got a long way to go. So far, I'm happy with what I have found! 

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review 2019-08-18 15:02
Read for real life book club
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights - Salman Rushdie

It's Rushdie so the writing is wonderful. And quite frankly, the ending is stunning.

However, there seems to be a tad too much joy in the descriptions of older men having sex with younger women who are so overwhelmed by the handsomeness of said older men.

And no, the whole backstory does not make the incest any less icky. Sorry, guess I'm a prude

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text 2019-08-10 14:20
This is not a drill
Black Leopard, Red Wolf - Marlon James
Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights - Salman Rushdie

1. Warner Bros and Michael B. Jordan have the rights to James' Black Leopard, Red Wolf.


2. Got a nice surprise last night.  Started the read for my real life book club, Rushdie Two Years Yada Yada.  Brought it from Thriftbooks for five books.  Opened it and it is a signed first edition.



I don't know which makes me happier to be honest. 

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