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review 2017-08-30 02:13
The Blood Gospel by James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell - My Thoughts
The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series - Rebecca Cantrell,James Rollins

I wanted to like this book so much!  It sounded like such interesting fun from the blurb and I enjoyed the James Rollins book I read earlier this year, so I was looking forward to another action-filled thriller with some cool religiously supernatural overtones.  Vampire priests!  Woot!


That's not what I got.

First off, the female lead, the heroine, Erin... well, she spent half her time hiding behind the big, strong, blond, soldier protector guy who could make her warm with just a faint touch in the midst of all the danger of the damned world.  Every time something remotely dangerous approached, there was the big dumb hero thrusting her behind him. 

Speaking of big dumb hero, his name was Jordan, which is fine.  Jordan is a unisex name.  The only problem with this is that Jordan is a name I have used in my own writing for years as a woman's name.  So that bugged me from beginning to end.  *LOL*  Most people probably won't have this problem though.

Overall, this book had a really sexist vibe to it. Not only was Jordan 'protecting' Erin every chance he got and not only were the both of them getting turned on by the slightest of things in the midst of great danger or focus, the whole plot of the book hinged on sex it seemed.  Now I know that vampires are supposed to be sexy and all, but neither author is very good at writing sexy to prove it for one thing - and for another it all read like the downfall of all the good and holy came at the hands of the woman and her seduction of the defenseless priest.

I also felt that some of the ideas were really good and could have been expounded upon more but the authors maybe didn't have the facility to go deeper?  I dunno... I felt they missed the mark on a lot of the historical stuff.  And there was A LOT of historical stuff in this book - maybe too much.  Masada, Christ's Life, Saint Peter, Hitler, Rasputin, the siege of St. Petersburg, medieval Hungary.... just so so so much and alot of it just glossed over. 

But of course we have the improbable love story of Erin and Jordan - oh, did I mention that I think the story takes place over 2 days - 3 max?   Yeah, well, the number of times that we were treated to adolescent reactions from both of these characters was really over the top. 

I could go on because so much of this book left me unsatisfied.  And in the end... well... we don't really get much closure at all.  Oh... Erin and Jordan like each other.  *RME*  I don't know that I'll pick up the second book in this series.  Maybe, but I doubt it.  I think I'll probably stick to Rollins' Sigma Force novels instead for ridiculous, crazy action thrillers. 

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review 2016-05-30 00:00
Blood Brothers (The Order of the Sanguines, #0.6)
Blood Brothers (The Order of the Sanguines, #0.6) - James Rollins,Rebecca Cantrell This short story is numbered 2.5 in the Order of the Sanguines series. The story centers around Christian, a young Sanguinist we met in Innocent Blood. I understand why the authors decided to give Christian a more detailed backstory as he is a very interesting and charismatic character. Unlike the prequel short story, City of Screams, this additional story does seem to fit with the main story and provides more character depth. This story should be read as a supplement to the rest of the series as the reader would miss some of the nuances if it was read as a standalone. Rating 4
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review 2016-05-20 00:00
City of Screams (The Order of the Sanguines, #0.5)
City of Screams (The Order of the Sanguines, #0.5) - James Rollins,Rebecca Cantrell This is a prequel short story to the Order of the Sanguines series. While the story itself was fine and centered around the character that (so far) I like the best in the series, it didn't really add anything to the rest of the series and doesn't need to be read for additional detail/clarification. The rating: 2.75
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review 2016-05-14 00:00
The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series
The Blood Gospel: The Order of the Sanguines Series - James Rollins;Rebecca Cantrell I thought this was a very interesting story....definitely included an unexpected element. I was not, and am still not, a fan of the female lead, Erin. She often comes off as too "girlie" in her reactions (to her potential love interest, to the injury of one of her students, etc) but then comes through with a "tough as nails" response when needed...it seems a bit inconsistent but maybe I'll come to appreciate that about her as I read the rest of this series. I like the two main male characters, Rhun and Jordan, a lot.
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review 2014-01-11 00:00
Innocent Blood: The Order of the Sanguines Series
Innocent Blood - James Rollins,Rebecca Cantrell I am a huge James Rollins fan and this new series is curious. If you are not ready for a bit of change be aware of this since it is co-authored.

I am getting ready to write a review for both one and two in the series and I do want to add here that I LOVE this new crew of folks. The two authors combine their two talents and strengths to create an incredible world.
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