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review 2019-10-01 00:52
TEMPEST V vs FW 190D-9: 1944-45 - Robert Forsyth
For the aviation enthusiast, this is an absolutely first-rate book shedding considerable light on 2 Second World War fighter planes which represented the acme in the development of piston-engined combat aircraft.

The Hawker Tempest V represented an advancement on the Hawker Typhoon, which though originally designed as a successor to the Spitfire, proved to be ideal as a low-level ground attack fighter-bomber. Entering service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) early in 1944, the Tempest V proved adept at combating the German V1 'flying bombs' that were unleashed against Britain during the late spring and summer of 1944. Subsequently, they were employed on the European continent where they came into their own as both an amazingly fast ground attack aircraft, as well as in the purely fighter interceptor role.

The Focke Wulf 190D-9 represented an intermediate advancement on the Focke Wulf 190A-8 fighter with an extended fuselage (necessitated by the introduction of the elongated Junkers Jumo 213A engine), along with a number of other modifications that made it one of the most potent and redoubtable fighters in Luftwaffe service. It would be deployed with a number of Luftwaffe fighter units in Germany and the Western Front during the late summer of 1944. But it wasn't until December of that year, that the FW 190D-9 clashed for the first time with the Tempest V in the skies of Western Europe. It was the first of many contentious encounters between both fighters until V-E Day in May 1945.

Other hallmarks of this book are the rich assortment of illustrations and photos, as well as chapters describing in considerable detail the characteristics of both fighters in addition to the flight training programs devised by the RAF and Luftwaffe in training pilots who would go on to fly the Tempest V and FW-190D-9 in combat. For 80 pages, this book packs a lot and comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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review 2019-08-06 06:44
5 Star Tempest
Brave the Tempest - Karen Chance


For the past four months, Pythia Cassandra Palmer has been quite busy battling gods, falling in love with two men and confronted the two sides of her own nature, both god and human. So it’s not really surprising that she is now facing two adversaries with a single purpose – to wipe out the supernatural community’s newest fighting force. Cassie also has the difficult task of keeping the uneasy alliance between the vamps, mages and demons intact and persuading her own two opposing forces, a powerful mage and a master vampire to fight at her side without tearing each other apart.


Cassie is being run ragged in this riveting and volatile new story. Fans of the Cassandra Palmer series love all the strong, dominant characters and all the explosive action and thrilling suspense and they’re definitely disappointed with one as continues in true Cassandra Palmer fashion and keeps readers’ hearts pounding and their eyes cemented to the pages. The non-stop, fast paced plot is full of suspense, excitement and emotionally gripping turmoil of personal issues, relationship issues, political issues and of course, the issues of all the two adversaries with plans to make the supernatural community vulnerable in this world and beyond. The Senate is planning an offensive but of course is plagued with mistrust and their own arrogance with the politics getting in the way, betrayals and enemies keep stirring up things up and testing Cassie’s endurance. While Cassie’s still questioning her relationship with Mircea and wondering what is happening between her and Pritkin. With all of this going on, is it any wonder that readers can’t possibly put this stunning, deliciously thrilling story down once they have begun.


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review 2019-07-29 19:04
544 pages of pure awesome!!
Brave The Tempest - Karen Chance

This book wasn’t exactly a long time coming but there has been a lot building up to it since the beginning and it hit the mark just perfectly! It’s the perfect book for dedicated fans of the series. For those of us who have been rooting for Cassie and dying to see her coming into her power and strength and owning her new position of authority.

And fans of this guy ^^^ are in for a real treat 

Brave the Tempest is released tomorrow, July 30th 2019

Get the book: Amazon | Book Depository

Source: elainehowlin.com/2019/07/29/brave-the-tempest-by-karen-chance-review
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review 2019-01-20 20:13
Sigil Witchery
Sigil Witchery: A Witch's Guide to Crafting Magick Symbols - Laura Tempest Zakroff

Sigil Witchery starts off by asking what you would do with a secret magical language of your own. What would you use it for, and where would you write it? I’d write it in the froth of a latte, on the condensation of a window, trace it in the air with my hands when I’m nervous. I’d use it for strength and protection, luck, and prosperity.


The first chapter explains the history of mark making, and goes all the way back to prehistoric times. Zakroff describes how modern symbols share similarities to the 32 basic documented signs, and gives examples of what they have been used for across the ages.


In chapter two we learn the symbolism behind basic shapes and signs. Not too much depth is given for each, I suspect because it’s just meant to be an overview. (I read The Genesis of Form by Mark Verstockt in December, and that really gave me an understanding of the history of common shapes, symbols, and markings, and what they usually represent. It was the perfect preparation for reading this book. That book went into a bit more depth for some symbols, so I recommend it if you want to go deeper into the history and symbolism for shapes, especially triangles, circles, and squares.) But it is still an impressive collection of symbols that is great for reference. Zakroff even provides an empty table for you to write in your own word-symbol associations at the end of the chapter. I loved this idea and made my own expanded version in a Word document to print.


The third and fourth chapters are where the magic happens. This is where Zakroff explains how to use sigils and how to design them, respectively. This was the part I really wanted to get to, and it was very well covered. The author takes things step by step and provides many clear examples, so I had no confusion by the end and was ready to start practicing on my own.

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review 2018-09-03 18:42
Beautiful Tempest - Johanna Lindsey

I had some trepidation from the start - the H had already kidnapped the h once. So that, coupled with the h's behavior (at times, v. TSTL intermingled with being decidedly improper) affected my enjoyment. Granted, the author's heroines often do seem to not fit the mold so to speak. They never seem to suffer the consequences. Jack, regardless of whether anything happened the first time, by society's standards, is already ruined. Yet she's hitting balls and fighting off suitors, which doesn't really make sense.


And then there's the H who has the balls to go up to her and ask her to dance while she's standing next to her father, but refuses to try to talk to him. I'd guess he's a bit on the stupid side too seeing as how he knows exactly who her father is - and was - yet never tried to get word to him. Instead, the dumbass tried to capture him, and failing that, went after Jack - again.


Jack, having recognized the handwriting of his notes, goes after him with a small army. Instead of, you know, telling someone like say, her uncle and letting him and whatever passes for law enforcement at the time handle things.


That everything seemingly worked out in the end... the last third of the book isn't bad really. It's just that the whole overprotective father who'll never accept anyone sniffing around his daughter theme is a bit much.

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