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review 2018-11-06 12:12
Winter Cottage by Mary Ellen Taylor
Winter Cottage - Mary Ellen Taylor

A lovely suspenseful mystery novel that blends the lives of past and present generations.  An entertaining and enjoyable read.

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review 2018-11-04 19:02
Plantation Shudders
Plantation Shudders - Ellen Byron

Maggie has returned home to Pelican, LA and the plantation owned by her father. She helps them run the B&B and stays in one of the buildings with her Grandmere. She works part-time at her mother's family's plantation, that has been donated to the state and used for tourism and makes her own art that her cousin sells at her store. 


A couple that had never been to the B&B before shows up and makes a nuisance of themselves and on the 2nd night the couple die. The man is dead from a stroke and the woman from poisoning. Maggie and her family are not liked by the sheriff and she has to work to find out who committed the murder and save her family from the accusations that the sheriff is making towards them. 


This was a new to me series and I saw it listed on this site from another and I wanted to check it out. I think I will look at the other books that she wrote and see if I continue to like the series. 

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text 2018-11-04 17:19
A Jihad Da Economia
Razões pelas quais fui descartado - Jo M. Sekimonyo,Tara Casimir,Ellen Cristina Bussaglia da Silva

Que diabo me possuiu para que eu escrevesse este livro? Bem, depois de vagar, dando meus trocados aos egos e asfixiados pela pobreza, em todos os países por onde fui abençoado ou amaldiçoado por viajar, me perguntava repetidamente, o que mais posso fazer? Estava cansado das palhaçadas dos guardiões do capitalismo, irritado com a incapacidade dos que se chamam a reencarnação de Karl Marx e exausto de esperar por um super-herói. Escrevi este livro para despertar a consciência do público em geral e lançar um pensamento que provoca soluções para a dureza sócio-econômica global. Histórias sobre desigualdade são contadas o tempo todo. No entanto, decidi mexer no debate por um novo caminho, esperamos que tenha sucesso. Este livro é para todos os que estão cheios do status quo e se decepcionaram com os intelectuais imbecis. Deixe-me primeiro tranqüilizar a maioria das pessoas que podem se intimidar ao pegar meu livro, uma vez que souberem que é um livro político e econômico. É mais fácil responder a pergunta sobre o que o livro fala. Não há cálculos ou gráficos. Deixei aos druidas da economia a necessidade de inflar seus egos e a todos os sabichões que desorientam o mundo com teorias loucas que não condizem com a realidade. Meu livro é um caso contra o status quo sócio-econômico, uma volta de montanha-russa pela nuvem de cinzas vulcânicas para todos nós que falimos, nos ferimos e perdemos as esperanças da forma de economia dominante atual: o capitalismo. E então, seguro a mão do leitor pelo novo paradigma do século XXI que mudará tudo. E bem no final, trago a solução que despertará as massas. Espero que o único desafio deste livro seja a terminologia e os conceitos que apresento ao leitor ao qual ele deve se ajustar, tal como o Etosismo.

Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/42623502-raz-es-pelas-quais-fui-descartado
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review 2018-10-04 08:44
The Division Bell Mystery - Ellen Wilkinson

A wealthy American financier is found shot dead, alone in a room. Initial thoughts are that he killed himself but parliamentary private secretary Robert West isn’t so sure, especially when the financier’s granddaughter insists that it was murder. Bob is soon caught up in trying to uncover the truth, without creating a national crisis in the process.

The setting of the Houses of Parliament lend an air of intrigue to the novel. There is something a little remote and otherworldly about this institution that everyone is aware of but where only a few know the inner workings. This book gives a little glimpse of what it would have been like 80 years ago to walk the halls and in particular give a brief insight into what it may have been like to be a woman MP.


There are moments that are dated but also still relevant somewhat to today. The way women are viewed, particularly in the traditionally patriarchical society of government, was more obvious now than it may have been when the book was first published. However I think that was the author’s intention. She was an MP and would have faced such treatment and thoughtless assumption that her ideals and position were secondary. West is enamoured of Miss Oissel, to the point were he is very nearly blind to everything else. He compares her to his friend Grace, barely noticing how he hurts her in the process.


West is a character that I both liked and disliked in equal measure. He is arrogant but almost unaware of it, which makes it somewhat more forgivable. He is dismissive of women but respects them and his stubborn nature almost means that the mystery remains unsolved.


The murder itself is engaging, the very definition of a locked room mystery. How can a man be murdered in a room when the only means of escape for a murderer is through a door that has three people standing outside? The denouement is given, not with a big reveal with many flourishes, but in a matter of fact manner and is somewhat tongue in cheek given it is not Bob West who finds the final clue to solving the puzzle.


Every book I read in the British Library crime classics has something to recommend it. There is something eminently entertaining about their novels, each one bringing with it a glimpse of the past. The Division Bell Mystery is no different. It is a worthy inclusion into the series.

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text 2018-09-23 00:03
Does anyone else have any regrets?
The Wonder Down Under: A User’s Guide to the Vagina - Nina Brochmann,Ellen Stokken Dahl,Lucy Moffatt

Like that they spent years calling theirs a hoo-ha when they could have been using the wonder down under?

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