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text 2019-07-12 02:31
Reading progress update: I've read 100%.
The Chessmen of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs

I don’t usually bother reviewing this series as they’re all pretty indistinguishable from each other: Manly men, breathtaking women, heroism, dastardly villains, adventures galore, and scads of vintage racism, classism, and sexism. They’re good fun, but the heroes and heroines are all interchangeable. It doesn’t matter if it’s about John Carter and Deja Thoris or Carthoris and Thuvia or Gahan and Tara; it’s all basically the same Barsoomian stuff on different Barsoomian days. But the comfort of familiarity is one of the big reasons we love our genre fiction, so hooray for sameness. :)

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text 2019-07-11 01:50
Charles River Freebie Round Up
Ancient Rhodes: The History and Legacy o... Ancient Rhodes: The History and Legacy of the Famous Greek Island in Antiquity - Charles River Editors
The Great Wall of Gorgan: The History of the Ancient Near East’s Longest Defensive Wall - Charles River Editors
The Second Battle of Ypres: The History of the Notorious World War I Battle that Witnessed the First Mass Use of Poison Gas - Charles River Editors
The Republic of Venice: The History of the Venetian Empire and Its Influence across the Mediterranean - Charles River Editors

Of these four, the best is the one about Ypres.  It is the most profession and engaging. (four stars)


The other ones aren't bad, but they aren't particularly good.  The Venice on is little more than a biography of Marco Polo, and the constant neglect of spelling out numbers ten and below is pissing me off.

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review 2019-07-02 13:09
Dead Pan (Jocelyn O'Rourke Mysteries #4)
Dead Pan - Jane Dentinger

Jocelyn heads across the country to LA to co-star in a friend’s made-for-TV movie. The usual murder and on-set accidents ensue, but somehow this doesn’t ruin her Hollywood career like it did her off-Broadway career. (I mean, she’s no Jessica Fletcher, with whom the least acquaintance could prove fatal, but how is she still getting jobs???) With the TV movie gig, Jocelyn also gets a new love interest who is allegedly the only heterosexual male hairdresser in all of male hairdresserdom, I guess because we just couldn’t leave all the gay stereotypes behind in New York. The mystery was better than book 3’s and the attempts at Black American dialogue were restricted to a less badly stereotyped character and a brief impression of Mammy from Gone with the Wind, so there’s that going for it. But damn if Jocelyn isn’t still getting on my nerves. In my eyes, she has yet to redeem herself from that terrible book 3 ending. (Yes, I am still bitter about that.)

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text 2019-06-30 01:45
Two Children's Books
Bearded - Jeremy Billups,Jeremy Billups
Milo & Ze: A Bull Terrier Puppy Adventur... Milo & Ze: A Bull Terrier Puppy Adventure (Mark Watson Children's Books Book 2) - Mark Watson,Pablo Michau

Bearded is still free.  It is about a girl whose best friend is a bear with a beard.  Don't skip the dedication.  It is cute in a funny way. (four stars)


Milo & Ze I picked up as a freebie, but it is currently priced at 3.99.  The art is better than the plot, which is the basic dog trying to find  home bit.  But it is a good ending. (Three Stars)

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text 2019-06-28 15:15
Freebie Travel Books
Albany, California Highlights - Julia Hseih
Austin South Congress - Janelle Lassalle

These two titles are published by Bravo Your City, which I think in some cases works with tourism divisions of hotels.  Of the two here, the Austin one is a part better -three stars.  Though it doesn't really seem to suggest that there is much to Austin besides food and bats.  Though the bat bit was awesome.  I want to go to just see the bats leave the bridge.


The Albany one, two stars, is basically descriptions of cafes and such.  It doesn't make you want to go.


Both are still free for kindle.



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