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review 2014-09-06 19:24
Reckless - Priscilla West

3.75 Stars




   Yep. That's pretty much how I'm feeling after having finished Reckless. This book started out so ridiculous that I honestly was sitting here wondering if West was being serious or if this was actually a spoof making fun of NA romances. Some of these lines and scenes were so over the top that I just couldn't help but to laugh my ass off. I'll share just a few with you...


    "The girl I passed earlier who was struggling against her boyfriend's grasp squeezed past security, approaching the god from his right. Another girl approached from his left. They each latched onto one sleeve and yanked on the fabric. Within seconds, their panicking boyfriends were at their sides, tearing them away. But the girls held on tight and the god's shirt split down the middle, one half going to each girl. He didn't react, and his steps didn't falter. He continued moving toward me, his dark eyes maintaining their hold on mine."


 The mental picture of this was just too much lol


   "Rye you know I'm not trying to clam jam. I'm just concerned about you."


Yeah....she really did say "clam jam". That. Happened.


  "He smiled at me. "Line up. I want a good look at each of you."

  "Huh?" Confusion swept over me. Did I miss something?

  "You heard him." Tiffany chimed as she lined up on my left, while Amanda stood to my right, leaving me sandwiched between them.

  The rock god stood in front of us, assessing."


  Uh huh, you heard right. He lined them up like cattle and appraised them.


  "I imagined that if the rock star thing didn't work out, he could always make a living as a human cheese grater in a pizza kitchen." 


 Get it?? Cause he's all...



Wait. No, not that....



  YEAH. THIS.  And for those of you that don't get the TMNT pic above, for shame lol.


   Trust me when I say that there is plenty more where this came from, I mean I am not even talking about the hot tub scene, let's just say that there was a standoff of epic proportions and it didn't involve any Mexican's or pistols.....unless you count the




   So yeah, I spent the first half of the book just rolling with the laughter. But then something started happening with the last half. Something different.



   It suddenly got kind of serious. All of the sudden I was wrapped up in the drama. I was getting to actually know these characters, and not just their top layers of cheesiness.


   Riley was something of an enigma to me. She started out kind of cool, aloof, funny, baddass at times and then through a good chunk of the book remained rather naïve, insecure, slightly annoying, and meek at times. It was hard to accept that brazen as she could be at times, she could be equally as doormatish. You can just add "ish" to stuff and make it a thing, right? I still am not quite certain whether I really like her or want to punch her in the head. A little of both I think.  **Which is funny considering I read another book by Priscilla West, Wrecked, and felt a lot of the same way about the main girl in that story as well. I am seeing a common thread here.***  It somehow ended up working for me though, there was enough of the badass Riley to keep me interested and want to see more of that.


   Jax was equally as confusing as Riley was. He pulled a lot of douchey shit, especially in the beginning. But he had just enough sweetness in him too, so that balanced things out a little. Honestly I felt like we only just breached the surface with him in this book, and it really didn't start to get serious until the end. Let me tell you, that ending was something else.



   Seriously. That last 10% was something entirely else than what I had been reading this entire time. It was raw, it was painful, and it finally really made me see Jax as more than just some Rockstar Stud who had a hidden sweet side.  He became real. This last 10% had me on the edge of my seat. Made it certain that I will be reading the next book when it comes out. I'm really quite curious how things will play out from here, there was a distinct feeling that Riley and Jax may have finally gotten themselves in a situation that was more troublesome than this duo could handle. It definitely felt like a shit storm was coming their way.


   Reckless was something different. I may have thought it was a joke at first, but somewhere along the way I was truly invested in the story and the characters, and by the end I was eager to read the next book.


Well Done, West. You got me, but I am on to your sneaky ways now!


    I received this book from Blackbird Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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quote 2014-09-05 15:15
"The Siren set his guitar down, took the mic off the stand, and sang to the brunette, crooning seductive notes as she squealed and gripped the edges of her chair tightly. I felt a pang of jealousy, wishing I'd been the one he'd chosen to bring on stage. Midway into the second chorus, the brunette moaned in ecstasy, slid off the chair and collapsed to her knees with her head back, lids closed, and thighs clamped together- clear signs of an orgasm. My last boyfriend couldn't make a woman come if he had half a sex toy store and a map at his disposal. This guy could do it with just his voice."
Reckless - Priscilla West

5% in and he can make the ladies get off just by singing to them....did that really just happen?! Trust me when I say that it only gets better from there! I'm about 25% in at this point and I'm really on the fence as to whether this author was going for a comedic spoof of an NA romance, or if she's being serious. Either way, I can't stop highlighting things and laughing like a mad woman. Can't. Stop.

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