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review 2018-02-17 04:58
The Fortune Tellers
The Fortune-Tellers - Lloyd Alexander,Trina Schart Hyman

AR: 4.6

Grade Level: K-2

Summary: This book is about a carpenter who thought his life would stay the same, as it was. So he often wondered, hmmm. What will my fortune hold? He then went to a fortune teller to see what his fortune was. His fortune eventually became true with a series of events. 

Idea: This book introduces a series of cause and effect relationships. It also intoduces vocabulary that many children may not have encountered, yet. I will most definitely be using this book for a lesson on context clues. A fun activity that I would like to include with this book, as well, would be writing to your future self. We would not so much be telling our fortunes, but instead seeing where want to be in the near future. 

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text 2018-01-27 17:28
#24in48 New to me word: Taggant

In context, Broken Soul   said "...C4 is composed of explosives, chemicals used as a plastic ... an odorizing Taggant to ..."


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review 2018-01-26 15:23
Always Tell the Truth
The Empty Pot - Demi

I love this book for the message! "The Empty Pot", by Demi, is a great story to read when talking about honesty and how always telling the truth is best. In the story, the Emperor is looking for someone to replace him for when he is too old. He gives out seeds to all the children and sends them on their way to plant them and grow their seeds for one year. After a year, Ping, the main character in the story, has tried and tried to get his seeds to grow only to be left with an empty pot. Why didn't his seeds grow? When it was time to meet the Emperor, Ping had to present his empty pot while all the other children had beautiful flowers flowing out of their pots. Ping was upset, but the Emperor chose his pot because the seeds he had given the children were all cooked which mean they would not sprout. This showed Pings honesty and he was chosen as the next in line for the throne. It is always best to tell the truth and be honest about any situation, because honesty will usually keep you out of trouble. Another lesson that could be introduced is how seeds grow and how a cooked seed will not grow. The students could then plant their own seeds to grow in the classroom and watch how they sprout. They could also spent time observing plants and learning parts of a plant. This book could be used in several different ways.


Lexile: 630L

ATOS: 3.8



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review 2017-09-30 02:28
Perfect for Education at Home or Anywhere
The Unofficial Harry Potter Vocabulary Builder: Learn the 3,000 Hardest Words from All Seven Books and Enjoy the Series More - Sayre Van Young

Loved this book! The words are alphabetized and the author chose some of the definitely British vs American English words. I loved this, as it helped to understand what the words meant better. 


If you are homeschooling, this is an excellent book for kids for their vocabulary studies. 

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photo 2017-08-05 22:46
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