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review 2015-03-24 22:23
Review for Wild Things
Wild Things - Chloe Neill

Wild Things, book 9 in the Chicagoland Vampire series seems to start off right after Biting Bad. The Mayor is pissed off with all things super natural so she is targeting Ethan. This time Ethan does the weird thing and hides out hoping things will calm down. Unfortunately he has to stay with the shifters who are none too happy to host the vampires. Then there is a magical incident and the Ethan and Merit are blamed.


Chicagoland Vampires has always been this kind of weird series for me. I like it but I am not really in love with it. So what I liked in this book is watching Ethan finally decide he wants Merit and does not care who knows. I enjoyed all of the public displays of affection. I really enjoyed this side of Gabe we saw in this book he has a lot of stresses as a leader and it was cool to see some of the sacrifices


Now what is getting a little old – why is Ethan and Merit always in the midst of things. This go round Merit is frequently called a good detective and that puzzles me because it seems like she is actually the slowest in the bunch. The other thing that is getting a little old is the prophecy and it seemed a little illogical.  Other things that did not make sense to me was the whole domestic terrorists with no FBI involvement?? Um ok and then the event at the Lupercalia – yeah that still never quite made sense.


But let’s face it I don’t read these books for the mystery J The simple way these things get solved is always a bit like REALLY???


All in all not a bad book just not awesome.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2015-01-19 16:37
Review for Lonely Alpha
Lonely Alpha - Ranae Rose

This is a super short book - in short woman goes on vacation meets man he turns out to be a shifter, she also turns out to be a shifter (who knew?) they are being hunted and they are mates.


Yep that is the story - sorry I spoiled it for you. Here is the thing what I read I liked the problem was to much was left unexplained. Really you had no idea shifters exist and you turn into on and you are good with it. Then the guy is the alpha pack of one? I totally skimmed the smexy bits so maybe I missed something. 


Anyway the book has potential - I do not think it is worth $2.99 though.


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review 2015-01-06 16:00
Review for Forsaken
Forsaken (The Otherworld Series) - Kelley Armstrong

Forsaken is a novella from Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series featuring Clay and Elena. Elena has been the alpha for a few years now but it seems she still has a lot of trouble with other werewolf packs. In this story the British are giving her a bit of trouble and now it seems that someone is planning to harm the twins, who are now 8.


I have always loved the Otherworld series and Clay and Elena have always been one of my favorite couples. So I am always happy to read a novella or a book featuring them. This book is clearly focused on Elena but I found myself missing Clay and it seemed like Logan was at times filling in the practical role – which sometimes was funny but other times I was like ugg where the heck is Clay?? Having said that I did really enjoy the times when they are together.


The reason for the lower rating is in part due to some parts being a little overly predictable and at times it felt slow then there is the end – why do we have unfinished business at the end – isn’t this series completed? Last but not least why did I pay $5.99 for a novella??


Regardless it is still a nice addition.

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review 2014-11-13 15:43
Review for Highland Pact
Highland Wolf Pact: A Scottish Werewolf Shifter Romance - Selena Kitt

Sibyl Blackthorne used to live in a safe and caring family until her father passed away and in short order her life was turned upside down. Her mother married her uncle and he has sold her to the highest bidder a Scottish laird. When Sibyl meets Alister things are much worse than she expected and Sibyl plans to escape. She makes her move during a hunt for wulvers (men who change into wolves), but Alister is a a coward and has done something horrendous and Sibyl finds herself face to face with a big beautiful man who speaks to her in Gaelic. In the face of this horrendous act Sibyl must choose and as Raife carries her off into the highlands Sibyl has to figure out exactly what she is leaving behind and questions is she bringing danger to these people? 


This was a wonderful story. I picked it up and thought meh I will give it a go, something different in the shifter world. I actually liked both Sibyl and Raife they felt rather real and their romance was sweet. Not to mention the action was also really good. I was just as interested in the politics as I was the budding romance.


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review 2014-10-20 18:40
Review for Shifting Postions
Shifting Positions - Jennifer Dellerman

Tess left home more than a decade ago to try her hand at a normal human existence. For awhile she was doing well living life as a model but fate has dealt her a blow and she has to come home to care for her ailing mother.  Dealing with her mother also means dealing with her past. The thing is Tess is half human and half shifter, but she tries to deny her shifter half believing only the bad because her father left their family when she was young and Tess never grew past it. Coming home though puts her in conflict with her feelings and the local sheriff thinks he has found his mate in Tess. Now the only question is if Tess will ever come around or will she just take off again?


This is a cute story. For the most part I liked our heroine, she is not perfect and does cause some eye rolling, but generally speaking she is scared but not emotionally damaged and she expresses her feelings. I like that Calib feels the effects and tries to actually think through it. I think the sub-plots helped keep the story from getting stale and the author did a good job in using the sub-plots to expand the characters growth.


Having said all of the story is a bit cliché and while I was pleased with the physical restraint it was annoying always reading about just how they wanted each other sexually. I wanted them to need each other emotionally. Additionally some parts did not flow so well. I am glad I found this one on my kindle and I will be looking forward to reading book 2.

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