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text 2020-03-18 17:03
Hidden Stress and Illness in Women


This month is Women’s History Month, and as discussions of women’s importance spread, so too do discussions of women’s health. Throughout history, there have been certain risks and conditions that affect women more so than men. Many of these risks are influenced by a multitude of factors, including stress and mental health.


Many women suffer from undue stress and feeling the need to hold it in or minimize their own needs can not only cause mental health issues but can make physical health issues worse as well. To help raise awareness of women’s health, Sherman urgent care wants to talk about how women, and those in their lives, can help to alleviate the harmful stress they might experience.


Hiding Illness


When we find ourselves overwhelmed or feeling unwell, many of us might try to hide it. Whether we don’t want to worry anyone around us or we’re trying to power through a difficult work week, anyone can mask sniffles, coughs, or an achy feeling from time to time.


Women, though, are more likely to hide their illnesses frequently, which can increase their health risks. Traditionally, women are seen as caretakers in the family, and this preconception makes them more likely to try “toughing it out” instead of seeking care. Whether it be working long shifts during a cold or even hiding symptoms of the flu and pretending that they are fine, many women will try to work through infections.

When women hide their sickness, they can make themselves more likely to be seriously ill in the future. Hiding symptoms can make it harder to tell when a cough is just a cold or something serious like bronchitis. This makes it crucial for not only women to properly care for themselves, but also for friends and family members to encourage women to get the rest they need.


What Stress Impacts


While it is easy to see how hiding symptoms of an illness can be bad for your health, it might be harder to tell why stress is such an influential factor. After all, everyone feels stressed sometimes, and small amounts of stress can be natural motivations for people to get things done. But not all stress is normal, and when someone feels overwhelmed, it is important that they have an outlet or people to confide in.

Similar to the tendency to hide symptoms of common illnesses, many women are also prone to hiding severe stress. When women feel overwhelmed or especially stressed about something, they may try to carry on as if everything is fine. This can be harmful to mental health as well as physical health, as unresolved stress can raise blood pressure and increase the risk of serious conditions like heart attacks or strokes.


How to Encourage Wellness


  • When a woman in the family feels overwhelmed, offer a supportive ear. Exhibit sympathy and remind women in your life that they are not a burden on others and that their feelings are important. This will help them to open up and not feel overly worried about confiding in loved ones.
  • If a woman in your life seems to be getting sick, express your concern to them. Tell them that you want to make sure they’re all right and offer to help take care of them. Spouses can offer to step in with parental duties and large chores around the house while children can offer to take on extra small chores so that the women most important in their lives can have an opportunity to rest and heal.
  • Women should be more vocal about their needs when they are sick or feeling overly stressed. It can be challenging for some, but it is important to remember that maintaining your health and wellness is part of maintaining the health and wellness of your entire family. Women shouldn’t be afraid to speak up when they need to rest and should ask their loved ones for help when they feel overwhelmed by stress.
  • Take time for self-care. This goes beyond just taking medicine or sleeping in when you have the flu; it should be built into your weekly routine. Self-care are small ways that women can take care of their body and their stress levels regularly. It can be as small as 15 minutes of meditation or as big as an at-home spa day, but no matter what self-care technique you try, it is important to make that personal relaxation a priority.
  • Find healthy outlets. To help manage stress, find a healthy outlet when you feel pent up or overwhelmed. This can be something like participating in a sport or physical activity. It can be engaging in arts and crafts. Anything that helps someone let out their stress in a safe environment can be good ways to manage overwhelming stress.
  • Make positive changes in your life. If frequent stress is an issue for you, then it might be time to make changes to your schedule. Women should look at their daily routines if they feel frequently overwhelmed and talk with their loved ones about how to make positive changes. It could be shifting household chores or cutting out certain activities which have become stressful. Women altering the things in their lives that they can control goes a long way to improving stress levels.

Since it is so important for women to not only express their stress and get the TLC they need while they’re sick, there are things that everyone in the family can do to help. Friends, family, and women themselves can all try some of the following to help lighten the load of internalized stress and illness.


Making women and their well-being a priority in your home can go a long way to helping with stress relief and proper care for illnesses. When everyone in the family knows how to be aware, they can work together to make sure that mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and even friends take care of themselves.

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text 2019-07-31 11:55
Treat ED in Women’s With Femalegra

Know About Female Sexual Dysfunction

Reducing sexual desire, weakening sensations in the process of s*xual intercourse and the lack of orgasms in women is even more severe problem than for men, since all of the above issues negatively affect the hormonal background, and the female organism is subject to hormonal changes much more than the male. With these problems, Female Viagra Femalegra 100 is a medicine based on Sildenafil. It is because of the general active substance Femalegra is often called the Female Viagra, but for all the similarity of these medicines, there is one cardinal difference: the formula of Sildenafil in Femalegra 100 mg is significantly changed to adapt to the female body. So, after receiving Femalegra, blood will flow not only to the genitals, as happens when taking male potency regulators, but also to the primary erogenous zones of a woman. This means that if you decide to buy, it will not only contribute to the emergence of excitement, but also enhance the feelings of foreplay and caresses during s*x.


What is Femalegra 100 mg? What it is used for?

Female Viagra (Femalegra 100) - a product developed specifically for women in search of improvements in their own s*x life. The peculiarity of its action is to increase the female libido, sensitivity to stimulation, increasing the level of testosterone in the body, and reaching orgasm. Also, taking this means completely acts on the body during menopause, improves tone, relaxation, has a strengthening and rejuvenating effect.

Femalegra is equivalent to Lovegra. A Viagra Generic (Lovegra) For Women! Lovegra 100mg tablet medication increases the blood vessels and advances the blood flow, which launches faster achievement of the orgasm. It is vital to mention that Lovegra Pill is appreciated as one of the most innovative and powerful treatments, aimed at the prevention and improvement of female s*xual dysfunctions and advancement of the libido and s*xual desire. Free Shipping!


Indications for use:

  • Increase of s*xual activity and level of testosterone in the blood;
  • Enhanced sensitivity of the female body;
  • Elimination of the problem of "dry vagina";
  • Improvement of blood supply of pelvic organs;
  • Increased sensations during intimacy;
  • Reduction of frigidity and passivity;
  • Improvement in menopause

How to Use Femalegra 100mg?

Femalegra needs to be ingested one hour ahead of s*xual activity because this medicine is found in a pill form and to begin its course of action can use up some time. Swallow the medication with some pure water to avoid choking.

The remedy possesses specific precautions as consumed to keep toxicity at bay. Elderly candidates, who are keen on gulping down the pill, need to start with low doses so that their metabolism accepts the medicine better. Regarding patients with renal impairment necessitate the same administration of the drug.


How does Female Viagra work?

Femalegra pill enables women to get into the s*xual mood very merely. Women experience s*xual dysfunction, which makes their s*xual life difficult with their lover. Thus, this medication improves women to revive their s*xual drive by raising the sensitivity to s*xual arousal during the s*xual act. The active ingredient Sildenafil helps to intensify a woman’s s*xual pleasure by increasing libido. Take this medicine before one hour of intercourse.


Dosage Instructions

The dosage of the female goad tablet is 100 mg every evening, before heading to sleep. In case you discover no increase in s*xual drive, discontinue its use quickly. In case you need taking one dose, never apply a double dose.



Consuming Femalegra 100 mg pills in surplus quantity or overdoses are prone to boost the occurrence or intensity of any of the side effects.

If overdosage occurs, handling the situation needs to attend to the signs and supportive measures necessarily. Until now, no particular remedy exists to deal with Femalegra 100 mg.


Missed Dose

In case you remember that you missed taking the daily dose of Femalegra, do not ingest and consume it the next day when heading to bed. Never ever ingest Femalegra 100 mg in the morning and never take other medication to compensate for the skipped dose.


Benefits of Femalegra Tablets

Prevention and treatment of s*xual disorders in women.

Removes the problem of; vagina, creating healthy moisture. From the rush of blood, the function of the glands secreting the right amount of mucus starts to work more intensively.

Increases s*xual desire and s*xual activity in the absence or decrease of sensitivity. Restores the ability to enjoy s*xual intercourse. Sensations during closeness become more intense and deep.

Increases the strength of orgasm, as well as its duration.

Femalegra can be used by women who have undergone surgery to remove internal female organs; the uterus and ovaries.

Effectively acts at the approach of a climax, waking up in a body s*xual desire.



  • Do not take Fmalegra 100 if you are allergic to its active and inactive ingredients.
  • Avoid driving or lifting which needs alertness as consuming it makes you dizzy.
  • Consuming alcohol should be avoided as it can make you dizzier.

Which effects does Viagra have on women?

Although it has proven very useful in treating men, erectile dysfunction medication Viagra is not suitable for women. There is some anecdotal evidence that Viagra may increase s*xual pleasure in women but so far, medical trials have failed to produce conclusive evidence that it works for women.

The most promising study so far was a trial run by the UCLA Female S*xual Medical Centre in Los Angeles. Study participants reported that taking Femalegra improved their s*xual enjoyment, prompting further research into the possible use of Viagra as a treatment for women. The scientists hypothesized, that similarly to the impact it has on men, Sildenafil Femalegra could increase the blood flow to the female genitalia, thus improving s*xual experience.

However, further studies failed to replicate the successful outcome of the first trial and researchers came to assume that the women who experienced a positive result may simply have done so by chance.

As there has never been a popular medical trial of Viagra in women, the specific effects the drug may have on female patients are not known. It is currently unclear whether Femalegra is safe for women to take or which side effects and long-term effects it could have on the female body.


Some common Side effects of Femalegra 100 mg

  • Facial redness or flushing
  • Headache
  • Blocked nose
  • Mild Nausea
  • Dryness in eyes
  • Loss of hearing
  • Delayed ejaculation or difficulty to ejaculate
  • Severe decrease or loss of vision

Can women take Viagra?

Of course, Females can consume Viagra to boost their libido and take pleasure in s*xual activity. However, they need to discuss the doctor prior to utilizing the medicament to confirm their state of health. People with liver disease and renal disorders cannot utilize it.

The drug can as well impact your blood pressure levels. This tablet is administered to females who have reached their menopause stage.



Easy to Buy at AllDayGeneric

This tablet is a perfect medication for females who have suffered from erectile dysfunction problems. At this Pharmacy, you can Buy Female Viagra (Lovegra and Femalegra) Tablets in the easiest and convenient manner. From shipping to the costs, everything is convenient and affordable. This tablet is the best resort for the people who are looking for the treatment of s*xual impotency. You can easily Buy Femalegra Tablets Online on the AllDayGeneric at superior quality and affordable prices. A wide variety of products are available at your doorsteps to help you choose the best one for yourself. Treat yourself with our medication.

Source: www.alldaygeneric.com/product/femalegra-100mg-pills
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url 2014-06-03 04:38
Why men shouldn’t be in charge of women’s health

lol great post. poor girl, i recall the struggles of young female adulthood during school. though to be fair in my schools you only had to think about it and the male teachers were trying to shoo you off to do your thing. lol.





Source: www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/5957549-why-men-shouldn-t-be-in-charge-of-women-s-health?utm_medium=email&utm_source=author_blog_post_digest
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review 2011-04-22 00:00
Our Bodies, Ourselves: Menopause - Judy Norsigian,Boston Women's Health Book Collective,Vivian Pinn I originally got this book out of the library and liked it so much I decided to buy a copy for my own library. That automatically makes it a five star rating. The thing I like about this book is the tone. It talks about all aspects of being a woman going through menopause or approaching menopause. It doesn't talk like you're sick or suffering from a disease or like you're going to suffer and here's what to do. The book covers the facts about the physical processes in both 'natural' menopause and medically/surgically/chemically induced menopause. It covers the current research, the role of the pharmaceutical industry, lifestyle choices that can have a huge impact on your health during this time and more. Practical considerations for choosing your health care provider are also addressed.Ever since I read 'Our Bodies, Ourselves' about thirty years ago, I've respected and valued the information that is published by the Boston Women's Health Book Collective.
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