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review 2017-07-18 00:11
White Hot (Hidden Legacy #2) by Ilona Andrews
White Hot - Ilona Andrews

Nevada knows better than to get involved in Prime politics - and doubly to keep her magic hidden from the powerful families


But when Cornelius pleads for her to find the murderer of his wife, she feels she has to get involved. When a paedophile kidnaps a young girl she feels she can’t not use her magic


And when she uncovers a magical conspiracy that may destabilise the entire city if not the whole country she is again pulled in. More and more Nevada is drawn into Prime society.

I love this world - which goes without saying. It’s Ilona Andrews: it goes without saying that the world is amazing. All their worlds are amazing. In every series. No-one beats Ilona Andrews when it comes to amazing worlds.


But I think more than the magic world building I love how the politics between the Prime families and how they interact, the rights they have, the privileges. The magic is there and underpins everything which shapes both history and politics which in turn shapes the characters and their experiences-  but it’s more the maneuvering than the shiny powers that drives their actions.


Though I love how the powers are depicted, especially the subtle and horrifying impact of Nevada’s own power. As well as the comic and scary effects of her sister. Or how the power to talk to animals can render humans socially awkward. These are all excellently put together


I like the thought that has gone into magical intervention as well - how if a powerful magic user intervenes in one disaster they’re then blamed or attacked if a similar disaster strikes and they don’t step forward.


And the romance. This is generally where I say how much the romance is a distraction and how I hates it and, well, if you’ve read my reviews you know the drill of my annoyance. However, here is the mold being broken -ok i do think we, perhaps, spend a little more time on the romance than is ideal considering there is so much plot and world to get through but I can recognise that as a personal preference thing. What I do like is the conflicts between them - because they’re reasonable and sensible and don’t require one or both parties to lose their ever loving minds in order to have a disagreement.


Rogan is ridiculously rich and powerful and he decides he wants to protect Nevada - but in trying to do that he is using his vast wealthy to control her and the land and people around her. He sees this as defending her while she, rightfully, rejects this as it gives her a ridiculous amount of power over her, completely removes any chance of having an equal relationship - it’s not just that he has so much more wealth and power and influence than her but he’s willing to use it without consulting her of helping her.

Nevada is clearly right on this front - his control over her, his arrogantly deciding he knows what is best for her is clearly a problem. He’s right that she’s vulnerable and the political forces that are set to prey on her are more than she can defend against - so he’s not exaggerating or just making up a threat, but equally that measure of command and control without consulting her. There’s an excellent quote:


“For any kind of relationship to work, I have to have the choice to walk away from it”


Which is an excellent point on consent we’ve talked about before and I love to see it here.


On top of that arrogance there’s Nevada’s unwillingness to be a fling to him and his reluctance to push for an actual relationship are red lines for her. There are conflicts between them, but they are not unreasonable or foolish nor do they consume their story or make them unable to work together or co-operate. And when they start to come together it’s only after these issues have been aired and they begin to be addressed as something that matters




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Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/07/white-hot-hidden-legacy-2-by-ilona.html
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review 2017-07-17 15:09
Early ARC Review: Wildfire (Hidden Legacy #3) by Ilona Andrews
Wildfire - Ilona Andrews
Review originally featured on Angel's Guilty Pleasures

Hidden Legacy #3
Ilona Andrews
Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance
July 25th 2017


Just when Nevada Baylor has finally come to accept the depths of her magical powers, she also realizes she’s fallen in love. Connor “Mad” Rogan is in many ways her equal when it comes to magic, but she’s completely out of her elements when it comes to her feelings for him. To make matters more complicated, an old flame comes back into Rogan’s life…


Rogan knows there’s nothing between him and his ex-fiance, Rynda Sherwood. But as Nevada begins to learn more about her past, her power, and her potential future, he knows she will be faced with choices she never dreamed of and the promise of a life spent without him.


As Nevada and Rogan race to discover the whereabouts of Rynda’s kidnapped husband and are forced to confront Nevada’s grandmother, who may or may not have evil motives, these two people must decide if they can trust in each other or allow everything to go up in smoke.




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Riveting. Unforgettable. Astronomical. 


I don’t even know where to start in describing how much I LOVED this book and how OBSESSED I am with the series. The Andrews team never disappoint. 


Wildfire is book three in the Hidden Legacy series and it’s mind-blowing. I’m hoping this isn’t the end of the series, because there is just SO much more I want to see and explore. 

It’s a non-stop action-packed adventure that will drag you in. I seriously read this book in one day. Once I opened it. I could’t stop. I was hooked. 


Rogan, Nevada, and the gang where all amazing. We go deeper into the Houses, learn more about Nevada and her family history, and the mystery on who wants to take down the current structure. We are spared no shortage on the action and developments. The writing flows and the detail into describing things is extraordinary. The romance between Rogan and Nevada takes on a whole new level with a few challenges to over come. These two see each other, truly see each other, and won’t hold the other back. 


Last, that ending sentence. OMG!!! I think I figured out who Caesar is, but we don’t know for sure and we are not told. It’s a can you figure it out… I think I did. 


Wildfire was monuments. I loved it. Can’t wait to own my own copy and hope we are treated to more in the Hidden Legacy series. 


Rated: 5 Stars


*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy provided by HarperCollins via Edelweiss with the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments and ratings are my own.


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Challenge(s): Pick Your Genre (PNR/UF) | New Release (2017)





Owner/Review and mind behind Angel’s Guilty Pleasures. However what I am not is a writer. I apologize now for the grammatical and punctuation errors I make, because I know I’m going to make them. I’m a mother, wife, dog owner, animal, and book lover. My favorite animals are horses. As for reading I love all things paranormal & urban fantasy. My favorite shifters are dragons!

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Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2017/07/early-arc-review-wildfire-hidden-legacy-3-by-ilona-andrews
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review 2017-07-12 01:04
One Fell Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles, #3)
One Fell Sweep - Ilona Andrews

Leave it to Ilona Andrews to write a science fiction book I can enjoy.  It helps that there is very little actual space travel and most of the action takes place on the grounds of the inn. It also helps that her 'aliens' are mostly of the urban fantasy variety: vampires, werewolves, giant hedgehog chefs... 


Caldenia is still my favourite character and she takes a somewhat more active role in this book, although you'd never know it until the end (and no, that's not a spoiler).  I felt like the Andrews' solution for Arland was a little predictable, but it worked and they get points for avoiding a rivalry.


The ending gets a bit depressing, and there's more than a little allegory being used; it wasn't heavy handed, and it could, in fact, be interpreted to represent a couple of the more shameful facets of our current and historic reality.  The final reveal was a bit heart-breaking and a nice moral reminder, but I'm not entirely sold on the final explanation they give for the Draziri's motivation.  It hangs together, but tweaked a bit further it could have been much more powerful a statement.


The Innkeeper Chronicles is definitely a departure from their Kate Daniels series, and I feel like they've created something unique here.  I'd heard that this book ended the series, but once I read the ending... there was no way.  To steal a sci-fi term, Dina's primary directive from book 1 hasn't even come close to being fulfilled; this book ends, in fact, on something of a... not a cliffhanger, but definitely a curb-hanger.  The first clue she gets to her parents whereabouts is on the last page.  No way is this the final book.  Hitting their blog just now, a post from last month confirms that there will be further adventures ahead.


This makes me happy - I look forward to another book, and at last I can say I have some science fiction on my shelves!  





Page count: 326

$$:  $6.00


(This book not only qualifies as science fiction, with a scene set in space - just one, thankfully - but there's also a race of robots that plays a primary role in the plot.  Trifecta!)

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review 2017-07-04 04:52
Magic Binds - Ilona Andrews



I would hazard a guess that the threat of war, an impending wedding, oracles predicting either the death of your beloved or your as-yet unconceived child might make you a little...disjointed.


Sure made for a disjointed book. And yet, the wedding interruptions were vastly amusing.


That said, after all that drama, the battle seemed to be...almost an afterthought. Which is odd considering how all-encompassing it actually was - all of the People, the shifters, mercs, several random mythological beings, etc., all uniting to fight against Kate's dad...and a considerably larger force. I mean; I get that spending very much time on the battle would make it boring. Just seemed like there should have been more.

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review 2017-06-23 18:25
I like it!
White Hot - Ilona Andrews

It has an interesting world building and some great main characters and awesome side characters. It has atmosphere, humor, action.


I really enjoyed it.

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