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review 2018-04-26 03:39
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text 2018-04-26 03:36

I didn't realize how much text I had scribbled in my spiral notebook.  My intention was to transcribe all of it onto the laptop today so I could go back to writing new material.


Ha!  I've already added over 2,500 words from the notebook and still have close to that much yet to go.  I'm not likely to finish tonight, as my elbow is already starting to let me know I've reached my limit on the keyboard.  I need to take it easy.


Much of what I've added seems incredibly boring to me now, but I need to take the time to read all of it in one chunk.





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text 2018-04-25 17:38
I'm writing again.

I wrote several pages -- longhand -- last night, a couple more this morning.  It's not much, but it's something.

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text 2018-04-24 01:08
Old fanfiction... cringe

I'm really happy because I found some old fanfiction that I thought was lost forever. They are from when i first started to write, so they are bad and cringy. I was a silly fangirl and I wrote for non-canon characters being romantically involved, usually LGBT+. I might still do that today, but I try to avoid stereotypes and problematic elements past me didn't think about.


These stories are so bad that they are "good", though only to me. At the very least they are making me laugh, even giggle to think of the kind of ideas young me had.


I even wrote some NC17 things and can not believe it because I don't even care for erotica. Now those bits are so bad, considering I was clueless about the stuff I was writing about.


I found the best line in a story:


"He yelled in a quiet voice."


Bravo, past me, bravo!

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text 2018-04-23 01:10
Frye on Dickens and Scott
The Secular Scripture: A Study of the Structure of Romance (The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures) - Northrop Frye

I'm enjoying this.  Because the contents are actually lectures given at Harvard, I'm wishing I could hear Frye's delivery.  I suspect there may be some significant sarcasm.  Some of his other lectures are available on YouTube, so I may try to find some time this coming week to watch them.


As expected, however, the hours on the rock saw this past week provoked serious response from my tendonitis.  Although I was able to do a tiny bit of work in the studio this morning, by noon I was all but paralyzed with the pain.  It's impossible even to hold a book, and any time at the keyboard is sporadic at best, punctuated by breaks to clutch a bag of frozen rice to my arm.


One passage in this book merited the extra effort to make note of it here:


[Sir Walter] Scott came finally to be regarded as too much of a romancer to be worthy of close study.  [Charles] Dickens fared rather better: he too was darkly suspected of being a mere entertainer, but he had obvious social concerns, and besides, he wrote Hard Times, a novel so dull that he must surely have had some worthy nonliterary motive for producing it.

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