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text 2019-05-14 08:51
Why Should You Seek Essay Writing Help from Professional Writers?


When we talk about academic papers, an essay is certainly the most difficult one among-st all. The students find it quite challenging and tricky to submit a top-notch essay as compared to an assignment, case study or any other scholastic document. Why? Because essays are more personal where students have to mention anecdotes and incidents from their personal lives. They have to include their learning's and give evidence to make a strong argument. Unlike other papers where you can search the topic in books, essays are written completely using your own knowledge without any major help from different sources. Therefore, it gets quite difficult for the students to write and submit a paper that scores second to none. When they are required to write an admission essay, the task gets even more difficult as they have to compete with hundreds of other applicants to get admission in a top college. Hence, they search for the best essay writing service for assistance rather than keeping their grades at stake. If you are also planning to apply for the admission in your dream college and are required to submit a high-scoring essay, then we would suggest you taking help from professional academic writers with years of experience under their belt. We have listed 3 reasons to avail academic writing assistance. Take a look:

Your admission is at stake

Getting admission into the best college is always a dream for many students. When you pursue your higher degree from a leading university, it obviously improves your chances of a better job. You just cannot afford to take any risk when it comes to the admission in college. However, knowing that you might not be able to produce a high-quality paper and even then doing so and submitting an unimpressive paper is a big risk. Therefore, taking help from an experienced writer is a better option as he is familiar with all that it requires to write a scoring paper.

Need to express personal views

As we already said that essays are more personal and you have to mention your real-life incidents in the content. You also have to argue in favor of your perspective and give evidence to support it. You have to convince the audience to accept your idea through a strong argument. Achieving this is not easy at all and one needs exceptional writing skills and knowledge. Every student is not proficient at this, hence, taking essay writing help is the best option to deal with the writing challenges.

Tough competition

Every year a number of applicants apply for the admission in top colleges. However, only a few of them are lucky enough to get selected in that college and get enrolled for higher studies. Beating such fierce competition is a hard nut to crack and that is where we can help you with our best essay writing service. Take our writing assistance and your journey to the top college will be as easy as a walk in the park.

Don’t you think that these are valid reasons to take writing assistance from us? If you find yourself struggling with them, then connect with us now and get a paper that will score nothing less than an A grade.


Visit : Universityhelponline

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text 2019-01-18 12:26
Functional Resume

"Functional Resume" writing tips

There are several types of resumes that project skills, experience and educational background. Chronological resumes work best for people who have enjoyed a tight professional scope of employment. Curriculum Vitae are often used by job seekers in the legal and educational fields. Biographical resumes generally produce a complete chronology of accomplishments and are used for professional positions in government, as an example. The Functional Resume, however, is the answer to the problems encountered by college graduates with sparse job experience in the field of their college major, by people who have clusters of experiences in varied fields and are seeking work in a new area of career employment or for those with "gaps" in the chronological sequence of the jobs they've held in the past. A functional resume writing companies to point out particular duties that form a good venue for career changes. Functional resumes are also used by those leaving military positions or non-profit volunteers who managed groups of people, funding or events, but received no salary for their work. This type of resume is excellent for older employees who wish to avoid being considered "overqualified" for a job or people with a long absence from formal employment. Others with lengthy job histories may find a functional resume points out the most important employment achievements in a more brief format.

resume writing tips

Creating a functional resume requires forethought and planning before final presentation. A resume reflects who the job applicant is and what qualifications are valid for the potential job. A functional resume projects skills and experience by condensing overall job qualifications. To produce a functional resume consider the type of job sought. Configure job experience as it applies to the prospective job. Always write a resume as if you are the first person to read it. This helps avoid typos, incorrect information or data that can be more easily detected with a quick review. Collect the types of employment in groups that are inter-related to each other with an eye on important factors like managerial or supervisory skills. Each grouping should formulate a picture in the reader's mind of the type of capabilities and experiences that create a reason to hire you. When all the information has been placed in proper group order, read it one last time with the same eye as a recruiter. If there are any rough spots, now is the time to make the corrections. The content of the final version should flow smoothly.

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text 2018-06-01 06:28
Helpful effective Essay Writing Tips

Many students find it difficult to write a quality essay, especially if the topic does not interest them. Even when the student likes the subject of the essay, there may still be difficulties. For example, too busy social life, time constraints or lack of experience in writing an essay can make the process of creating the text difficult.

Even the abundance of information available on the subject can be an obstacle, since it will take more time and effort to process all the data related to the subject of the document. Take a look at some general tips that can make writing an essay easier and, hopefully, even enjoyable.





It does not matter if you write a traditional five paragraph essay or if your writing is narrative style, the introduction should grab the reader's attention. You need to give a general idea without letting the reader know what the conclusion is. The beginning must be intriguing so that a person wants to read more.Read more about essay writing that I recommend to visit https://eduzaurus.com/type-my-essay


The main part


If you write a formal essay, this is the time to list the facts and examples. In the first paragraphs, you should present the data that supports the main problem. After that, the key statement must be investigated from the opposite side. At the end of the main part of the essay, you should compare the supporting arguments and the opposing arguments to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.


In case you use a narrative style, the rules of the essay structure are less strict. The language may not be as formal and the dialogues can be used for that purpose. History needs to make your essay come alive and visual for your readers. Drama and suspense can help make this essay stand out.




In a formal style essay, a brief and concise summary will be required to delineate the results of the research that was discussed in the essay body. You can emphasize how important the topic of the discussion is, and it is best to avoid expressing your personal point of view. It is also good if you can get the reader to continue reflecting on the subject and make him think about his own solutions.


If your essay is written in a narrative style, the conclusion should capture the emotions of the reader and make him connect with his feelings expressed in the body of his text. In addition, you should give the reader the feeling that the essay is complete. The ending may be unexpected and very surprising, but, most importantly, it should leave the reader satisfied.

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review 2018-05-14 09:15
Great editing tips, well presented


Okay, so 20 Editing Tips from Professional Writers is promo material for ProWritingAid, an "editing tool that highlights style issues and compares your writing to the best writers in your genre". It's even written by the founder Chris Banks and editor of the ProWritingAid blog, Lisa Lepki.


Does that mean it's all about flogging their site?


Yes, with almost every editing tip there's an explanation on how ProWritingAid identifies the issue so you can make the appropriate edits.


But what about those twenty editing tips?


Surprisingly, at least for me, they are all excellent advice and well worth the not-so-subtle sales pitch for their product. And as a bonus, each tip is presented in an easy to read info-graphic style and comes with examples.


I downloaded this e-book free using a link provided by BookBaby. https://cdn.prowritingaid.com/ebook/ProWritingAid_EBook.pdf,


If you prefer you can pay for it - it's worth it and less expensive than a subscription to their site.




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text 2017-08-10 11:47
BookLikes How-to: Housekeeping! or, Using the Mass Post Editor


-- A guest post by Jenn from Murder by Death


If you’re a BookLikes veteran or new to BookLikes but with a huge import of data, you might, like me, look back at all of that history and think “I really need to clean some of those posts up” or “shoot, I wish I’d been using ‘x’ tag on all of those posts”, but then you imagine actually doing it, shudder to yourself, and find that sorting out your sock drawer suddenly sounds exciting.


OR, like I’ve been doing lately, you’ve gone to tag a post, see the mile long list of previously used tags and think to yourself “WHY do I have all those tags?  Was I drunk when I thought ‘tthhpphhhttt’ would make a good tag?” or you notice that you’ve collected multiple versions of the same tag and wish you could just clean that mess up.


Well, you can. Only tags that are actively used show up in that previously used menu - deleting those unwanted tags from all your posts makes them disappear from the list too.  And you can do that easily using the Mass Post Editor - it takes the ‘tedious’ out of blog housekeeping and puts it back in the sock drawer where it belongs.


To get to the Mass Post Editor, use your Dashboard pull down menu to get to your dashboard blog page (not your fancy public blog) - (http://booklikes.com/blog).  You can also go direct by using the following address (assuming you’re currently logged into BookLikes): http://booklikes.com/post/mass-editor/




On your blog page, look for the Mass edit posts and tags link on the right side of your page:



The Post Mass Editor page is pretty easy to use, but here's an overview of what you’ll see (if this is old news for you, scroll down for more information on cleaning up your tag list):


A: sort by: allows you to specify whether you want to sort your results by Publish Date or by Rating, ascending or descending.


B: The number of results you’d like to appear on a single page (max is 100).


C: status: allows you to narrow down your results to show only posts that are scheduled to be published in the future, currently published posts, or draft posts.  Leave this menu at —select— to show all three.


D: type:  allows you to narrow down which type of posts you want to display: Text, Photo, URL, Video, Quote, and Review.  Leaving this at —select— will return all types.


Please note that the fields A-D are live update options. Your search results will update instantly after you make a selection from any of these four fields. Selections made using date from (E) and with tags (F) will require you to click Show (K).


E: If you know that the posts you want to work with were done within a certain time frame, you can use the date from and date to fields.

This is especially helpful if you’re trying to find posts from a specific game or challenge (and you remember the dates).


F: with tags: This will narrow down your post results to only the posts that currently have the tags you select here.  You can select as many as you need to further narrow down your results, or leave it at —select tag— to display all.


The selections above, A-F are designed not only to make it easier to find what you’re looking for, but also to minimise the load on the BookLikes servers; the more specific your criteria, the easier it is for the databases to return your results as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


G:  select all / unselect all:  Once you’re ready to work with your posts, you can either use the individual check-boxes on the left of each post entry to select them, or choose select all to choose all of the posts in the list.  Likewise, unselect all will clear all the checkboxes.


H:  x delete posts:  Maybe blogging right after the cocktail hour wasn’t such a good idea, or maybe you just have posts that have expired content and you want to get rid of them. You can select those posts here and hit delete posts. Just be careful - you can’t undo delete posts. Once they’re gone - they’re gone.


I:  x remove tags:  remove tags from selected posts.


J:  + add tags:  add tags to selected posts.


K:  Show:  use this button to apply specific time frames or tags to your results.


L:  Type and Title:  Click on either the type or title of a specific post to go to that post.


M:  This is a shortcut for the tag menu (F):  clicking on the tags here will put them in the with tags section - just remember to hit Show to update the results.


N:  Edit:  Takes you directly to the edit post page so you can edit the post.



As I said at the start, it’s pretty self-explanatory, but I want to show you how you can use the mass post editor to clean up any superfluous tags you might have acquired over the years.


Using myself as the guinea pig, I’ve found that I have two tags:  audiobook and audiobooks.  I don’t need to have both so I want to edit all of my posts so they only use audiobooks, thereby deleting audiobook from my tag list.


I’ve searched for all published posts that use audiobook (the tag I ultimately want to get rid of):



I’ve used select all to check all (three) posts currently using audiobook, and then I clicked on + add tags:


Note that you can use this menu to create new tags and apply them to posts too.


I’ve selected the audiobooks tag I want to add and clicked Add tags.


Next, I’ve hit select all again (the checkboxes clear each time so you don’t accidentally change posts you didn’t mean to change).


This time, I’ve clicked x remove tags:




This looks a bit different; x remove tags only shows you the tags that are currently applied to the posts you’ve selected.  So, I’ve checked audiobook and clicked Remove tags.




Now, it’s important if you’re trying to replace one tag with another that you add the new tag before you remove the old one because clicking Remove tags automatically updates your results list.  What does this mean?  Well, if I had removed the audiobook tag first, my result list after removing it would look like this:




As you can see - I no longer have any posts in my list to add my new tag to, because I no longer have any that are tagged with audiobook


So, add first, remove last.


Once you’ve done this, and assuming you’ve applied it to all your posts, you’ll find that old tag is history.  (To check, make a change anywhere in your search criteria - hit show if you need to - and force BL to search again.  This will refresh your tag list.)  Yay!  Only about 100 more to go!



If you’ve been thinking your blog needed a bit of housekeeping, check out the Post mass editor.  Even if you already run a tight ship, don’t forget it can be a valuable resource for finding posts that aren’t tied to books on your shelves. So if someone comes up to you someday asking you for that youtube link to that cat video… you know, that one - with the cat doing that cute thing?… you’ll have a place to start.  ;-)


Happy BookLiking!


Art by Akgulian, Nishan

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