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Discussion: July's Reading Challenge ~ Life's a Beach
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it was all right. some errors here and there but it was generally okay. plus young readers would probably enjoy it more.
Here are the books I read.

July Challenge

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I'm not sure I'm using the phrase "It was all wet" properly. It sounded OK to me, but when I looked up the definition, it was for something that was wrong (like the idea that the sun travels around the earth is all wet).
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is it all right to read and not write a review for a book(s) for the monthly prompts? will the star ratings do instead?
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I don't write reviews.
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great to know. thank you. :)
I'm totally late to the party for July's reading. I did them but I was busy finishing a birthday present for my son so I was either stitching or reading not enough time for all the other fun stuff, but I'm here now so here goes. I'm actually 4 for 4 again this month (sort of, I might have used a little creativity on interpreting the prompts this month).

1. That is a good beach read. I chose Thirty Things by Cate Ashwood for this one because it's a fun low angst story that's easy to follow and just the type of book I would want to read if I was at the beach.

2. That takes place near a body of water. I chose 'In the Middle of Somewhere' by Roan Parrish. Since a fair bit of the book took place in Michigan and it's boundaries are mostly lakes and one of those lakes shares it's name with that state...water, water everywhere.

3. That you thought was all wet. This too me meant a book that threw a bucket a cold water on my enthusiasm for it. 'Worth the Seeing Through' but Lisa Owens did that in a big way, so much so that I doubt I'll be in any rush to buy the next book in this series.

4. Where a character drowns or almost drowns or a ship sinks. 'Out of Hiding' by Mia Kerick was my choice here because one of the MCs has a really strong affinity for water and ironically a couple of times in the story when he's feeling really overwhelmed he dreams that he's drowning, so it's a metaphorical drowning that occurs.
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Happy Birthday to your son! What did you make him?

"3. That you thought was all wet. This too me meant a book that threw a bucket a cold water on my enthusiasm for it."

That's a great way to interpret #3. It totally describes how I felt about the book I chose for that prompt.

Glad you were able to finish July's prompts!
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That system of read the books and then see what ones matched the prompts seems to be going well for me. So I'm thinking if it ain't broke don't fix it. We'll see what August brings.
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