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Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book.
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I just sent you a friend request over on GR. I thought we had chatted over there before and as soon as I saw your icon I recognized it. Thanks for posting the link for me. more »
The monthly keyword challenge sounds interesting. I think I'll need to check that one out. I'm still trying to find you on GR. I'm pretty sure we've chatted over there in the past but of course now that I'm actually going to send you a friend request I can't find you. Oh well. I'll just keep my eyes... more »
I had hoped to end the year by doing all 4 of the prompts for this challenge, but even with taking a bit of poetic license my imagination couldn't quit come up with a book that met each one so I'm going to happily settle for 3 out of 4. #1 - Where the world seems to be coming to an end. I chose A F... more »
Truthfully, I was really surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Sometimes when I read something that's received as much hype and Bear, Otter and the Kid did, I tend to be disappointed. I really enjoyed it and The Art of Breathing for me really was the best of the bunch. more »
Late again with the posting but I covered all 4 this month so I'm pretty happy about that. 1. Where Characters endure something they are not thankful for. My choice for this one was 'The Bridge of Silver Wings' by John Wiltshire. In which one of the MCs is buried alive. Something I don't believe any... more »
True enough and it really wasn't too bad considering I could probably do my November post but have decided to wait until November is actually over. Who knows what I'll read between now and then. more »
I am so behind on this I have been reading them and keeping track I just don't seem to get around to posting them so here goes for October I read books that worked for 3 of the 4 prompts. 1. With characters disguised in some way... 'In (Watch Me), Save You' by Avril Ashton we have one MC who is a c... more »
Ironically September is probably the month that I did the least reading in. Too much real life stuff going on, but I actually have a book for each prompt. So here goes... 1. With school as a setting...Safety Net by Keiko Kirin takes place at college it's a book about college football and I am so gl... more »
Here I am with my August post, better late than never. Right? I only got 2 of the prompts this month. #1 With a character who heads a company. The book I read that met this requirement was Ribbons & Frills by Claire Davis. Review and for prompt #4 a book about royalty or with royal characters I re... more »
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