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Discussion: Dos and don'ts for Editing Books
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All BookLikes users can edit book records. Those edits, once submitted, are put into a queue for approval by a BookLikes librarian. They have the ability to accept, or reject, some or all of the edits made to any book. Unfortunately, there's no way at this time to explain why something might have been rejected, so here are some things that will get rejected and why:

1. Don't change covers without including a valid source link showing your cover is the correct one for that specific edition. Librarians can and do, reject cover submissions without source links. Exception: upgrading covers to higher quality versions, or replacing "cover coming soon" placeholders.

2. Don't change the ISBN of a book unless that ISBN is invalid. Invalid does not mean out-of-print. Invalid is an ISBN number that never existed or is incorrect based on the book standard algorithm, or it's an ISBN that belongs to a different title entirely (not a different edition).

If you submit an edit that includes an ISBN number change or removal, the librarian is going to check it; if it's validly tied to the book title, your edit is going to be rejected. If there's a new edition of this book you want to add, Add a New Book.

3. If you see an ASIN field filled with what is obviously not an ASIN (most likely a repetition of the ISBN10 or 13), just delete the wrong number and leave the field blank, unless it's actually a kindle or an audible. Please do not add ASIN numbers to print, ebooks or CD editions. Those will be rejected.

Just to be clear: do not include ASIN numbers on paperback, hardcover, ebook, or CD Audio editions. Kindles and Audible audiobooks only.

4. If you change the format of the edition, please only use kindle for Amazon books with an ASIN (or audiobooks if they're an Audible book) and ebook for ebooks.

Also understand that if you make edits to a book they won't go through right away; they are added to a queue for a librarian to approve or reject. So if you add a cover, or try to change a cover (for example) and you don't see your changes after you save, it isn't because it didn't work. Once a librarian approves it, you'll see it. If you see some changes, but not all of them, then likely some of your changes were not approved; review and reevaluate. (Librarians don't have the ability to notify you about why changes might have been rejected.)

Questions about making edits? Please feel free to ask below!

Not sure this is the right place for this but I recently read and author not in the booklikes data base.I have contacted booklikes support but did not receive a reply. The author is Jo-Ann Carson and here is here amazon page link:


If a librarian comes across this post please add author to your data base. Thank you
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