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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2017-Report Your Bingos
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created by: Obsidian Blue
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This is a thread for people to report their bingos!
Great idea for a thread! I bingo-ed yesterday when I finished my "serial killer" book!
Great! I have no bingos. Sad face.
Congrats MR!

Got a bingo as well, last Saturday: http://themisathena.booklikes.com/post/1601548/halloween-bingo-2017-update-3-bingo

(Diagonal, top left to bottom right.)

I'm sure you'll get there really soon, too, OB!!

And thanks for creating this thread! :)
Congratulations, Themis-Athena and MR!! Whoohoo!
Congrats! Well done you two!
Great job guys! Congratulations.
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Great! Will update post tomorrow!
Awesome! I know eventually I will get there (have a bingo). Need to get through all the holds I got from the library (some books I have waited a while for) and focus on Bingo.
Congrats, Tannat!
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And good luck with the holds, My Never Ending List!
With todays call, Aliens, I get my first bingo!
Bottom row.
Yeah! Congrats isanythingopen!
Congratulations to Tannat and isanythingopen! Whoohoo!
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