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Discussion: KYD: Team Up!
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created by: Moonlight Reader
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@Darth Pony I think so. I resorted to posting on my feed. Looks like Familiar Diversions and I are making a team. I was only looking for a team of two though.
I think it was one of Tannat's post that Moonlight commented on.
On the team question - I think that teams of 3 would be reasonable.

I am actually going to post a thread to get a head count. Thinking about game play, it may be more fun to have multiple games going. I want there to be some strategy involved in solving the crimes, and if, say, there are ten players, everyone could just read for a different suspect and solve that element right away!
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I'll admit I was a little worried about that too.
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It was one of the first things MT (my husband) mentioned when I told him about the game. I told him we weren't that organised. :P
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Is MT joining the game?
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No ... he's weakening, but he's doing it ssslllooowwwlllyyy. :P
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Okay, I shall step out of my comfort zone and be proactive in my first ever Moonlight Reader hosted BookLikes game. New experiences abound! Woo!

MbD, may I team up with you, pretty please? Ah, never mind, I see in the other thread there's already three on your team. Who's left? (Have I mentioned I suck at being proactive?) XD
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I was just banging my head on the computer to see how I could make this work ... sorry Darth Pony; I'd TOTALLY have teamed up with you if I hadn't already accepted TA's kind offer.
I'm not sure about the head counts. I can change from solo if there winds up being a 2-person team needing a third.
No worries, MbD, I know you would. :)
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Also: thank you for thinking of me and asking; you made my day. :)
Aw, shucks. You've made my day a few times, so I'm happy to return the favor. :)
I am not sure if am team up with anyone. I just got on today?
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