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Discussion: KYD: Head Count
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created by: Moonlight Snow
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All right - we have 14 players at this point. In order to keep the game fun and challenging, there are going to be 2 groups playing separate games:

Red Group:

Obsidian Blue
Team Tannat/Familiar Diversions
Jennifer's Books
Reading is my ESCAPE

Green Group:

Debbie's Spurts
Tea, Rain, Books
Team Themis/MBD & Lillelara

Yellow Group:

Darth Pony
Hooked On Books

I will open three threads - one for each group!

Let the sleuthing commence forthwith!
Hold that thought for a moment - Darth Pony, are you playing?
Yeah, sign me up. I'll play solo. Slowly. Slowlo? XD
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OK! That divides neatly into three games with 5 players each, which ought to keep things challenging.
*waves* I'd also like to join
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Witty Little Kitter is part of the Yellow game.
Daft question but what do the groups/colours do?
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If I understand this correctly, they all solve a different crime. (MR?)
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I think Themis is correct. Probably Moonlight thought the game would end too quickly f enough people playing could guess all the suspects, cause of death, etc. on the same day.
I to would like to join up with a team.
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Night time reading center - I added you to the green game as a solo player. Have fun!
Themis - yes, the different "color" games are just different crimes for the smaller groups to solve. Debbie is right - with 17 players, one crime would be solved in about two rounds, which wouldn't be fun at all! :)
I read this to my (teen) daughters and they want to participate. Is that okay?
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Only one person can play with an account, otherwise that account will get multiple plays, which won't be fair to the other players. If one of them wants to take over your account to play, that's fine. If they want to get their own account and play, that's obviously fine. But they need to "earn" the cards for themselves before they can play them.
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