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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2018: The Official Buddy Read
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Glinglingling ...

Totally off topic here, I know. But while we're passing by on our way to choosing a Halloween group read ...

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I would call the sub series as well as the individual novels to be self-contained. There is some progression in the lives of the characters but there's always enough background in the story itself to sort things out. You might miss a funny reference here and there by reading them out of order but that's what rereads are for. That said, I'd probably read Guards! Guards! before the rest of the guards subseries (but it doesn't have to be), and The Colour of Magic should be read before The Light Fantastic.

I jumped all around in the series, personally.
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I'm not very deep into my Discworld reading, but I'd say that no, it's not necessary, because each book stands on its own, but they also seem interrelated, and the more you read in them, and know the characters and their history, the more you get out of them. So I found this graphic that lists each subseries (Witches, Watch, Death, etc.) and am reading them in order by subseries.
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Thanks for sharing this PM. What a wonderful graphic. The Orang-utan Librarian did an excellent job.
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Phantastic graphic. I'm going to copy this over to the Discworld group ...
Nominations are CLOSED! Poll coming (posted on my blog). Vote now!
Voted! Such a cool way to create a poll ...
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I've read all of these but I've never seen them organised in this way. It makes a lot of sense. I wonder if it's an ex-post categorisation or schema that Pratchett was working to? Thanks for sharing this.
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Not Pratchett: it was put together by a Discworld listserve, and revised numerous times over the years.
Ok, this may be a slightly odd question but will our group read (Wyrd Sisters) qualify as Romantic Suspense?
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I have to read further. So far all I have is fantasy and humor. It would fit the Spellbound and Supernatural squares easy though.
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Ha. Nevermind my question. ;) You'll soon see what I mean, tho. :D
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Okay good :-D
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