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Science fiction has become a dialect for our time. Doris Lessing
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Nah. We are left to our own devices. The owners of this site bailed out a long time ago... more »
The sign of the times... What saddens me is people who get dirty chat mixed up with what is basically human trafficking for sex. Perhaps an extreme example but it's not exactly a business known for being moderate. Most prostitute advertising is online now anyway. Banning the little adverts in the b... more »
Thanks. I feel stupid... more »
"Superintelligence" by Nick Bostrom more »
http://manuelaantao.blogspot.com. more »
The apis available are not enough. more »
It's not possible to create an app without having access to BL's programming api's...and only BL's staff have access to them... more »
We'll never have an export function, as I explained previously on another thread. It's not in BL's DNA... more »
Only us users still use booklikes...The rest (sysadmins, owners,...) have all jumped ship... the last one here, please close the door... more »
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