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So if I'm understanding this correctly, it's the title of the magic user that matters, rather than gender or type of magic? They or others have to call them specifically a witch or that they are using witchcraft rather than any other magic system. Just wanting to clarify. more »
Would Doll Bones by Holly Black count for Modern Masters? more »
I'm looking for some clarification on categories. I have plenty of books on my TBR shelves that I can automatically identify as mystery or supernatural. What I'm wondering is Horror and Suspense. I was Googling female horror authors and ran across Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, Laurel Hamilton,... more »
I'm open for just about anything. Could you surprise me please? I'd like to play. more »
I like the idea of Candyland and a Halloween theme. Maybe a second game later that focuses on Holidays in general. Could a Monopoly type game be done? You could use the world wide holidays like New Years as well as regional or cultural ones. Chinese New Year, Valentines, Boxing Day, what have you. more »
Final tally, 365$. 56 or so books total, combining a couple DNF and the last incomplete. I'm very pleased with the progress this has given me on my yearly reading challenge. Thank you. more »
In the book Anno Dracula by Kim Newman, am I allowed to count the extras at the end since they directly relate to the story and aren't previews of another book. There's an alternate ending, a portion of the movie script workup, a short story and a listing of annotations related to various chapters i... more »
April 17: game start 20$ April 22: The Reliquary, 480 pg $25 April 23: The Trumpening, 164 pg $27 April 29: Cabinet of Curiousities, 629 pg $32 April 30: Still Life with Crows, 546 pg $37 April 30: Doctor Who Terrible Lizards 166 pg $42 May 1: Doctor Who Rain of Terror, 144 pg $44 May 6: A Matter of... more »
Is a book that has multiple novels/novelettes in one count as one book, or is each story counted separately? I'm considering The Bachman Books by Stephen King. more »
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