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Discussion: Halloween Bingo 2017: Questions about the spaces
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Please ask all questions about the spaces in this thread! Feel free to solicit or provide book recommendations to fill spaces in this thread as well!

Q. Tea, Rain, Book asked about age limits on "chilling children."

A. Anyone under 18 qualifies.
Q. Debbie asked: Any rules about the free space book?

A. The free space book has to qualify under any of the 31 spaces previously identified. You can duplicate spaces for this one.
OK, same rules as last year's, then. (In regard to the center square.)
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Exactly! Same bookish raven, same rules!
The rules say that in order to "fill" a square a) it needs to be called and b) you need to finish reading the book

As a slow/time-limited reader, I've got to ask. Do you have to wait for a square to be "called" in order to start reading?

In other words, can I start reading a book on Sept 1, finish it on Sept 10th and then count it for a square that isn't called until September 30th, or would I have to start reading after the September 30th call?
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Q. can I start reading a book on Sept 1, finish it on Sept 10th and then count it for a square that isn't called until September 30th, or would I have to start reading after the September 30th call?

A. You DO NOT have to wait to start reading a book until it is called. You can read & finish it before the call, it just doesn't count towards a bingo until the space is called and you have finished the book. You just have to begin reading on or after 9/1/17 and finish reading on or before 10/31/17.
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Great! So after I get a card, I can pick out a promising-looking "Bingo" and then wait for the squares to
come 'round :-)
I'm looking for some clarification on categories. I have plenty of books on my TBR shelves that I can automatically identify as mystery or supernatural. What I'm wondering is Horror and Suspense. I was Googling female horror authors and ran across Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong, Laurel Hamilton, Anne Rice, etc. I personally may not have classified these as horror, so I'm wondering what are the broad outlines of the horror and suspense categories? For romantic suspense I'm considering Ghost Planet by Sharon Lynn Fisher.
Would Ransom Riggs series (Peculiar Children) be appropriate for "Chilling Children"?

And for the Werewolves space do shapeshifters in general count, or are we sticking strictly with wolves?
Aimeeerickson: I would not consider Charlaine Harris, Kelley Armstrong or Laurel Hamilton to be horror. Anne Rice has some books that would be considered horror, although some would not. Paranormal romance/urban fantasy does not necessarily equal horror, although books within those subgenres could be horror depending upon the content.

I don't know anything about Ghost Planet. It's definitely a romance, so the only question is whether or not it fills the "suspense" criteria. It definitely seems to fit for alien and/or ghost, though, and it looks pretty interesting!


Yes, the Peculiar Children series is appropriate for "chilling children". It is MG/YA horror featuring children.

For the werewolves space - wolves only on this one. However, any shifter qualifies for "supernatural" or "monster."
Lillelara asked a question in a different thread:

Q. May I count a Miss Marple novel for the "Terror in a small town" square? A murder in St. Mary Mead, I would count that as an act of terror in a small town.

A. Yes. Terror in a small town can be filled by a book involving horror/murder mystery, set in a small town.
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That´s great. Thank you :)
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Re: "Terror in a Small Town," that's great to know indeed!

Q. re: "chilling children:" How much of a traditional horror element do these books have to have? I'm looking at "Coffin Road" by Peter May, which I'd really like to read soon, and where a teenager is a major character. May's books -- at least those set on the Hebrides, like this book -- are noir as dark and bone-chilling as they come, but they don't have any supernatural elements. (Not sure about local superstitions in this one.) Does it qualify anyway?
Thanks Moonlight Reader - I can't believe I don't have any werewolves in my TBR, but I have plenty that can be re-read. :) I'm much happier about the Ransom Riggs books - I would have been missing out on a square if not for those books.
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