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Eulogies II: Tales From the Cellar - Christopher Jones, Nanci Kalanta, Tony Tremblay, Elizabeth Massie, Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Tom Piccirilli, Gary A. Braunbeck, Lucy A. Snyder, Eric J. Guignard, Michael Boatman, V.M. Zito, Wesley Southard, Monica J. O'Rourke, Magda Kight, Eric Dimbleby, T.T. Zuma, Keith Minni
Eulogies II: Tales From the Cellar
by Michael Boatman (author), Gary A. Braunbeck (author), Tom Piccirilli (author), Keith Minnion (author), James A. Moore (author), Gerard Houarner (author), Tony Tremblay (author), Maurice Broaddus (author), Elizabeth Massie (author), Steve Vernon (author), Lucy A. Snyder (author), Monica J. O'Rourke (author), Gary McMahon (author), Christopher Jones (author), Matthew Warner (author), Sean Logan (author), Nicole Cushing (author), David Schembri (author), Nanci Kalanta (author), Eric J. Guignard (author), Eric Dimbleby (author), Abra Staffin-Wiebe (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), V.M. Zito (author), Rose Blackthorn (author), Jonathan Templar (author), Janet Joyce Holden (author), Wesley Southard (author), T.T. Zuma (author), Magda Kight (author), John McIlveen (author), Arthur Crow (author), Malcolm Laughton (author), Brent Jenkins (author), Mary Madewell (author), Thad Linson (author)
publisher: HW Press publish date: July 7th 2013
format: paperback pages: 374
language: English
ISBN: 0979234654 (9780979234651)
People of Few Words - Volume 3 - Fifty More Writers from the Writers' Showcase of the Short Humour Site - Swan Morrison, Lily Mulholland, Matevz Honn, David Macpherson, Gurmeet Mattu, Peter McMillan, Phil Richardson, Edward Rodosek, Roz Warren, Amye Archer, Rebecca L. Brown, Jeff Burton, Jimmy Calabrese, Marsh Cassady, Neil Ellman, Joel Shulkin, Christopher Allen, Matt Mok, Ch
People of Few Words - Volume 3 - Fifty More Writers from the Writers' Showcase of the Short Humour Site
by Richard Brown (author), Christopher Allen (author), Andy Smith (author), Roz Warren (author), Jeff Burton (author), David Macpherson (author), Marsh Cassady (author), Peter McMillan (author), Tom Mahoney (author), Tony Owens (author), Matthew Dexter (author), Amye Archer (author), Jimmy Calabrese (author), Joel Shulkin (author), Adam Graupe (author), Phil Richardson (author), Lily Mulholland (author), Swan Morrison (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), Neil Ellman (author), Matevz Honn (author), Gurmeet Mattu (author), Edward Rodosek (author), Matt Mok (author), Chris Behrsin (author), Zach Smith (author), Lata Vijaybaskar (author), Orest Talpash (author), Tricia Sutton (author), Cedric Botfrob (author), Erin Theisen (author), Wanda Morrow-Clevenger (author), Peter Mugerwa (author), Catherine Warnock (author), Janet Yung (author), John Ye (author), Phil Sawyer (author), Mary J. Breen (author), Kara Carlson (author), Lucia He (author), Janet Eve Josselyn (author), Tony R. Lindsay (author), N. Joy Lutton (author), Dom Macchiaroli (author), Jim McInvale (author), Christopher G. Meade (author), Robert John Miller (author), Deborah Cherry Mosch (author), Sam Mosley (author), Charlie Wade (author)
publisher: Lulu.Com publish date: April 25th 2011
format: paperback pages: 107
language: English
ISBN: 9781446736319
Sword and Zombie: Volume 1 - Eric S. Brown, William Meikle, Rebecca L. Brown, G.W. Thomas, David Bain, Coy Powers
Sword and Zombie: Volume 1
by William Meikle (author), David Bain (author), G.W. Thomas (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), Eric S. Brown (author), Coy Powers (author)
publisher: a/a Productions
format: kindle pages: 204
language: English
A Quick Bite of Flesh - Robert Helmbrecht, Terry Alexander, Jason Andrew, Michael H. Antonio, Mary Ann Back, Rose Blackthorn, H.G. Bleackley, Rebecca L. Brown, Charles Colyott, Alyn Day, Mandy DeGeit, T. Fox Dunham, Kris Freestone, Aaron Gudmunson, Tara Fox Hall, Dane Hatchell, Janet Joyce Hold
A Quick Bite of Flesh
by John McCarthy (author), Matthew Wilson (author), Edd Vick (author), Jason Andrew (author), Armand Rosamilia (author), Charles Colyott (author), Sheri White (author), Cinsearae S. (author), D. Alexander Ward (author), Doug Murano (author), David James Keaton (author), Terry Alexander (author), T. Fox Dunham (author), Joseph A. Polega (author), Dane Hatchell (author), Rebecca Snow (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), Suzanne Robb (author), Mary Ann Back (author), Joe Mogel (author), Wol-vriey (author), Tara Fox Hall (author), Tori L. Ridgewood (author), Robert S. Wilson (author), Rose Blackthorn (author), Mark Scioneaux (author), Janet Joyce Holden (author), Alyn Day (author), Steve Voelker (author), Jay Wilburn (author), Paco (author), Mandy DeGeit (author), Aaron Gudmunson (author), Robert Helmbrecht (author), Michael H. Antonio (author), H.G. Bleackley (author), Kris Freestone (author), Ken MacGregor (author), Fi Michell (author), Jennifer I. Paquette (author), Lucy Pireel (author), Matthew Smallwood (author), Tony Southcotte (author), Cameron Suey (author), Emily Vater (Just a Hunch Book Blog) (author), L.E. White (author), William Whorton (author), Deborah Drake (author)
publisher: Hazardous Press publish date: September 21st 2012
format: kindle
language: English
Blood Lust - Rebecca L. Brown
Blood Lust
by Rebecca L. Brown (author)
format: ebook
language: English
Horrific History - Robert Helmbrecht, Brent Abell, Pete Aldin, Jason Andrew, Monette Bebow-Reinhard, Rose Blackthorn, Rebecca L. Brown, T. Fox Dunham, Gwendolyn Edward, Aaron J. French, Tara Fox Hall, Christian A. Larsen, Ken MacGregor, Lynne Maclean, Adam Millard, Douglas J. Moore, Doug M
Horrific History
by Stephen D. Rogers (author), Lynne Maclean (author), David Williamson (author), Jason Andrew (author), Monette Bebow-Reinhard (author), Lee Clark Zumpe (author), D. Alexander Ward (author), Emerian Rich (author), Doug Murano (author), T. Fox Dunham (author), Aaron J. French (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), Brent Nichols (author), Adam Millard (author), Jenny Twist (author), Christian A. Larsen (author), Tara Fox Hall (author), Brent Abell (author), Rose Blackthorn (author), Julianne Snow (author), Douglas J. Moore (author), Pete Aldin (author), Jay Wilburn (author), Robert Helmbrecht (author), Ken MacGregor (author), Cameron Suey (author), Deborah Drake (author), Gwendolyn Edward (author), Christopher S. Nelson (author)
publisher: Hazardous Press publish date: April 19th 2013
format: paperback pages: 388
language: English
ISBN: 0615807348 (9780615807348)
Dark Bits (QuickLII, #1) - Tina Rath, Bruce Boston, James S. Dorr, Keith Armstrong, Kathryn Ptacek, Matthew Wilson, Jeremy C. Shipp, Edd Vick, Robert Ford, James Roy Daley, Sheri White, Kevin Lucia, Jessica McHugh, Guy Anthony De Marco, Jamie Lackey, Darryl Dawson, G.N. Braun, Die Booth, David Gresk
Dark Bits (QuickLII, #1)
by Tina Rath (author), Bruce Boston (author), James S. Dorr (author), Keith Armstrong (author), Kathryn Ptacek (author), Matthew Wilson (author), Jeremy C. Shipp (author), Edd Vick (author), Robert Ford (author), James Roy Daley (author), Sheri White (author), Kevin Lucia (author), Jessica McHugh (author), Guy Anthony De Marco (author), Jamie Lackey (author), Darryl Dawson (author), G.N. Braun (author), Die Booth (author), David Greske (author), Kevin David Anderson (author), Tracy L. Carbone (author), Dane Hatchell (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), Kenneth W. Cain (author), Carson Buckingham (author), Cynthia Ray (author), Meriah L. Crawford (author), Max Booth III (author), Richard Farren Barber (author), Wesley Southard (author), Chantal Noordeloos (author), Jeff Heimbuch (author), Mandy DeGeit (author), Jacob Haddon (author), Michael H. Antonio (author), Cameron Suey (author), Mark C. Scioneaux (author), Angela Pritchett (author), Sandy Shelonchik (author), Robin Devereaux-Nelson (author), Johannes Pinter (author), Apple Ardent Scott (author), Kallirroe Agelopoulou (author), Mary Pletsch (author), Michele Mixell (author), Randolph Andrews (author), Bryce Hughes (author), Robert Smales (author), Stephanie Jessop (author), Chantel Delulio (author)
publisher: Apokrupha LLC publish date: September 2nd 2013
format: kindle pages: 110
language: English
Their Dark Masters - Mark Anthony Crittenden, Barry J. Northern, Brian K. Ladd, Henry Brasater, Tyree Campbell, Marie-Claire Graham, Lee Hughes, Gregory Miller, Erik Boman, Lily Childs, Marissa Farrar, Paul Anderson, Erin Cole, Rebecca L. Brown
Their Dark Masters
by Paul Anderson (author), Gregory Miller (author), Tyree Campbell (author), Lee Hughes (author), Mark Anthony Crittenden (author), Barry J. Northern (author), Brian K. Ladd (author), Erin Cole (author), Henry Brasater (author), Marie-Claire Graham (author), Erik Boman (author), Lily Childs (author), Marissa Farrar (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author)
publisher: CreateSpace publish date: January 3rd 2011
format: paperback pages: 202
language: English
ISBN: 1456334778 (9781456334772)
Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge - William F. Nolan, Mike Resnick, Michael R. Collings, Laird Barron, Peter Watts, James S. Dorr, Stephen Graham Jones, Tim Waggoner, Jason V. Brock, Brian Fatah Steele, David N. Smith, Jason Duke, John Palisano, Violet Addison, H.E. Roulo, G.N. Braun, Peter Giglio, James Ni
Blood Type: An Anthology of Vampire SF on the Cutting Edge
by William F. Nolan (author), Mike Resnick (author), Michael R. Collings (author), Laird Barron (author), James S. Dorr (author), Stephen Graham Jones (author), Tim Waggoner (author), Jason V. Brock (author), Brian Fatah Steele (author), David N. Smith (author), Jason Duke (author), John Palisano (author), Violet Addison (author), H.E. Roulo (author), G.N. Braun (author), Peter Giglio (author), James Ninness (author), Benjamin Kane Ethridge (author), Rebecca L. Brown (author), Michael Kamp (author), Amelia Mangan (author), Robert S. Wilson (author), Jonathan Templar (author), Jilly Paddock (author), Taylor Grant (author), Jay Wilburn (author), Essel Pratt (author), Peter Watts (author), S.G. Algernon (author), Teri Hoch (author)
publisher: Nightscape Press, LLP publish date: 2014-08-20
format: Paperback pages: 466
language: English
ISBN: 1938644174 (9781938644177)
Dreams of Dualty - Rebecca L. Brown
Dreams of Dualty
by Rebecca L. Brown (author)
publisher: Red Skies Press, " /> publish date: 2012
language: English
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