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review 2016-11-30 14:38
Size Matters (A Perfect Fit #1)
Size Matters (A Perfect Fit) - Alison Bliss


I've never read anything by this author before, but I'm always a sucker for BBW romances, so I decided to give this a chance.

Leah was a bit annoying at times. She wasn't that overweight, and yet she kept making over as if she was 100-150 pounds overweight. Her insecurities led her to be self destructive at times and wouldn't let her accept the fact that Sam could fall for her. However, there were times where she really stood up for herself and began to really shine.

Sam was a jerk for most of the book, and most of what he did got Leah into trouble somehow, and he didn't really own up to dealing with it until he discovered he had fallen for her, then wanted to bail her out of the entire mess he had gotten her into!

The secondary characters in the book were almost as bad as our two main characters! Leah's mom was insulting and abusive, and her father never defended her! Valerie had no problem abandoning Leah any time she wanted to hook up with a guy, and didn't really respect Leah's wishes when it came to dating. Max was a sexist jerk, who had no issue with sabotaging his best friend's chances with Leah.

With all this negativity about the book, why have I rated this so highly, you may be asking? The answer is simple: the humor! This book was very funny! Every time one of these negative issues reared its head, something happened that was so side-splittingly funny that it totally eclipsed the negative aspect! That really held the book together and kept me interested and reading it!

For a first introduction to the author, I would definitely recommend this book!

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review 2016-11-29 00:31
No One But You (Truly Yours Digital Editions #953, Tumbleweed Weddings #3)
No One but You - Donna Reimel Robinson

I wasn't that impressed with this story.  Cheyenne was very whiny and too worried about the stipulations of her grandmother's will and she kept "begging" God for what she wanted, not content to wait for His timing.  Derek thought there was only one true way to serve the Lord, but didn't stop to consider that there were other ways of service.  Thing of it was, the bulk of the book was spent with the two main characters romancing other people than with falling in love with each other!  I liked the fact that we got check ins with the previous couples in the series, but it just wasn't a good ending overall.

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review 2016-11-27 18:59
Serving Pleasure (Pleasure #2)
Serving Pleasure (Pleasure Series Book 2) - Alisha Rai

After my lukewarm review of Glutton for Pleasure and needing to find books that finished up a series for a challenge, I broke down and purchased this book. I really wish I hadn't!

Micah was too focused on his tragedy and he had not fully mentally healed from it. I felt he had no business starting an intimate artist's relationship between model/artist, never mind starting a romantic one! While he never actually became abusive to Rana, he also wasn't in a good position to be the emotional rock she needed.

Rana followed Devi's footsteps a bit, in so much as she couldn't stand up to her mother. Eventually, she does, but it comes at a time where emotional blow after blow begins hitting Rana. I felt that the mother was definitely emotionally abusing the three sisters, but most especially Rana! It also didn't help that Rana's self-esteem was pretty much non-existent during all of this.

All things considered, I doubt I will read the final book in the series, if and when it comes out, nor do I think I will continue reading the author's work.

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review 2016-11-27 17:08
Until Tomorrow (Sierra Weddings #3, Cooper Family Trilogy #3)
Until Tomorrow - Jeri Odell

I wasn't that impressed with this story. I found it difficult to read and a bit too far fetched for my enjoyment. The religious part of the story-line felt forced and this gave the book a bit of an unbelievable quality. This was not helped by the manner in which Lexi and Cody "fell" in love. I also had a hard time connecting to the characters overall. The mystery was a bit on the juvenile side and unengaging. There wasn't much connection with the rest of the series to me, other than Cody was the brother of the hero from the second book in the series, and fielded a few calls from said brother. This installment would be one I recommend skipping, especially since the other two books in the series were much better to my way of thinking.

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review 2016-11-26 18:16
High Noon
High Noon - Nora Roberts

This was an awesome read! It started out kinda slow, but things started picking up and suddenly, I was at the point where I couldn't put it down! Phoebe reminded me a lot of Eve Dallas from her In Death series. Duncan was a bit annoying over all, as he came across as way too Alpha and unable to understand that Phoebe could take care of herself. I enjoyed the supporting characters a good bit, and the mystery totally threw me for a loop! Some pieces of the book were unbelievable, especially the part about a policewoman not being a good shot, but otherwise the book was well worth the read!

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