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review 2019-02-19 16:01
Snowed In (Hunt&Cam4Ever #4)
Snowed In: Hunter's Story - Adira August

“You didn’t beat your way through the layers of defenses,” Hunter went on. “You washed them away, massaged them away, gave me some kind of life energy you seem to exude from your pores. And it was too much, too fucking much. But you’re goddamned relentless. You wouldn’t stop until it all sloughed off and I was left raw and exposed. It was terrifying. And wonderful."


All relationship development with this one and I loved every single moment.  


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review 2019-02-19 14:35
Dancing Men (Hunt&Cam4Ever #3)
Dancing Men - Adira August

Hunter decided heaven was being eternally in the moment of waking naturally next to someone you wanted to see when you opened your eyes.




Love it when the relationship and the mystery are done in a way they work together. Nothing drives me more crazy than a mystery that almost acts as a page filler. I find myself either bored with the mystery or bored with the couple. Here they worked unbelievably well as a cohesive story. Absolutely loving the development of these characters and how different they are from every other couple I have ever read about.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2019-02-16 14:43
The Warrior's Apprentice by Lois McMaster Bujold
The Warrior's Apprentice - Lois McMaster Bujold

Never got around to do a review of this book, so I decided to re-read it and amend this oversight.


After failing his entrance exams into the military academy and the death of his grandfather, Miles Vorkosigan, 17 years old, handicapped by brittle bones, suffering from (more or less) latent depression, is sent to distant Beta Colony. There he stumbles upon a Barrayaran deserter, a jumpship pilot and a contract to ship cargo - erm, weapons - through a blockade.What follows is, as they say, history. Forward momentum anyone?


Coming back to the beginnings of this saga is kind of strange experience: Miles feeling like a failure (and having this feeling reenforced by his grandfather's death and some ill-thought through, and misunderstood, statements of his father's), being rather narrow-minded - well, like a normal 17 year old, I guess. His whole world exists of getting into the academy and impressing Elena, his childhood friend and daughter of his bodyguard Bothari. Stumbling his way through creating an army, dealing with history that's been kept hidden from him, and facing loss and pain broadens his horizons and defines who Miles's ultimately going to become.


In a sense this novel concludes the first part of the Vorkosigan series. It puts a preliminary ending to plotthreads set out in Cordelia's Honor, such as Bothari, Elena, Miles's grandfather, the Regency, Vorhalas's family's involvement with the soltoxin attack etc. The epilogue will be found in "The Vor Game" where Gregor'll have to come to terms with his family's past.


But the board is set for part two of the saga: Miles's time in the Imperial service - and with the Dendarii... and finding his way back to his roots in more figurative sense.

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review 2019-02-15 15:33
Matchstick Men (Hunt&Cam4Ever #2)
Matchstick Men (Hunt&Cam4Ever #2) - Adira August

Definitely falling for this couple. Anxious for more. ❤️

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review 2019-02-14 00:31
Blaze (Unbreakable Bonds #5)
Blaze - Rinda Elliott,Jocelynn Drake

Ummm. So yeah this didn’t work for me.


Story was a 3. I really could have done without this EPA drama and had a book solely about the wedding but that’s just me. I found myself skimming a lot. Oh and did you know Lucas and his niece look just alike?? Like wow. Not sure I heard that enough. I’m worried the future book will be similar. Family dramalama with less about the boys.


The boys were a 4. I missed Jude, Ian and Hollis which is why this is not a 5. Their presence was definitely missed. I could have also used some additional tender moments at the reception in lieu of another round of hot sex. Phew. Toasts, dancing and that hug between Snow and Andrei. Yep...that I needed.


Book an average of 3.5.


Anyway, I love these guys and their “Unbreakable Bond”. But for me it’s time to say goodbye and let these guys live on in my head.

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