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review 2019-04-12 21:37
His First Time
His First Time: An Erotic Bundle Romance - Tal Bauer


Phew. I love it when a favorite author steps out of their comfort zone and throws some erotic hotness in your lap. This was tasty.


Gaaahhh...three different scenarios and equally enjoyable. While I enjoyed the story of the first two more than the third, the POV style of the third made this one equally enjoyable.


Definitely will be rereading this one at some point. YUM!

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review 2019-04-12 21:31
CTRL Me - Anna Zabo

Oh this was yummy. I hate it ended so soon as these two had some pretty great chemistry and I’d have loved to see them in several more scenes together. Definitely a fabulous shortie.

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review 2019-04-03 18:52
Beyond Duty
Beyond Duty (Expanded Edition) - S.J.D. Peterson

These guys are sweet alpha marines dedicated and loving. But there was really nothing to this couple. I kept hoping we would get some flashbacks...maybe their first kiss, first sexual interaction, or something but we didn't. This pretty much all occurs 22 years after they met and I think 10 years into their sexual relationship. IDK... I just needed more. Some drama or something. But there was really nothing. And honestly I would not even call this a BDSM story at all. From what I had read before picking this up I thought it would be pretty heavy but nope. One scene in a basement and a couple of uses of "boy" and that pretty much was it.


Overall this was just not what I was hoping for as I definitely was expecting more. Again a loving couple with no dramalama so if that is what you're after tackle this one for sure. By no means is this a bad book at all. Quite sweet actually...just not what I was hoping for.


Oh well...



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review 2019-03-22 14:25
The Beast's Beauty (Beauty and the Beast #2)
The Beauty's Beast (The Beauty and the Beast #2) - R. Phoenix

I have to say I knew nothing about this book or series but just bought it for the cover. LOL. I gobbled up these two books and while it is so wrong...it was so right. I loved the mental play happening here. There is no physical torture and no penetrative rape, but there is humiliation, puppy/kitty play and just an interesting exploration into the mindset of a kidnapper and his victim...into submission and needing to become someone else in order to survive.


This series may not work for everyone but it totally worked for me.


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review 2019-03-22 14:16
The Beast's Beauty (Beauty and the Beast #1)
The Beast's Beauty (The Beauty and the Beast #1) - R. Phoenix

This is totally working for me in all it's wrongness.

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