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review 2017-02-23 17:48
Doctor Without Borders
Doctor Without Borders - Scarlet Cox


Oh this one was just tasty.  And exactly what we had been waiting for.  Doctor on Doctor, Voyeurism, Open Doors, Spanking, Blindfold, Belts, Gagless, Loud, Desk Sex, and NO CONDOM.  Oh yes, he marked this one.  


This was so OTT fantastic...I just loved it.  This cocky bastard I swear is like valium on legs...everyone gets hard and wet in his presence.  





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review 2017-02-15 15:03
Voyageurs - Keira Andrews

I loved this.  


While short, Keira packs the emotional punch with this historical voyage through the Canadian wilderness.  




Set in 1793, this story follows the thousand mile journey of two men who over the course of their journey develop a relationship unlike either have ever experienced.  


He didn’t know how to feel. Exhilarated. Embarrassed. Apprehensive. Excited. Confused.





“You’re like me, aren’t you?”

Simon was puzzled. “Like you?”

“You wouldn’t want a woman even if there was one here.”

“No. I wouldn’t.” Simon was thrilled. Could Christian feel the same way he did? Did he sense the bond between them growing ever stronger?

“The others I’ve met, they…they weren’t like us. For them it was just to fill a void. A need. Nothing more. They’d choose a woman if they could.”

Simon pressed their lips together, wishing he could see Christian’s eyes in the gloom. “I’ve never wanted a woman. And I want every part of you.”




And yet, this one ended too soon, as all shorts do.  I could have continued with this for many many more pages.


*Highly Recommended*


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review 2017-02-14 04:47
Voyager - Davina Porter,Diana Gabaldon

Oh, Voyager. You get so many things right, but that one little thing...


I've said numerous times over this "reread" while I've listened to the audiobooks for the first time that one of the things Gabaldon does best is write fully realized characters, even third-tier characters, and she certainly continues to do that here. Her attention to detail, her descriptions, the way she lets the characters pop out of the page give them all life. It's really amazing.


And then there's Mr. Willoughby, or make that Yi Tien Cho, a Chinese refugee stowaway who landed in Scotland and was taken in by Jamie. First, I need to acknowledge that none of these characters are perfect. Even Claire, who comes from the more contemporary 1940s-1960s, has her prejudices and she doesn't even come close to how close-minded and insular everyone else is once we get back to the 1700s. So Cho's pure hatred of the white men isn't what bothers me. No, it's that he's a walking stereotype of all the worst things you can imagine about the Chinese. Even when I was reading this for the first time in my relatively clueless late-teens, Cho made me uncomfortable. Now, I was gritting my teeth nearly every time he was on the page. It was grating. There was not one redeeming trait to him, and to make it worse, he's the only Chinese character in either of these series - in fact, the only Asian character, which makes his representation even more troubling. So I'm glad he's only in this book and none of the others. And all because Gabaldon needed a way for Jamie, with his severe seasickness, to survive the crossing of the Atlantic. Because all Chinese know acupuncture, don't you know. *sigh*


But onto the good things, mostly John Grey. <3 I decided to experiment with this listen and do something I've been planning to do for years, and that's read Voyager and the Lord John Grey books in chronological order. While I don't think I'll ever do that again, it was still a fun way to experience the stories and get in John's adventures alongside Claire's and Jamie's. I just love John and I hope Gabaldon plans to write more of his adventures, especially since I'm not planning to read any more Outlander books. Voyager will even be the last one that I reread since I didn't really enjoy the others that came after this.

Though I may just have to reread William falling into the privy in the next book some day. That scene is golden. Willie is just a prat and totally deserving of that fate. :D

(spoiler show)

The cast for those have just gotten too huge, the focus has moved away too much from Claire and Jamie, and they just refuse to end. Plus, all the rape. What is Gabaldon's obsession with rape? And while there's no on-page in this book for a change, we still have to hear about

poor Young Ian's recount of his rape by Gellie Duncan.

(spoiler show)


Other good things: the reunion between Claire and Jamie was great, and getting to see the Murrays again, even if just briefly, was fun. Fergus is all grown up and not yet a lazy drunk. Spending so much time on the Atlantic crossing could've been dull as hell, but Gabaldon keeps the tension up wonderfully with several adventures - though I do have to say this is the point where all these characters randomly running into each other gets a bit eye roll inducing. It's one thing when they're all confined to Great Britain because that's a tiny little island (sorry, my British friends, but it is), but when they're shipwrecking onto random islands and whatnot, I think it's okay to have them run into people they don't know in any capacity. 


And I do have to say, I prefer my Loa to come in the form of a hamburger-shaped drive-thru speaker than I do a creepy possessed mentally unstable white woman. Because problematic ableist tropes aside, who doesn't want their drive-thru speaker to also give them cryptic messages about the future?

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review 2017-02-13 15:12
The Bruise-Black Sky
The Bruise-Black Sky - John Wiltshire

I hate when I don’t write a review immediately, so bear with me on this one as I try to distinguish this book from the others.


Overall, this one included some brilliant scenes.  From the introduction of Miles Toogood (who could be my favorite kid ever) to the fat but witty Peyton Garic, this one continued with some fantastic humor involving the lovely Nik.  I adore him in these scenes.


“You’re a historical figure now. A superhero. You need a name.”

Miles looked down, blushing furiously. “I don’t much like the names that get made up for me. Miles Too…other things.”

“That’s because they aren’t seeing your secret identity. Hmm, let me think…Chainsaw.”


“Hush. It’s a secret identity.”

“I wish you didn’t have to go.”

“Not many people have ever said that to me.”

“Or me.”

Nor me. You should say nor me.”

“No, you shouldn’t! You only use nor when it’s combined with neither! Everyone knows that! Otherwise it’s or. I think I’d better lend you my Golden Treasury of English Grammar. But you will return it, won’t you? I don’t really like lending my books.”


I love this kid.  And I hope we get much more of him in the future.


But one of my favorite scenes and one I would desperately want to see played out on film was the introduction of the bodyguard.  I never suspected this at all and how this unfolds is all together perfect.


We continue as well with some wonderful moments with Emilia and Ulyana as Nik continues to build a family around him.  Squeezy also gets a bit more page time in this and his relationship with Nik as well is another interesting dynamic I want more of.


And then, of course, the relationship between our Nik and Ben.  This continues to be unbelievably written and strong. Their relationship showing their continued need for each other, in order to sustain life.


Ben was biting his own lip. When he could taste blood, he bent down and kissed Nikolas, murmuring, “Take my blood and own me.” He felt Nikolas’s tongue licking along the little wound then pulled his mouth down to his nipple. Nikolas bit him, as Ben knew he would. It was painful and exquisite and was just between them, marking them, joining them. They didn’t do this very often, but it was entirely understood between them—they were each other’s sustenance and life. Nikolas lapped at the bleeding bite mark he’d inflicted. They were both so aroused it was painful to remain in clothes.


So why not five stars here?  This one unfortunately fell just below the others for me.  The story of Oliver seemed quick to end and honestly I was left confused many times by what was happening.  The underlying meaning for me was hard to follow.  Was he murdered?  Honestly I have no idea.  And there are several other things which (as the books continue to unfold become clearer) but at the time I was losing grasp of what Nik was actually up to.  Perhaps this was entirely on purpose but it almost drove me a little crazy.  Ultimately I have determined that the mysterious Nik will do whatever he has to do to protect Ben and so nothing is off limits or out of the realm of possibility. 



Many surprises continue to unfold here and it will be interesting to see how these actions begin to affect the dynamic of these two men.  I eagerly await more.

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review 2017-02-10 19:04
Gone for You
Gone for You (Wild Side Book 1) - Riley Hart

What a nice surprise this was...of course...it is Riley Hart so you know it's gonna be good...but this one was even better than I was expecting.


Childhood friends to lovers with so much heart and devotion that you can't help but love these men to death.  This story takes a good 50% of the book to kick into any sort of sexual relationship but honestly this worked for them and made you appreciate the relationship they did have on a different level.  Once this got there it was off the charts with sexy times.  


Oliver is just one of those people everyone wants and needs in their lives.  The strong supportive friend who always has your back.


Matty is just a lost soul and while he loves his Oliver, he also needs to be able to learn to stand on his own.  And he tries and tries.  But it is only in his music where he can truly be himself and the man that Oliver has loved for so long.


“There you are.”

“You knew where I was,” he replied, and then, “sorry if I woke you.”

“That’s not what I meant. Earlier, during your shoot you had your walls so fucking high around you, I couldn’t see you. I looked for you, even afterward but you had your mask firmly in place. You do most of the time, don’t you, Matty? You’re always fucking wearing it but not when you play. That’s the only time you’re really you.”


While both men are in their late 20's this is almost a coming of age story for Matty as he struggles to find himself.  


This book is filled with some very touching, sexy and possessive moments (which are some of my favorite).


"If you were mine, I’d burn the fucking world down before I let anyone else touch you.”


Phew!  Riley can definitely get the heat going.  


This one has very little angst as well which was nice.  Even the little there was was absolutely necessary and showed the maturity needed to make this work long term.


Miles is up next and already I am in love with his character (plus there is a sneak peek to his story at the end of this) and hopefully we will get Chance's story eventually too. 

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