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review 2014-09-03 11:39
Review: Dark Descendant.
Dark Descendant - Jenna Black

Not bad, not bad at all. I would actually rate this book 4 stars if it didnt seriously go against some of my core moral beliefs, yea those pesky morals ruining a good book.

still deciding if i should knock off half or a whole star for that.


Anyhoo..... the rest of the book was pretty good, Nikki has a fantastic sense of humor that had me cracking up with laughter on multiple occasions, shame she has so much freaken baggage though! its insane how much she carts around especially when it comes to the whole family/sister thing.

Chicks thinks the sun practically shines out of her sister ass when any outside viewer/reader can see it doesnt, dont get me wrong the sister is wonderful but she does in fact have flaws.

The rest of the characters for me were....iffy. I highly dislike blake - i cant stand it when a bad guy, particularly one as vile as this - is secretly made out to be a good guy all along, you cant threaten/attempt the vileness of that magnitude and its just disappears from everyone's mind just because you say you where only pretending, or wouldnt actually go through with it. not when you threaten that!. not cool dude, not cool.

The rest of the characters are okay but i wouldnt say anything special. My favorite would probably be Emmit or Jamel - though i kept picturing Jamel as an African American, when he's clearly not, i think its a combination of things, the Rastafarian braids dont help either, lol.

No idea why i would like Emmit when he was barely there and by the end everyone was pretty convinced he set Nikki up to begin with, but i do. I like Jamel because he's honest and up front - and i cant say that about any of the other characters, though i am intrigued by Jack (the trickster/loki descendant) and am hoping to earn more about him. i think Emma will also turn out to be interesting.


The rest of the world.... well thinking back on it, besides setting up the scene we dont hear much about it. nearly all the focus was on the characters and what they where up to, i didnt mind. i'm under the understanding the world is like our current world with secret paranormal beings running around. so i can let my imagination run wild pretty much.


the 'bad' guys where bland and not anywhere near as interesting as the supposedly 'good' guys.


okay one last thing i need to bring up is this book was brutal. Rape was brought out frequently as a bludgeoning weapon and used/threatened at every opportunity. if i wasnt so disgusted i would have laughed at how commonly it was mentioned.

either way if you have a slight sensitivity/trigger to the topic STEER CLEAR! there was also violence/beatings but nothing as server as the rape mentioning's.


otherwise not a bad first book.


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review 2014-08-31 05:36
Review: Ill Wind
Ill Wind - Rachel Caine


This review will be filled to the brim with spoilers.......



I rather enjoyed this book, though i must admit to enjoying the Outcast Series quite a bit more. I think it mainly had to do with the fact that I liked Outcast's main character, Castiel more than Joanne, but that's just me. Also everyone loved Joanne, which got old fast. One thing i did really enjoy was comparing my memory from the Outcast series to what i was reading in Ill Wind.

It was fascinating how Joanne viewed the weather (mainly as a bad menacing object that only wanted to destroy) I dont recall castiel thinking like that at all.

I had a pretty good clue what David was before i was pointed out, from Castiel's nifty gifts - the car stealing sealed the deal, lol. and i recall one human being turned into a Djinn, totally forgot it was Joanne, also i dont get why David fell for her, or how anyone did in fact, I get it she was beautiful and powerful but surely that can only count for part or the attraction?

Joanne also had a teenage set of hormones i swear, chick never stopped thinking about getting some or day dreamed about past sexual encounters.

She also had a mad passion for old american muscle cars, if i recall correctly Castiel had one for motorbikes - secret passion of Mrs Caine's i wonder?

maybe thats why all the boys like Joanne, shes a teenagers wet-dream come true? lol


I believe Mrs Caine also did her research on the weather and how it works - i personally have zero clue, but the explanation seemed sound?.


I liked how Joanne not only had to use her talents but her brain as well when it came to controlling/battling the weather it was a nice change.


The end was interesting, I'm very intrigued where
Joanne and David are going from here, lucky me i have the next book waiting for me at home :)




Classic Urban Fantasy

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review 2014-08-05 09:15
Review: Phoenix rising
Phoenix Rising - Philippa Ballantine,Tee Morris

I really rather enjoyed myself while reading this book - its hard to pinpoint why though? maybe the complex characters? not only did they keep secrets from themselves as well as each other but from the reader as well! which i must say is rather talented!

The world was fascinating, I love the whole Old World Steampunk setting - I always get a kick out of it!

The majority of the writing as good - there was at times when i needed to re-read a sentence to understand what the author meant, and sometimes even then i was still left at a bit of a loss (this happened more towards the beginning pf the book in the action scene's rather than at the end).

I loved how the POV took turns between Books and Braun, and i must say, their last names suit there personalities well, lol.

Trying to understand brooks from's Braun's POV was difficult and if we only had her insight i think he may of fell to the wayside, as it was, reading from his POV was spectacular and very informative about himself. and boy these two have some interesting secrets that i cant wait to learn more about!


Who would i recommend to? Any one who enjoys old World Steampunk setting of course.

Will i be reading the next book? Yes, i actually think i have it somewhere... hmm.....

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review 2014-04-29 22:43
Review - Blood Red by Jason Bovberg
Blood Red (Book 1) - Jason Bovberg

Well now, here's an interesting one.  End of the World?  Yes.  Zombies?  No.  Plague? Not really.  Aliens?  Hmmm, might be.  Maybe? Possibly?  It's not obvious what caused The End but the story kicks off right at the point of things turning nasty and we're off and running from the get-go. 

This is quite a tough one to review because most of what I want to say is likely to be riddled with spoilers.  I'll have to try and skirt round the spoils...

So, Rachel is 19 and wakes up early one morning to a town littered with corpses.  It looks as though whatever caused the mass demise of the population happened instantly to everyone at the same time but what that 'something' is isn't clear. So far, so good.  Very quickly she becomes aware that there is something unnatural happening to the bodies.  Something creepy.  Now, what I _want_ to do here is say what  I think has happened to them all but that would be one of the spoils I mentioned having to skirt around so I'm just going to say that it all seems a bit 'otherworldly'. 

The whole story takes place in just over 24 hours(ish) so there's a lot packed in but because Rachel has no clue what is going on we don't have a clue either.  Part of the fun of this is speculating possible (probable) cause but with no answers forthcoming it's a bit frustrating too.  But in a good way.

Luckily Rachel finds she's not the only survivor and as with all good apocalypse stories she teams up with the random mix of people she meets.  I like the characters, it's a nice mix.  Cop with firearms, crazy unhinged one, new friend on the same wavelength, stable older person... the usual stuff.  

What I'm not fond of though, is that even at the end I can't seem to grasp what the corpses have become.  Despite having it spelled out for me plenty of times I'm still not clear on even the basics - what they look like, how they move... I just can't picture them.  The fault may lie with me because it's mentioned plenty throughout, but I'm just not getting it.  I hope it's turned into a movie so I can get a better idea.

The best bit and the worst bit (for me) was right at the very end.  How it ended was brilliant, a twist that makes me want more...but it made no sense.  Why?  How?    I..he...but...huh?  I will definitely read the next one, I have to find out what that was all about.  It was a gut-punch ending. 

The story was a good one and the guy can definitely write but I'm compelled to mention the narrative style.  It really rubbed me the wrong way.  It's a bit different to what I'm familiar with and sometimes different can be a good thing but it just didn't work for me here.  There was a dis-connect for the first few chapters while I tried it on for size but even when I got accustomed to it I never really warmed to it.  Third-person present.  I'm not a fan.  Reading tastes differ but it just seems weird and unnatural to me to read in that tense. 

Don't let that put you off though there's a decent story here.

*Note - I received a complimentary copy of this title from the author*




This finish gets me 276 pages closer to 1 Million pages challenge. 77,374/1,000,000





...And, I'm calling this for the letter 'A' in my AtoZ Challenge.  'A' is for April.




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review 2014-03-25 17:39
Review - Memory Zero by Keri Arthur
Memory Zero (Imported) - Keri Arthur

This was my first Keri Arthur book so didn't know what I was going to get. Turned out I got a good story.
It's paranormal, yes, but the thriller catagory is a better fit.

It'a a thriller first and foremost. There's a spot of romance thrown in but mostly it's about police murder investigations, a framed cop and a villain trying to outwit and avoid the law. Everything a good thriller should be.

However, it's set in a time and place where otherworldly creatures are the norm in society (even if society doesn't know about them) and so the characters are shape shifters/changers and monsters of indeterminate origin and vampires (and not the sparkly, cute kind either).

This is the first in a trilogy so there's a lot of world/character building but there's still a lot of story packed in too. I have a couple of criticisms though. As good as the story is, I found some of the characters a bit confusing because it was hard to keep tabs on who the shape changers were at any one time. The ability of some shifters to 'change' into one of the other characters kept things interesting but made it hard to know 'who was who'. Also, the ending seemed very rushed and didn't keep the same pace as the first three quarters of the book which jarred a bit.

I would recommend this book as a good and solid story and if you're into thrillers and/or paranormal then this is for you.

I'm looking forward to part 2.

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