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review 2017-02-20 01:01
Didn't really work for me
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8: Riley (Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8) - Jane Espenson,Andy Owens,Karl Moline

In the end, I wasn't crazy about the Twilight storyline, although I liked it well enough on my first read.   Add that with the fact that I didn't love Riley ever, and I knew this would be 'meh' for me.  I wanted to read it for completion's sake, and also because I'd already bought it in a Humble Bundle.  I also figured it would be a quick read, before my mind wandered too far or got too nervous.  I was right.  


This actually had a lot of good information about Riley and Sam, and what their long term plans were, and how they choose to be together instead of feeling tied down to each other.   There was also a lot of Sam saying she would go on missions if the government called upon her again, and that she didn't need Riley's permission.   And that, yes, she was partly okay with him going with Buffy because he wanted to, and she knew he'd come back to her in the end, but that, yes, it was partly because it would make her feel better about going later on.


I particularly liked the character development for Sam.   It wasn't enough to make me really love this, though.   The art was great, but the story, and even the fun parts between Riley and Sam, never overtook the fact that I don't particularly like Riley - and it turns out I don't particularly like Sam either.   

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photo 2017-02-19 18:00

Kindle Scout text.png
I’m excited to announce that the second Tears of Crimson Book, Immortal Embrace has been nominated for a Kindle Scout Campaign. I need your support to help the Kindle Scout editors choose it for publication.   For the next thirty days, readers will vote and help decide if Tears of Crimson becomes part of Kindle Press.  How can you help?  By voting, and sharing with the links provided here.

When you nominate Immortal embrace, you’ll have the opportunity to receive this book free, IF it is chosen by Kindle Press.  That means you’ll get the book before it is sold, and have all the insider information!  

By sharing this post, you’ll help other readers vote, and increase the chances of you getting the book free if Kindle Press chooses to publish.  Thank you for supporting my campaign! If you'd like to reblog this, I've made it easy. Visit this link: HTML And Blog Post



final cover.png
Cover Design by Rachel Mizer of Shoutlines Design

He was the only hope I had in a lifetime of suffering.  Gabriel, my angel, and salvation.  Only in dreams did he come to me, pulling me into a world of peace that I couldn’t find in the real world.  He sheltered my soul in his arms and I never wanted to leave our fantasy.  Without him I was nothing.  My heart ached for this dream to be real.

She was the light in the darkness, an innocent that I could never blemish.  My beautiful Shanna, with a heart so pure it reminded me of who I once was.  My soul was tainted, body cursed, cast down from the heavens to become a creature of eternal night.  How could I allow her to walk in my world when everything I was would destroy her?

Some promises were meant to last forever, but at what cost?   Two souls lost in torment will discover what they could never control.  Destiny.  Will either of them survive the Immortal Embrace?

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review 2017-02-17 21:43
Review: Enemy Mine (Vampire & Werewolf Romance) by Katie Reus
Enemy Mine (Vampire & Werewolf Romance) - Katie Reus


Reviewing the audible version. I thought the narrator did a wonderful job with the story. He kept the pace of the book fast and interesting. He made our hero’s voice sound sexy yet dangerous. I also liked that he didn't increase his voice one octave higher to sound like a silly girl when giving voice to Melina.

The story in itself focused more on the relationship among all characters than world building. I wish it would have gone deeper into explaining what Melina’s family business was and why it made her doubt Kiernan’s initial interest in her. Although I suppose given the length of the story it provided a practical reason for the hesitancy. Melina and Kiernan had great chemistry and the animosity between their families made a lot of sense once it was explained. I only wish the story would have been longer because the story felt incomplete somehow, like they reached a HFN instead of a HEA.

All in all the plot was well written so I'd definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys PNR.

*** This is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.***

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review 2017-02-16 06:44
This author writes urban fantasy with elements I enjoy...
The Vampire's Dinner - T.J. Nichols
It's that scary time again...Jizzmas time. It's week #5 of Jizzmas reviews!

4.75 Hearts--

"What the hell? I don't do blood play?"
Charles kept him caged in the chair and trapped by the table. "I can assure you I am not playing."

Well...it might be too soon to call it since we have just one more week of our Jizzmas reviews, but this is my FAVE of the bunch! (I've started and faltered with more than you know)


Good lord...hands down one of my fave 2016 vampire reads. And it's just 39 deliciously deviant pages. (And I have so many quotes saved)

Charles is a 400 year old vampire who indulges himself and revels in his baser needs for death, one time of year, Christmas day. He hires a rentboy, Blake and rents out a penthouse suite in a lavish hotel, plans the night accordingly. Blake's escorting to pay his way through college (cliché yes but *shrugs*), has virtually no familial ties and needs the cash his new client offered. What Blake thinks is a jackpot client: not only is he being paid highly, he gets to spend it in a posh hotel and eat a fancy meal.

Only thing is...Blake is Charles' dinner.

I read this author's work in another anthology - A Wolf's Résistance. Nichols writes paranormal/urban fantasy pretty well. Strong hand in setting the scene and I enjoy Nichols' characters and premises. The Vampire's Dinner surpassed what I expected.

Why this was magical? It's the little things that will always get my attention. Here the author portrayed a 400 year old being in present day. Charles spoke formally. He was a warrior, an assassin, not used to being overt. His thoughts read as such. When we're shown his thoughts, I bought it. Blake is scared shitless. BUT he's a rent boy first, where he sells himself and acts to his clients specifications. Blake was the ultimate actor, thought on his feet and used his wits. My kinda rent boy! ;P

The story ends HFN, as I think is fitting for the setting and tone. Any semblance of romance or HEA would ruin the effect the author is going for. The open-ended feel of that fateful night just lends more to the mysterious dark ribbon entwined. Will the bargain actually make it to the agreed upon terms? Can the pair be more than john and client? What's in store for their future? Part of me wants to learn more, but the other part that responded to this story...loves it exactly how it is.

The Jizzmas spirit is nonexistent here. Christmas is just the prop, thankfully in the background.

Not recommended for those who need on page penetrative sex, HEA and definitive romance. Recommended for readers who can handle a little dark, mystery and fangs. Who doesn't like reading about predator and prey having an agreement from time to time?

Don't mind if I do.

I'm definitely checking more of this author's work.

A copy provided for an honest review.
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review 2017-02-10 00:00
Vampire CEO
Vampire CEO - Erin R. Bedford Vampire CEO - Erin R. Bedford LOL what? Okay, let me spoil the first chapter for you and you can join me on the Rollercoaster of Disbelief.

So this witch has been training to be a priestess her whole life, but now she actually has to get a 9-5 job instead. Bummer. She's never had a job and has no skills to be a secretary, so she applies to be a secretary. Because she has no job history or references, she lies on her resume and casts a "spell of persuasion" on herself to convince the employer she's the real deal. She goes to the interview - "Oh my god, this job interview is for the position of secretary to the CEO?! And it's a night shift job?! Whaaaat?" - where the HEAD OF HUMAN RESOURCES asks her why they should hire her. She literally triggers her spell and says "Because I'm the right person for the job." Boom, she's fuckin' hired, here's your employee handbook, blah-ditty-blah-blah-blah. They leave the interview room and she crashes into the Adonis-like CEO, creams her panties, and can't even function enough to stand on her own two legs in the presence of her new boss. Next day it's time to go to work, time for the Big First Day pep talk about how she's strong and smart, she earned this job, she's got the skills... and... talent to wait, what? She didn't earn this job. She has none of the skill sets required to be the secretary for the CEO of a major corporation. She didn't even read the fucking employment ad! She's a witch and didn't even make her own damn persuasion spell - she spent most of her savings on buying it! And let me tell you: it was a shit spell if it persuaded the user of her lies instead of just the employer.

I dislike this girl so strongly, I'm not even gonna bother trying chapter two.
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