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text 2018-05-28 06:31
Indian Hindu Boy Baby Names with Letter C | Hindu Girl Baby Names Starting Alphabet C

Indian Hindu Boy and Hindu Girl Baby Names Collection with Starting Letter “C”


Find Modern Latest Hindu Boy and Girl Baby Names from Baby Names Collection. We have the huge amount of  Popular Hindu Boy Baby Names with Starting Alphabet C and Girl Baby Names with Starting Letter C. Choose Perfect Names for Your Cute Newborn Baby whether boy or girl, baby names collection providing A to Z baby names ideas with meanings.



Indian Hindu Boy Baby Names with Letter C | Hindu Girl Baby Names Starting with Alphabet C


Baby Names Collection having list of boy baby names with A to Z and list of girl baby names A to Z. Pick suitable baby names to your cute newborn baby with their meanings, Rashi, starting letter, numerology number etc.


Our A to Z Hindu Baby Names Collection are categorized by,


Find List of Hindu Boy and Girl Baby Names Beginning with “C”


Hindu Tamil Boy Baby Names List with Starting Alphabet “C”


Chaitanya - life; knowledge

Chakor - a bird enamored of the moon

Chakrapani - Lord Vishnu

Chakshu - eye

Chaman - garden

Chamanlal - garden

Champak - a flower

Chanchal - restless

Chandak - the moon

Chandan - sandalwood

Chandra - the moon

Chandrachur - Lord Shiva

Chandrahas - bow of Shiva

Chandrak - peacock feather

Chandrakanta - the moon

Chandrakishore - the moon

Chandrakumar - the moon

Chandramohan - attractive like the moon

Chandran - the moon

Chandranath - the moon

Chandraraj - moonbeam

Chandrashekhar - one who holds moon in his hair - Shiva

Chandrashekhar - one who holds moon in his hair; Lord Shiva

Chandresh - lord of the moon

Chapel - quick

Charan - feet

Charanjit - one who has won over the lord

Charudutta - born of beauty

Chaturbhuj - strong; broad-shouldered

Chetan - consciousness; life

Chetana - consciousness

Chhandak - the charioteer of Lord Buddha

Chidambar - one whose heart is as vast as the sky

Chidananda - Lord Shiva

Chinmay - full of knowledge

Chinmayananda - blissful

Chintamani - philosopher's stone

Chirag - lamp

Chiranjeevi - longlived

Chirantan - immortal

Chirayu - immortal

Chitrabhanu - fire

Chitraksh - beautiful eyed

Chitral - of variegated color

Chitrarath - the sun

Chitrasen - a king of Gandharvas

Chitta - mind

Chittaprasad - happiness

Chittaranjan - one who pleases the mind

Chittaswarup - the supreme spirit

Chittesh - lord of the soul

Chudamani - jewel adorned by the gods


Hindu Tamil Girl Baby Names List with Starting Alphabet “C”

Cauvery - same as Cavery- name of a river

Chadna - love

Chaitali - born in the month of Chaitra

Chaitaly - name of an ancient city

Chaitan - consciousness

Chakori - a bird enamored of the moon

Chakrika - Lakshmi

Chameli - a creeper with flowers

Chameli - jasmine

Champa - a flower

Champabati - the capital

Champakali - a bud of Champa

Chanchala - restless

Chandana - parrot

Chandana - sandalwood

Chandani - a river

Chandanika - diminutive

Chandika - diminutive of Chandana

Chandni - moonlit

Chandrabali - Krishna's girl-friend

Chandrabhaga - river Chenab

Chandrakala - moonbeams

Chandraki - peacock

Chandrakin - a peacock

Chandrasekhar - a ray of the moon

Chandrani - wife of the moon

Chandrika - moonlight

Chandrima - the moon

Changuna - a good woman

Chapala - restless; lighting

Charita - good

Charu - beautiful; attractive

Charulata - beautiful creeper

Charulekha - beautiful picture

Charumati - beautiful

Charuprabha - beautiful

Charusheela - a jewel

Charvi - a beautiful woman

Chatura - clever

Chhabi - picture

Chhavvi - image; radiance

Chhaya - shadow

Chimayo - blissful

Chinmayi - blissful

Chintan; Chintana; Chintanika - meditation

Chiti - love

Chitkala - knowledge

Chitra - picture; a stat; name of a river

Chitragandha - a fragrant material

Chitralekha - as beautiful as a picture

Chitrali - a row of pictures

Chitramala - series of pictures

Chitrangada - one of Arjuna's wives

Chitrani - river Ganga

Chitrarekha - picture

Chitrita - picturesque


Source: www.babynamescollection.com/names/hindu
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text 2018-05-26 06:50
Islamic/Muslim Boy Baby Names with Starting Letter B

Find Islamic/Muslim Boy Baby Names with Starting Letter B.  Baby Names Collection having A to Z Muslim/Islamic Boy Baby Names Collection with Meanings.  List of Stylish, Unique, And Modern Muslim Boy Baby Names with their Meanings.




List of Muslim Boy Baby Names Starting with Alphabet “B”


1.   BAB- gate- gateway- or court.

2. BABA- father.

3. BADR- full moon.

4. BAHA- the ineffable splendor.

5. BAKR- cow- or- a young he-camel.

6. BAQIR- abounding in knowledge.

7.  BARAKAT- blessings.

8. BARKAN- barragan- a kind of coarse- black woollen garment of Moorish manufacture.

9. BÁSIM- a smile.

10.           BASIR- seer.

11. BASIT- one who enlarges.

12.           BASSAM- smiling greatly.

13.           BEDR- full moon.

14.           BIL- ("The Lord"); a Himyaritic deity.

15.           BILAL- moisture- or- beneficence.

16.           BIRDADDA- Birvul- king of Arabia.

17.            BIRVUL- Birdadda- a king of Arabia.

18.           BOTROS- a rock.

19.           BOULOS- small.

20.          BOUTROS- a rock.

21.           BRAHEEM- father of a multitude.

22.          BRAHIM- father of a multitude.

23.          BUDUIL- king of the Ammonites.

24.          BULUS- small.

25.          BUTRUS- a rock.















Source: www.babynamescollection.com/names/muslim/boy/b
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text 2018-05-24 06:48
Tamil Girl Baby Names with Starting Letter B | List of Tamil Girl Baby Names with B

Popular Tamil Girl Baby Names Collection Starting with Letter B


Baby Names Collection having huge collection of indian tamil girl baby names with their meanings, rashi, nakshatra, birth date, origin of birth, and numerology etc. Find suitable tamil girl baby names to your cute newborn baby from Tamil Girl Baby Names Collection.

Find list of tamil girl baby names with starting letter B. Our baby names database providing huge collection of tamil baby names from A to Z baby names collection.



List of Popular Tamil Girl Baby Names Starting with Alphabet B


1.     Bageshri - name of a raaga

2.     Bahula - a star

3.     Baidehi - Sita

4.     Baijayanthi - garland of Lord Vishnu

5.     Baisakhi - of the month Baishakh

6.     Baishali - an ancient city

7.     Bakul - the name of a flower

8.     Bakula - Nagakeshar flower

9.     Bala - girl

10.  Ballari - creeper

11.  Banamala - forests

12.  Banani - forests

13.  Bandana - worship

14.  Bandhula - charming

15.  Bandhura - pretty

16.  Banhi - fire

17.  Banhishikha - flame

18.  Banita - woman

19.  Bansari - flute

20.  Barnali - Dispersion of seven colors

21.  Barsha - rain

22.  Baruna - wife of the Lord of the sea

23.  Baruni - Goddess Durga

24.  Basabi - wife of Lord Indra

25.  Basanti - of spring

26.  Bela - a flower-jasmine

27.  Beli - a flower-jasmine

28.  Benazir - incomparable

29.  Bhadra - gentle

30.  Bhagirathi - the river Ganga

31.  Bhagwanti - lucky

32.  Bhagya - lucky

33.  Bhagyalakshmi - goddess of wealth

34.  Bhagyashree - fortunate

35.  Bhagyawati - fortunate

36.  Bhairavi - a melody in classical music

37.  Bhakti - devotion

38.  Bhamini - woman

39.  Bhanuja - river Yamuna

40.  Bhanumati - full of lustre

41.  Bhanupriya - beloved of the sun

42.  Bharani - Name of a celestial star

43.  Bharati - Goddess Saraswati

44.  Bhargavi - Goddess Parvati

45.  Bhavana - feelings; sentiments

46.  Bhavini - Goddess Parvati

47.  Bhavna - meditation; thinking

48.  Bhilangana - a river

49.  Bhoomi - the earth

50.  Bhoomika - the earth

51.  Bhuvana - the earth

52.  Bimala - pure

53.  Bina - a musical instrument

54.  Binata - the wife of Sage Kashyap

55.  Bindiya - drop; point

56.  Bindu - a drop

57.  Binodini - handsome; beautiful Radha

58.  Bipasha - a river; Beas

59.  Bishakha - a star

60.  Bratati - creeper

61.  Brinda - the basil plant; Radha

62.  Bulbul - a songbird

63.  Bulbuli - a songbird


Find Tamil Girl/Female Names with Starting Alphabet B


Discover popular indian tamil girl baby names beginning with letter B. Get ideas about naming your new born baby. For more details, please feel free to visit our site and search new and trendy tamil girl baby names with starting Letter B.


List of Unique Tamil Girl Baby Names Beginning with Letter B




name of a raaga


Nagakeshar flower


an ever 9 year old girl, a young girl






goddess of wealth


a melody in classical music


river Yamuna




feelings, sentiments




grand, splendid


the earth


a musical instrument


drop, point




Discover More Girl/Female Baby Names Ideas with Alphabet B



More Details Please Visit Our Website: http://www.babynamescollection.com/

Source: www.babynamescollection.com/names/tamil/girl/b
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review 2018-05-01 16:19
Funny, but not a favorite
K is for Knifeball: An Alphabet of Terrible Advice - Avery Monsen,Jory John

I laughed, out loud a couple times, but it wasn't something I'd reread over and over again. Nice to kill a half hour if you need to laugh, though.

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review 2018-04-13 16:43
H is for Homicide
"H" is for Homicide - Sue Grafton

This was definitely not my favorite Kinsey. Don't get me wrong, I still read it in about two hours, because Grafton's writing is just that engaging. But overall, I didn't feel that the story was as strong as some of the other installments.


The book begins with the murder of a claims adjuster who has become a friend of Kinsey's. Simultaneously, a corporate asshole is sent out to the Santa Teresa division of the insurance co where Kinsey is co-located to try to figure out why their claims numbers are out of whack. He pretty quickly gets on Kinsey's last nerve (I don't think she has that many nerves to spare, so this takes somewhere in the neighborhood of immediately), so she heads off to work on an investigation of possible insurance fraud by a woman named Bibianna Diaz.


This rapidly turns into a total shitshow, with an attempting kidnapping of Bibianna. It turns out, Bibianna was previously engaged to Raymond, the head of a California insurance fraud crime ring involving faked car accidents, staged car accidents, and all kinds of other nonsense. Oh, and murder. When Bibianna broke off the engagement she basically ghosted him. Kinsey gets herself arrested and thrown in jail with Bibianna and ultimately agrees to go "undercover" to try to help the PD make their case against Raymond.


Unfortunately, the entire book felt sort of like farce. The Millhone books tend in that direction anyway, but there is usually an undercurrent of seriousness, and characters who are reasonably believable. Pretty much everyone in this book except for Kinsey, and one of the young claims adjusters who asked Kinsey to work on the fraud case, felt like caricatures of people who might exist. 


And, guys, Raymond - the villain - was the worst combination of pathetic, annoying, violent, and just flat out gross. He is basically trying to force Bibianna into marrying him, which nearly made me retch. I was wholly unconvinced that he had the brains to run the operation that he was supposedly running. His violence was erratic and often unintelligible. 


Anyway, I just wasn't crazy about this one. It was OK, but I'm hoping that the letter "I" is better!

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