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review 2019-01-16 04:37
Vintage: A Ghost Story
Vintage: A Ghost Story - Berman, Steve,Steve Berman

This was interesting enough to keep my attention, and it thankfully wasn't a ghost love story, because that concept is just weird. What else is weird is that the MC is never named. Not once. So I'll call him Melindo (Gordon) because why not. 


Melindo is 17 and lives with his aunt after his parents kicked him out of the home for being gay. He stumbles upon a ghost one night while walking home, only to find out the ghost is his town's very own urban legend. Josh was killed in the 50s on that stretch of road and has been seen walking it ever since. Melindo is actually able to talk to Josh. Josh is hot and Melindo is horny and desperate, so why not see where this goes, right?


Um...because Josh is a ghost. That might be a reason. IJS.


It was a little strange for Melindo and his best friend Trace to be so blasé about Melindo's ghost whispering abilities. Sure, they're into the macabre and they crash funerals for funsies, but at some point, I'd have expected them to step back and question reality just a little. 


I liked that Trace wasn't the overbearing girl friend so typical of M/M (probably helps that this isn't actually M/M) and that the ghost story doesn't go in quite the direction I expected. Melindo's aunt was pretty cool, and I liked Second Mike a lot. Still, I never felt like I connected with any of the characters or really cared about what would happen in the end. It was a quick read though, and the writing flowed well, so it was a nice way to spend a couple of days.

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text 2019-01-16 02:05
Reading progress update: I've read 271 out of 576 pages.
Penguin Minis: The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

I'm still not in love with the dialogue style; I find myself rolling my eyes way too often. But I'm reading this almost as fantasy (because it is, in the end, the story of the MCs fulfilling a wish). Maybe if I'd read this book when its popularity was at peak frenzy (I haven't seen the film either), I could have followed the conversations and been more invested, but I can't say it's doing a lot for me at the moment.

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review 2019-01-15 21:45
The Dark Between Stars - Atticus

CHE DELUSIONE! Ho iniziato questa nuova raccolta piena di aspettative, ho amato il primo libro di questo poeta essendo nella sua semplicità intenso, commovente e con un bel messaggio di fondo. Purtroppo mi sono cadute le braccia ritrovandomi poesie al pari di quelle dei cioccolatini, scontate, già sentite e banalissime. Per 3/4 il libro si riduce a smielatissimi versi d'amore citando tutti i cliché delle love story più famose e tirando pure in ballo Parigi come città dell'ammmore universale e bla bla bla bla. Ho dovuto arrancare fino all'ultimo quarto che ha in piccolissima parte risollevato il mio umore, portandomi ad arrotondare le 2,5 stelline a 3. Il fatto è che il primo libro non parlava solo d'amore ma anche di identità personale, del modo che ognuno di noi ha di vivere l'amore, come questo ci possa distruggere o salvare e come dobbiamo rialzarci dopo le cadute e ricominciare a vivere e soprattutto ad amare con più forza e coraggio di prima, il primo libro aveva uno schema che raccontava una storia, l'evoluzione di una persona che la porta ad amare, vivere questo amore con tutte le sue forze, cadere e soffrire quando quest'ultimo viene meno e infine...rialzarsi e ritornare ad amare di nuovo con più forza di prima e con coraggio, facendo tesoro del passato, imparando dai propri errori e imparando soprattutto ad amare se stessi senza accontentarsi di avere una persona a caso attorno ma qualcuno di speciale con cui condividere gioie e dolori, quella persona speciale capace di farci sentire unici ed importanti, belli, indispensabili e desiderati. Un libro insomma non solo bello da leggere ma anche coinvolgente e vivo, un ritratto dell'uomo e del suo percorso di vita mentre questo... sembra l'elogio di un teenager innamorato. Non che ci sia nulla di male ma per tutto il tempo mi è sembrato di rileggere le frasette idiote che scrivevo io alla mia prima cotta, frasettine risicate e messe insieme tra un' immagine e l'altra per tentare di comporre un libro che alla fine non racconta proprio nulla se non che Pinco ama Palla e tutto è bello, tutto è vivo e colorato e solo nell'ultima parte c'è un piccolo tentativo di dire "Eh no amici, se non siete innamorati non importa perché potrete trovare l'ammmore come me <3" e via di qualche frasettina depressa e di vita vera fin troppo bella per essere nuova e sicuramente ripresa dagli "scarti" ed esclusi dalla bozza della prima raccolta. Una delusione pazzesca e che mi porta a sconsigliarlo nel caso abbiate amato "Love Her Wild ". Se avete come me adorato il primo libro rimarrete traumatizzati da questo. Consigliato solo se siete innamorati e nella fase "lovey-dovey" del vostro rapporto, tutto zucchero e cannella, solo in quel caso potrete identificarvi con i versi del poeta e magari apprezzarli al contrario della acida sottoscritta che ha superato da un po' la fase Nicholas Sparks

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review 2019-01-15 20:30
Daba's Travels from Ouadda to Bangui by Makombo Bamboté
Daba's Travels from Ouadda to Bangui - Makombo Bamboté,George Ford

Like apparently most of the people who read this book, I read it for my world books challenge and wasn’t particularly impressed. It seems to be aimed at middle-grade readers (ages 9-12), and recounts the childhood experiences of a boy named Daba as he leaves his village in the Central African Republic to attend school in a larger town and spends his vacations traveling around the country with friends and relatives.

As you would expect, this is a quick and easy read that even includes some illustrations. It’s a pretty gentle story, including adventures such as attending a boarding school and tagging along for a crocodile hunt. However, it is disjointed, prematurely ending events that could have been exciting if fully-developed – like the crocodile hunt, which gets less page time than a neighbor telling the boys a story – and including more episodes than fit comfortably within its brief page count. It does little to immerse the reader in Daba’s feelings or experiences; in the second half of the book, he seems to fade into his group of friends, who are indistinguishable in personality and experiences (except for the French pen pal who somehow is able to fly to a Central African Republic town alone and spend the summer wandering from village to isolated village with the local boys).

Daba grows older – the book appears to cover a couple of years – but he doesn’t really have struggles to overcome or seem to change or learn more about life. At times, knowing the story to be based in some way on the author’s childhood, Daba’s portrayal even comes across as self-aggrandizing: a star pupil, always cool and confident, beats adults at games, liked by everyone except for one classmate who’s condemned by other children and adults alike. Meanwhile, for adult readers, the language is perhaps too simple, and some of the events are eyebrow-raising or could use more explanation (the pen pal trip, Daba’s being awarded a scholarship to study abroad without any apparent effort from him or consent from his parents, etc.).

At any rate, this isn’t too bad if you’re doing a world books challenge – Daba travels around his country, giving the reader a sense of the landscape and the culture in the places he visits, and quick reads are always valued for big challenges – but those searching for diverse books to give to the children in their lives would be better served looking elsewhere.

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review 2019-01-14 14:34
Review: "Bound Gods: The Chimera" (Bound Gods, #1) by Adrienne Wilder
Bound Gods: The Chimera - Adrienne Wilder

A promising and intense start to this series. I'm intrigued.


~ 4 stars ~


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