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review 2018-07-09 03:59
Abandon - Blake Crouch
Abandon - Blake Crouch


Wind rips through the crags a thousand feet above, nothing moving in this godforsaken town, and the mule skinner knows that something is wrong.

- first sentence


Okay, so the first thing I need to say is that I loved the Wayward Pines series. I thought I would love anything by Crouch.


When I started reading this book, I thought there was going to be a supernatural element. I kept waiting for something that was never going to come.... because of this, I didn't like the book. Maybe if I had known what to expect, I would have appreciated the book more. To be fair, the summary on Amazon does kind hint towards a ghost/haunting.


Overall, it wasn't a bad book and I did learn a lot of new words - though I probably won't have an opportunity to use them in conversation any time soon.


mochila - a Spanish word for knapsack

shabrack - a cavalry saddlecloth used in European armies

younker - youngster

scree - a mass of small loose stones that form or cover a slope

speleothem - structure formed in a cave by the deposition of minerals from water

slumgullion - cheap or insubstantial stew


The story goes back and forth between present time and a century ago (when the entire town disappeared). There is a lot of death and killing, but the reason is NOT supernatural, it's just old-fashioned greed. There is a man who thinks God talks to him and makes a terrible choice because of it, but there are no ghosts, no haunting. Oh well.

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review 2018-06-23 19:38
Abandon Ship
Abandon Ship! - Chip Dunham

I used to read Overboard everyday on the commuter train to Chicago and work. I just loved the adventures of pirates, The Captain, Nate, Boof, Charley, Seahawk and all the creatures they dealt with including The Green Ship, Sharks, Sea monsters, snakes, girls and other denizens of the deep. I found these two books that contained reprints of the classic comics and they brought back lots of memories. We can always use a good chuckle. Thanks to Chip Dunham for his creativity.

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review 2016-12-28 02:40
Abandon - Blake Crouch

The mystery regarding what happened to the inhabitants of Abandon mining community a hundred years ago, is one that is yet to be solved. The mining community just suddenly disappeared on Christmas day, leaving all their worldly goods with no evidence as to what happened to them.

Two guides are hired by a history professor and his daughter, with them are a couple obsessed with paranormal photography who believe that Abandon is haunted.

Once there, the party discovers that they are not alone but it's something far worse than ghosts.

Once I got about a quarter of the way in I was totally hooked on the story and finding out what was happening in the alternate story lines, one dealing with what happened in 1893 and the other with the present day expedition.

I thought this was going to be a paranormal read but it turned out to be something very different and although I was a bit disappointed that the storyline didn't make better use of the paranormal couple it was still completely engrossing.

Another really solid read from Crouch.

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review 2016-05-21 00:00
Pure Abandon
Pure Abandon - Jeannine Colette Pure Abandon - Jeannine Colette Review will follow
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review 2016-03-30 03:57
A 100-Year Old Mystery...
Abandon - Blake Crouch

Going into this, I thought it was going to be a paranormal horror story but it really wasn't that at all. It's actually more along the line of a mystery/thriller. The paranormal aspect was a very small part of it and almost like an afterthought that wasn't followed through with. It's written as two parallel storylines, the past and the present, that converge at the end. I seem to have a thing lately for finding stories with dual plots which I don't mind if they are done well but the shifting back and forth in this one wasn't as clear as it could have been. I found myself backtracking a few times to make sure I was even in the right century. 

I think once I was able to get out of the scary, ghost story mindset and just accept it for what it was, I was able to enjoy it more. I also like stories with unique settings and climates and Abandon is set in the back-country with mountains and caves and snowy blizzard weather so all of those things helped to endear me to the story a little more but if you're looking for a good Friday night fright, this is really not the best choice for that.


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