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review 2017-10-16 23:26
Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin @aileen_erin
Becoming Alpha: 1 (Alpha Girl) - Aileen Erin

I won a signed copy of Becoming Alpha (Alpha Girl #1) by Aileen Erin and a beautiful bookmark some time ago and just got around to reading it.


Check out this beautiful cover. Do you think it’s safe to take a walk in the woods?


Becoming Alpha (Alpha Girl, #1)

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Becoming Alpha by Aileen Erin has all the elements for  a great young adult story, danger, betrayal, supernatural creatures of all kinds, romance, confusion, a fight to the death, and I’d follow her flip flopping footsteps all day long.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


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review 2017-03-31 02:48
Great Story and Characters
Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl Book 6) - Aileen Erin

Meredith had been sent home from St  Ailbes as it had  closed indefinitely. Lucianna was an evil witch who had cursed Meredith so she couldn't connect with her inner wolf. And Meredith had slowly lost power and sh had almost died. The curse had been broken and Luciana was dead. Meredith had a great mate Donovan. He was the Alpha of the Irish pack. Meredith understood why Mr. Dawson had closed St Ailbes. Since werewolves made global news by fighting Luciana and her demons in the chapel in Santa Fe. Donovan was dealing with the fallout of their exposure. The Council of seven werewolves were in Canada, meeting with a delegation of witches. Fey and other supernaturals. A few months ago Meredith was still cursed and no were in his right mind would go out on a date with Meredith let alone be her mate. But then Tessa broke the curse . Meredith owed Tessa her life. Donovan was one of the most powerful werewolf’s in the  history of the werewolf race. Donovan's pack was notoriously unfriendly. Meredith’s father had kept her confines to the property because of how much Meredith had been on the news lately. . Cosette was fey but finally texted Meredith back and they met at the mall. Cosette gave her a green velvety pouch Now the bracelet in the pouch would protect Meredith.Cosette said to put the bracelet on and not to take it off for any reason. Cosette said Donovan's pack was a mess and would get worse. Also Cosette warned Meredith not to go to Ireland right now if she could help it.Cosette said she was getting hauled into hiding. Cosette also told Meredith to look for the truth. Donovan was one of the seven werewolf’s   of the Council of Alphas that ruled all the packs. Then Donovan’s second was murdered and Donovan had to go back to Ireland and Meredith decided she was going with him so she could be at his side. Even though Meredith knew she would be in danger she went with Donovan as he was her true mate.

I loved this story. It had so many things in it like: an Alpha’s council. a monster. Fey, a mad wolf. A messed up pack. Werewolves, suspense. Intrigue, action, honor, love, humor, strength, a true mate, and so much more. I loved how even though it was dangerous Meredith went to Ireland to be at Donovan’s side. Also Meredith wouldn’t back down from Donovan’s pack  no matter what. She was to be the Alpha female and no one else. Meredith showed strength, courage, bravery, loyalty, love, honor, and determination to name a few things about Meredith. I also loved how Meredith chanced her own life to not only save Donovan’ mother but the mother and her children as well as other things she had done during this story. This story had a great plot and kept my attention from  beginning to end. There was even a twist or two during the story. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I really can’t think of anything wrong with this story as far as I am concerned. I loved the characters and twists and turns of this story and I highly recommend.

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review 2017-03-24 03:03
Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl #6) by Aileen Erin
Shattered Pack (Alpha Girl Book 6) - Aileen Erin

Aileen Erin’s SHATTERED PACK is a wonderful addition to the Alpha Girl series.  The story takes place after the fight with witch, Luciana, and her demons.  St. Ailbe has been closed.  Meredith Molloney returned to her home in Colorado, with the Wayfarer Pack.  Meanwhile, her mate, Council of Seven Alpha, Donovan Murry, is at a meeting with the supernatural community dealing with the fallout of the battle exposing them to the humans.  Since that is enough to undertake, Donovan needs to return to Ireland because of a murder in his pack.  Of course, Meredith will not let her mate leave without her, even though she has been warned that the trip will be dangerous for her.  This contemporary paranormal fantasy is suitable for young adults.


As always, Aileen Erin, does a fantastic job with her plot and character development.  Having recently gained access to her wolf, and knowing she would need to change packs, Meredith grew a great deal in this story.  I like Donovan.  He is one of the strongest werewolves.  Meredith and Donovan are discovering how their actions affect each other being true mates.  I love how comfortable they are around each other, and that Meredith will challenge Donovan. I enjoyed the plot. The dynamics of Donovan’s pack was interesting.  The story flowed well.  There was a lot going on that kept the novel thought-provoking.  There were mystery and twists.  I’m looking forward to the next book from the series.  I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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review 2016-03-03 19:48
Becoming Alpha (Alpha Girl #1) by Aileen Erin
Becoming Alpha: 1 (Alpha Girl) - Aileen Erin

I loved Aileen Erin’s Becoming Alpha, the first book in the Alpha Girl Series.  Tessa McCaide has visions triggered by the things she touches.  It gave her the reputation of being a freak.  Her family moves to Texas where she meets werewolf, Dastien Laurent, and is turned.  The next thing she knows she is attending St. Ailbe’s Academy, school for werewolves.  Becoming Alpha is a contemporary PNR suitable for young adults.


Aileen Erin does a great job with her character development.  I like Tessa.  She has always had to deal with being different.  She is a strong heroine.  She and Dastien have great chemistry.  The plot was interesting and full of mystery and twists.  The story was unique and exciting.  I enjoyed Aileen Erin’s writing style.  This is one series I will definitely continue to read.


Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2016-01-10 18:36
"I'm not quite sure how it happen. I don't remember even moving. One second I stood next to Chris. The next, Meredith was flat on her back and I had her pinned to the ground. A bright red splotch spread across her left cheek."
Becoming Alpha - Aileen Erin

Really good book! It was so engrossing that I couldn't put it down. Tessa is a wonderful character. She strong willed and full of life. When her life takes an unexpected turn, she learns that her new path is not only rocky but totally worth the a kiss.

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