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review 2018-05-03 16:25
Told From the Dark Side
Mr. Midnight - Allan Leverone

Great thriller story revealing the dark side's perspective, Mr Midnight is a winner for horror readers. The paranormal ability between twins is an interesting twist that is the making of a monster. 


This story isn't for anyone squeamish, there's blood and guts involved as one would expect when describing the acts of a serial killer. But the gore isn't the main event.


~ The psychological suspense is what will keep you on the edge of your seat. Winner of horror awards, this is definitely a horror fan's great read. A page turner for sure.


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review 2017-09-03 21:05
Covenant - Allan Leverone
Covenant - Allan Leverone

Lindie and Justin relocate from North Carolina to the small town of Covenant, New Hampshire to start their new jobs. They purchase a "fixer-upper" and immediately get to work remodeling. One afternoon, Justin goes to get them something to drink. After too much time had passed, Lindie goes looking for Justin and finds him at the bottom of the basement stairs in a pool of blood with a pair of hedge trimmers protruding from his body. In the aftermath of the "freak accident", Lindie is badgered by a persistent detective that can't buy her explanation and can't go out in public without hearing the stinging whispers of small town New England gossip. By chance, she begins to learn of the history of her "fixer upper" and it's not a pretty story. Edward Collins, the recluse tycoon had the house built to some peculiar specifications. Those specifications helped him with his favorite past time - the torture and murder of prostitutes. Edward has been dead for over a hundred years, but it's hard to keep evil at bay forever.



Covenant is a fun haunted house tale and my first read from Leverone. He commands the story well and you begin to feel for Lindie. At it's best, Covenant has shades of Amityville Horror in it. There are times that the dialogue feels a little forced and the introduction of a meth-head killer on the run in the middle of the story seemed awkward. It does tie together nicely at the end. All in all, a decent read from Leverone.



3 1/2 Floating Steak Knives out of 5


This ARC was provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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review 2016-11-21 00:00
Covenant - Allan Leverone I have read a few of Allan Leverone’s works previously and have enjoyed them all. Covenant is no exception. As a matter of fact, I think Allan’s latest from DarkFuse may be his best yet. The writing flowed smooth and read quick. While I thought, the beginning was a wee slow to get going, it did pick up speed as the secrets of Covenant house and its former occupants tainted history were revealed. The addition of a second storyline added another dimension to the plot that gave this one a boost up from the standard haunted house story and was very well executed all the way around. A solid 3.5+ Stars.

*As a member of the DarkFuse Readers Group, I received an advanced copy of this title thru NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2015-11-15 18:41
Paskagankee - Allan Leverone

This just really wasn't what I was expecting it to be. I think the premise of the book was (or could have been) interesting, but the execution was lacking.


The things that bothered me the most were:


I had issues with the dialogue. At times it was very stilted, and...hokey at times. And the characters at random times would be referred to by their fist and last names. It was rather jarring. And the one character, Sharon, also had a nickname, Shari, so at times she'd be refrred to as, 'Sharon', 'Sharon Dupont', and 'Shari' pretty much on the same page. It just seemed odd to me.


Speaking of Sharon, I found it quite aggravating that she was constantly, and I mean constantly, being referred to as young and beautiful. Really, that's something that I only need to be told once or twice for me to remember it.


And on that note, the constant reminders that Sharon was just, oh so young, also soured me to the romance between her and the sheriff. I mean, I'm under the impression that there was maybe a ten year age difference between the two, and that's not something that would normally bother me in a relationship between two consenting adults, but after being clobbered over the head by how young Sharon is, I found myself really turned off by the whole thing.

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text 2015-11-14 23:16
Reading progress update: I've read 69%.
Paskagankee - Allan Leverone

I will finish this, damn it.

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