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text 2020-06-09 15:37
We Germans
We Germans - Alexander Starritt

by Alexander Staritt


A young British man asks his German grandfather about his experiences in the war and gets no clear answers, but after the grandfather's death, a long letter is found addressed to his grandson which tells him the answers to his questions.


The grandfather was an ordinary foot soldier on the Eastern front, suffering not only the horrors of war but of decisions made by higher ups. He carries guilt for some things he had to do under orders and details out all the unpleasantness of what his life had become.


This is fiction and I have no way of knowing how close to factual experiences of German soldiers in WW2 it is or isn't, but it reads with plausibility and I was definitely gripped by the story. I generally avoid WW2 stories, but this was different because of the inside perspective of the side that lost, unlike the usual British and American films that glorify a horrendous state of affairs.


Most interesting was the very human side of the story as a group of soldiers get separated from their unit with no officer and have to make decisions for their own survival as well as considering accountability for their role in the war when eventually they get home, if they do.


Foraging for food, encountering others involved in the war on both their own side and the Russians brings a series of adventures. Near the end it gets rather intense with action, but there is also philosophising of an ordinary man who happened to be born at a time and place that would require he fight for the Nazi army and see his side lose, when all he really wanted was to go home and raise a family.


Very well written.

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text 2020-05-23 21:21
Reading progress update: I've read 33 out of 920 pages.
The Army Air Forces in World War II Volume Five The Pacific: Matterhorn to Nagasaki June 1944 to August 1945 - Wesley Frank Craven,James Lea Cate

I'm reconsidering my initial intention to add this book to the book box once I'm done with it. Though I'm less than a twentieth of the war through the book, it's already proving to be a fount of detail about subjects that have long been of interest to me. Having just finished the section on the planning for MATTERHORN (the plan for American bombers to strike at Japan from bases in China), I'm looking forward to reading the authors' coverage of its implementation (spoiler: it doesn't go well).

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text 2020-03-24 16:20
Conrad Monk and the Great Heathen Army
Conrad Monk and the Great Heathen Army - Edoardo Albert

by Eduardo Albert


Historical fiction with humour, what's not to love? This drew me in right away with all the tension of a Viking raid on a monastery and a protagonist who never wanted to be a monk. Conrad is funny in his totally mercenary reaction to the situation and consistently along his further adventures. I do love an intelligent character with a good sense of survival.


It's set against a fairly accurate backdrop of history of the Viking invasions of England. Exactly what's based on fact is explained well in a note after the story and holds some real surprises as some details that seemed unlikely turned out to be based on archaeological finds! I may have a couple of locations to visit on my travels.


The story keeps a good pace and despite his perpetual self-interest, Conrad is actually a likeable character. How he came to be a monk gets explained in the curse of the story and it's easy to sympathise with him on that particular downturn of his constantly changing fortunes.


Best of all, the story puts believable faces to groups of people from history. Personalities among the Danes as well as historical figures bring the setting alive and I did laugh out loud at a few all too human foibles along the way.


I highly recommend this story for anyone who likes a Pratchett-like laugh, even if they don't normally read Historical Fiction. My only complaint is the overt way in which the author lets us know there will be a series. I will be interested in the next book despite my usual disinterest series that use this tactic.

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text 2020-03-07 11:37
The Way To Know The Army Time Chart

In the event, you have actually thought about applying for army support and understanding to understand precisely that the timing chart, you might be a bit stressed. That which you most likely don't see is that there are a lot significantly more than only a few things that you need to learn. They are in reality fairly easy, although A number may seem intimidating. This article will give you the breakdown of a few of the things you'll need to know more about the armed forces period graph.



Here are The Way To Know The Army Time Chart


To start with, it really is important to realize that not everybody else who is currently thinking of service is currently going to know that the time chart. There are in reality tactics to measure moment, Although many people today believe that all personnel spends the same amount of time within their own ceremony. One case is simply a person spends at every change every day. That is important since it makes it possible for you to comprehend how much time it requires to accomplish your activities within a shift. Still, another example is the way much time it requires to complete his or her duty.

The chart is something which has been created for folks who are studying the moment. It's intended to help them understand how long it will take them to gain in 1 position to another. They can also be able to keep track of just how long they have spent each endeavor by understanding this.


Individuals spend different amounts of time inside their places. Whenever you're assessing the chart, Everything you could see is that you're spending more time than you might be on tasks that require less energy. It's very important to realize why so you may learn whether you are using your time that is allotted properly.


If you are contemplating reviewing the military timing chart, you certainly can accomplish this in different manners. You may simply take it along with you when you apply to the armed forces, therefore, you can really have visual information that will help you with focusing on just how much the right time you have spent on each task. You could look up your own time on the web to find a clearer notion of just how much time it is taking you to complete your activities. You also ought to appear overtime chart therefore you can secure yourself a feel for exactly what your actual time will be when you arrive in your position.


Because you recognize the way the chart operates, you should put it to use to your own advantage in your deployments. Don't forget that there are plenty of online language learning resources that can help you with this specific, In case you had been focused on how much time it might take you to learn to know exactly the military time chart. The moment chart is really a useful instrument, while there are other ways of quantifying time particularly.


While you are at it, then you may like to look into figuring out how to learn the army timing graph to be certain you're spending the ideal period of time at your places. There are several applications available that will assist you to do so, for example, MTT Chart. Although this can be hard to comprehend, it shows you how long you've spent on various things every day and isn't hard to use.


You can put it to use to fully grasp it will take you to complete each endeavor Since you're comfortable with the time graph. Following that, you can make adjustments to your schedule to prevent you from having to wait for long lengths of time before you may move.


Recommendation: Why I Switched to 24 Hour Time?

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text 2019-08-26 07:10
Blog Tour - Search & Destroy

Meet the Author:


Full-time author, freelance writer and workshop facilitator, Julie Rowe’s debut novel, Icebound, was released by Carina Press on Nov 14, 2011. Ten novels and eight anthologies have followed. Her most recent titles are the MEN OF ACTION boxed set and VIRAL JUSTICE book #3 of the Biological Response Team series. Julie’s articles and short stories have appeared in numerous magazines, such as Romantic Times Magazine, Today's Parent magazine and Canadian Living. Julie facilitates business writing and communication workshops at Keyano College in her home city, and has presented writing workshops at conferences in the United States and Canada. She’s also a strong supporter of life long learning and moderates a free announcement loop for the promotion of online classes, workshops and webinars.

About the Book:


Dr. Carmen Rodrigues, CDC’s Outbreak Task Force director, is on the hunt for a killer–– an airborne virus spreading from Florida across the States, gaining traction with each passing moment. Although she’ll never forget her one night with sexy bodyguard John Dozer in Afghanistan, his protective nature is one distraction she doesn’t need right now.
Ex-Army Intelligence officer John Dozer will put his life on the line for beautiful, independent Carmen. Every. Time. Even when she pushes him away. And now, with her struggling to contain an outbreak likely triggered by domestic bio-terrorists, maybe even insiders at the CDC, she needs him more than ever. He lost her once. He’ll never let that happen again.
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo 

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She took in a deep breath. “We need to talk.”




“Your role with the CDC, and whatever it was you were doing in Afghanistan after...”


She wanted him gone. He could tell by the closed off expression on her face and the slightly lifted set of her chin. She expected him to fight her. Was waiting for it. Braced for it. 


It set off an emotional bomb deep in his chest and woke the pissed off protector inside him. The one who wanted to grab hold of her, kiss her until she looked at him with the world in her eyes again. He would not let anyone hurt her, not even himself.


Some of it must have shown on his face, because she backed up a couple of steps.


If she got any whiter, she was going to faint.


He slid closer to her and said with all the softness he could muster, “You look like you just took a gut-shot. So, I’m going to ask this again. What happened?”


“Two men from the Justice Department met me at the airport last night. They wanted me to go with them to give them a statement about the incident in Afghanistan.” She put air quotes around the word incident. “They were very unfriendly when I said no.”


“They’re supposed to be assholes, that’s part of what they do—put the fear of God into people.” He sidled another step closer, within reaching distance. “A lot of sh…stuff happened that day.” 


They’d survived more than one attempt to kill them that day.


He’d fallen in love with her that day.


And the next day…she’d run from him.


The memory combined with the ache of healing bones in his chest, creating a caustic mix of concrete plugging up his lungs.


The struggle to breathe made him stop and think past the pain, past the panic. 


Wait a second… It had been nine years. They’d given all the reports, statements, and evidence right after the incident. Why the fuck would anyone need anything from either of them now? 


Something about what she said sank in.


“They wanted you to go with them?” he asked, his voice hoarse.


“Yes.” Her gaze was angry, confused, and…sad.


His stomach dropped in a sickening rush and the world spun in place for a long second.

“Why didn’t you?”


“I couldn’t. The Drill Sergeant was picking me up for an emergency meeting with the CDC director, who wanted a report on my briefings in Washington. DS told the two agents exactly how they could go fuck themselves. They tried to intimidate him physically, but, well, you can imagine how that went.”


“He raised his voice?”


“He ripped them apart so badly security came to see what all the fuss was about. The two men left after promising things would get tougher for me.”


The dizziness retreated.


He was going to kiss that old man when he saw him next.


“I need to make a call.” He grabbed his phone and punched in the numbers to a buddy of his in the Justice Department. A minute later, he had his answer.


“No one from the Justice Department was sent to interview you or bring you in.” He saw his own hand shaking. Someone had tried to take her. In a public place. In front of any number of witnesses.


Who the fuck could be that brazen?


“What?” she stared at him, her brows furrowed.


“Someone tried to take you.” There was a snarl in his voice he couldn’t suppress.

“Someone almost got you.”


When he caught up with that someone, he was going to rip the fucker’s guts out.



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