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review 2021-11-11 19:54
BEARS by Kay de Silva
Bears: Amazing Pictures & Fun Facts on Animals in Nature (Our Amazing World Series) - de Silva, Kay

Bears are interesting.  I learned a lot reading this children's book, like Australia has no bears.  I also learned about bears I never knew existed.  I liked the photographs accompanying the prose.  I enjoyed a small description of their eating habits and where each bear can be found.  A good educational read for your 4-8 year old.

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text 2021-08-11 09:22
99ยข BOOK OF THE WEEK - Saving Spirit Bear -- Eco-Warriors Book 1


Saving Spirit Bear -  Eco-Warriors Book 1

‘til Aug. 18 at




Kimberley James hopes her new assignment will jumpstart her stalled career with a New York corporate relations firm. Her client wants to develop a mega ski resort in northern Canada. Her job is to convince the current owners of the land to sell. With millions of dollars to be made, it seems like a done deal. Until she runs up against Jonah Baker.


Baker is part owner of a lodge on the land and an ardent environmentalist. He's not about to permit a development that threatens ancient rainforests and the habitat of the rare and endangered Spirit Bear for any price.


Kim begrudgingly respects his principles before profit, but cannot allow a tree-hugging, bear-loving zealot to derail her fast track to success. Jonah admires her determination and worldliness but will fight to the end to stop a materialistic corporate climber from destroying something rare and unique.


Spirit Bear is the first in the stand-alone series ECO-WARRIORS.


"I loved Spirit Bear and was hooked by the second page. Raglin paints spectacular landscapes with his words. His knowledge, work and support of the wilderness made it that much more real. I felt compassion for both the main characters and was very happy the way Raglin ended the story. I really felt the promise of something great. I will be reading the next book immediately."
- FIVE STARS - Reviewed by Bitten by Books


"I liked the concept of Spirit Bear. It was unique.. something I haven't read a million times before. I wanted to read it because of the environmental aspects... the conflict between the corporation wanting to build a ski development and Jonah trying to save his family lodge for an eco-tourism location. The descriptions of nature and trees were wonderful. Kimberley's inner struggle between doing what was right for the environment and doing what was right for her career was a great element. Jonah's patience and acceptance of her ... made his character stand out."
- Reviewed by Tina Gibbons at Readers' Favorite Book Reviews


"An exciting read ... I couldn't put it down."
- Lewis Dakin, Goodreads Review

"... beautiful description of the landscape and wildlife ... really is a joy to read."
- Elspeth, Goodreads Review


A strong preservation message with a side of romance
The ecological preservation message underlying the story really resonated with me and Raglin presents it in a way that identifies the problem without preaching. We need more stories like this, which show the real communities, both animal and human, and ecosystems at stake when an area that should be treated with respect and reverence is threatened by overdevelopment.

- Hayleigh Sol - author of Unexpected Find, Book 1 in the Silver Falls Series




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review 2020-02-23 23:01
Book Review: The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue
The Berenstain Bears' Nature Rescue - Stan Berenstain,Jan Berenstain,Mike Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears Nature Rescue is a really good book for all. It teaches us about nature and birds. This one is about learning about different kinds of birds. Like the yellow popinjay. This almost put everyone into an almost war.

The story plot is mostly learning about what is important birds are to peoples. The way the author or authors wrote this makes it easy for early readers to learn about habitats and a lot what around them. Woods and birds are important. There may be more than one way to solve a problem.

The wood bears want to build cottages for more bears and families. Who will come out on top? The story and plot are to learn about birds and saving though birds before they are gone forever. Find out what brother and sister and other cubs do.


It is good for early readers as well. The pictures are done well. I enjoy the images that are drawn. This book is made for all age groups. I enjoy this series as well as many others. One of the best series of my childhood and still is.

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text 2019-10-17 20:24
Kindle Children Books Freebie Round Up
Little Squirrel Squish Gets His Christmas Wish - Ross Hammond,Semih Akgul
The Runaway Singing Horse- Children's Picture Book - Debbie Madson
Mariko and the Magic Mirror - Kristi Shimada,Eko Setiawan
Grumpy Dinosaur - Michael Gordon
Dragon's Breath - Michael Gordon
Locks and the Three Bears Rap - Bev Moncrief,Ronny Hardyanto
Brave Benny - Kristen Petersen,Anatasia Teslova
The Christmas Bunny's Wild Adventure - Alma Hammond,Zuzana Svobodova
Arial the Youtuber - Mary Nhin,Jelena Stupar

The best of this bunch are  - Little Squirrel Squish (3.5 stars) about a squirrel who wants to be a reindeer.  The Christmas Bunny (4 stars) about Santa's bunny helper, Brave Benny (3 stars) which is about animals getting ready for winter.  It has the best pictures but I don't understand how a deer pounced joyfully and at times the illustrations were too dark for the word printed over them. 


Arial YouTuber is nice because it has extras that would interest a child, including a recipe and how-to guide. (3 Stars)


Grumpy Dinosaur and Dragon's Breath (3 star) aren't bad but the lesson is a bit heavy handed.


Mariko and the Magic Mirror is a good look at grief and death for children, but feels off because of the use of culture that isn't fully explored or used. (3 stars)


The worst is the Singing Horse (.5 star) which uses stereotypical illustrations of Native Americans.  I mean, living in teepees in the desert bad.

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review 2019-09-06 06:19
5 Reawakening Stars
Reawakening Their Bears (Weres and Witches of Silver Lake #12) - Vella Day


Both werebear Detective Kalan Murdoch and his mate Elana is stressed out and frustrated. With work interfering, their home life is suffering and they can’t seem to find a way to juggle all the responsibilities of home and work. When their home is broken into, Kalan and Elana have to work together to bring down the group responsible and to help save a friend. But will their journey be enough to save what connection they’ve lost?


This romance is hot, passionate, emotionally gripping and oh so sweet as Kalan and Elana strive to reconnect as life continuously interferes. The chemistry between the two is definitely still there and still quite electrical so the passion in their lives when they find the time is still hot and steamy but the happy and warm feeling is missing as Elana and their children hardly ever get to spend time with Kalan which has lots of emotions flowing from the pages that readers can’t help but get caught up in.


The story is fast paced and has lots of suspense and excitement as well as a series of crimes has Kalan thinking that the Changelings are back and up to no good once again. Some unexpected twists keeps readers on their toes but it the emotionally gripping and heartwarming romance between Kalan and Elana that keeps readers glued to the pages of this story.



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